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  1. Then I would say you are about to get it. We sail Sunday.
  2. So am I, it's still there Pending but still no "Modify/Cancel" panes...still no charge nor email...grrrrr We fly tomorrow.
  3. WE just did a fun mock up yesterday, this was $16,000. Your royal up,cheaper than dirt. Of course it's all relative. We'd never be able to afford a loft anyway. We keep our cruising budget around $2k, used to be $1k back in the day!
  4. Try emailing this person: ayera-rodriguez@rccl.com Director, Guest Relations & Shared Services Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, & Royal Caribbean International 954-628-9313 ext. 19313
  5. Sorry for you all, my brother and wife had it too and I had a mild case before I got the shots...but my older brother died before he could get them, sad for us. If he had he might still be here. Hope your hubs gets over it quickly.
  6. Again, not a problem for me, I take a flu shot every fall! Just add it into the cocktail...
  7. I can understand, we're all sick of them...HeHeHe....but it's just not that big a deal for me.
  8. I did a little over min bid on just going from reg. balc. to spacious balcony for our Sunday Allure. Today it changed, it's always had the option to modify or cancel the bid, but today not able to do either but it's still pending. I would (maybe not rightfully) assume they have accepted my bid, otherwise, why not just change it's status to "not excepted". So far no email nor charge to CC.
  9. The shipping is prompt, so you could wait until November to order.
  10. Now that everyone has calmed down, gotten emersed in the testing nomenclature and familiar with the process, it doesn't seem near as daunting as it once did. Now it seems it's not even a wrinkle in our time line. I am not letting anything mar our trip. Mask shmask...not a problem anymore, I won't even know I'm wearing one....LOL🍹
  11. That is not an issue for us, we'll be enjoying our cruise next week, keep her clean for us Cocptca.
  12. It's much easier on the phone, wait until you get into the Navica app and it is like Kindergarten simple Willard, you just set your phone down and flip it, then he watches you do the test and you hear all his instructions. Helps if you have a phone stand Watch this video and see the whole thing:
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