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  1. Ha that shows you just how interested I am in the series! But someone told me that was in this movie, I guess it is retro to the end game.
  2. I think it was Liberty, we have looked for them since but no joy. People were dancing in the isles the night we saw them...loved it.
  3. Well she really died in the End Game one!!! So don't know what kind of Hocus Pocus they used to reserrect her, but we have not seen the Black Widow either.
  4. I did sorta give a sigh of relief when we arrived home and got our negative results the day we tested!
  5. My constant questio to my hubs is "Another one? How many of these movies are they going to make?" But I watch with him...ad infinitum! OK I will confess I was a little miffed when I found out Major Romanoff dies...my favorite character!
  6. We only spent maybe 20 minutes in it, hated it! Not enough ABBA, too slow with the action. Got up and left. I was disappointed, but I never saw the movie. Our fave ABBA show is Abbacadabra, we loved that.
  7. You're not alone, I have trouble as well, you just have to keep extrapolating on the search engine. Searching for Voyager Class and then in the specific topics. WE have been in 7388 and 8392 and visited friends in 9690 and 8390 if you have questions about it.
  8. The ones you mentioned are both NAAT tests and it was no bother, my answer was in no way meant to be snarky. It's just a dead horse at this point. All the information you need is on RCCLs pages. Keep in mind, the inherant problems with online posts is that we cannot read between the lines....at no time was I insulting you nor intending to be rude as you call it. I gave you sound advice. THat's all.
  9. You might try doing a little research on the RCCL info online...there are probably 10 thousand posts here explaining everything and people still ask??? See what your cruiseline says: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center
  10. If the test they give you says NAAT on it, you are good to go, shouldn't make it that hard. We are all more educated about this now...took a while, but.....
  11. Nor Allure. Our purple bracelet was a hit and miss....I kept forgetting it. No worries, only had one person ask me about it. Generally, people were wearing them. But sure seems redundant when the whole ship except a handful are vaxed! I think they should wear non vax bracelets and the rest of us, not. I think tracelets are also silly, the only people we were within 6 ft of was our traveling companions and the bartenders.
  12. The answer is pretty simple, YES...go to Walgreen's online site 3 or 4 days before sailing and book a spot for the test 2 days before sailing, get your results before you get home. Not the PCR...the test they give you is accepted.
  13. I am sure they will allow whatever suppliments he requires, but I can tell you what will happen if he regurgitates in public spaces like the MDR. It happened to a cruise bud of mine a couple years ago, way before CV19. Her tummy was just upset, but she used her napkin and went to powder room and threw it away, when she came back to the table they had sent a whole team in full hazmat to clean and make sure the area was uncontaminated...so expect a big to do if it happens. She was so embarrassed we all left before finishing the meal. I would certainly inquire with RCCL's Special Needs if I were you. They can maybe assign you a table out of the way so he would not be embarrassed should it happen. Oops, didn't see all the info about special needs...
  14. We were My Time, have been for the last several years in fact. Never seemed to be a problem.
  15. After our recent cruise we have decided the priviledge of choosing location is worth more than we paid for our upgrade. We went from midship to way down the hall long walk on Allure for this AFIB girl! We walked more than I ever thought I could....very hard with my condition plus mask on. So from now on, sticking with what I pick for ambulatory convenience! I know, it's healthier, but I am just not able to do it now.
  16. I have posted this before but here goes: back in the day they had a soup called She Crab Soup. I love almost any soup on their menu, but alas it went the way of the DoDo. But on Liberty we were eating the potato soup, a fave of mine and I was telling the table about the She Crab and the waiter said, I can ask the Chef, keep in mind it had been off the menu for at least 3 years. The next night they brought it to me and we had it 3 nights in a row! I guess they had to make a whole batch of it. But we were the only table in the MDR who ate this soup. Pretty impressive as it was as delicious as I remember. I haven't asked for it since, but I might! Oh the other thing I ask for regularily is powdered sugar for my French Toast, that's how Moma made it and I don't like syrup on it...it took a while to get across what kind of sugar I wanted, they call it bakers sugar, but I get it every cruise now. BTW, they always seem pleased that they have been able to accomodate your request too, smiling and beaming as if they have really done something spectacular, which of course they have. They never act like it's an imposition. We tip for that consideration, they deserve it.
  17. I should have taken a pic of them, they just brought them every night, a big platter full. It was heaven.
  18. ASK...I promise you they will. I'm sure the lack of seasoning is because of salt restrictions for a lot of folks.
  19. Why don't you just ask them. They will bring you whatever you want, I promise. Ye have not because ye ask not. And you can ask them to prepare it any way you want it. There is also a diet provision for vegetarians, diabetics, etc... all you have to do is ask. We had HOT sour dough rolls this last trip because we asked for them...every night, yummy melted butter, no more hard butter.
  20. That was our favorite stop...quite the typical idea of Paradise, lush plantings and flowers everywhere with tall swaying palms and bright turqoise waters. Even a rainbow in the morning after a light shower! Nice music playing and chill some places, stimulating in others. We adored the Beach Club, will certainly be monitoring the bookings for a reasonable price on that again. The food was stellar, if you do Beach Club don't miss the Coconut Lobster sandwich. Chops does the food there and it was tasty. Loved that this time, the trams will come meet you near the ship, so they expressed us right to the club. Off the ship ramp and at the club within about 5 minutes! Coming back, we asked for a tram and it was right there, picked us up and zoomed to ship, another 5 minutes. Gotta love that! Last time I had to get a beach buggy wheel chair I was so tired, so it was a pleasant surprise. It was, all in all, terrific! The pool water was a little warm, but the ocean was just right. It was mighty hot there that day. But we stayed in the awesome infinity pool all day. Everything was sparkling clean too, someone came and strained the water many times just to get the blown in sea grass and palm out. We snagged the beds near the bar, but honestly, they are so hard to enter and get out of, I'd take a regular beach lounger the next time. I don't know how anyone could not love the place, something for everybody!
  21. I wouldn't pay any attention to that man behind the curtain! "famous movie quote"
  22. Have you been off planet, RCCL/Celebrity is the most inovative cruise line in the world.
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