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  1. According to this BLOG Kids are NOT separated (2yr old and 6mos old together) and it's $8/hour, Ships available: Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, Radiance of the Seas, Splendour of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas, Grandeur of the Seas, Serenade of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, Legend of the Seas, Independence of the Seas, & Brilliance of the Seas
  2. 1st Celebrity b/c of Tortola, Dominica and Barbados! 2nd Enchantment
  3. @A&L_Ont & @S.A.M.J.R. In a much earlier post I said I think there was something he wanted her to see. She was at the bottom window. He was leaning out the top. I think a bird, plane, dog, etc. was there. He bends down and says "Chloe you wanna see the ______?" Picks her up and over the rail to see and after 30 seconds.... @grapau27 It was pointed out to me that if you watch closely, Chloe also stops at the column. I had to put it in slo-mo.
  4. Civil Case: I think all RCCL has to do is show the current SOLAS and/or other applicable codes, demonstrate that they adhered to said codes. Also, demonstrate to the jurors how across all cruise lines, ferries, etc. this is a FIRST and the result of negligent homicide. I think TwinkleToes is hoping a jury will "feel" badly for the loss and compensate based on emotion and not facts. However, I believe this was filed in Federal court and needs to be a unanimous decision. (-https://litigation.findlaw.com/legal-system/must-all-jury-verdicts-be-unanimous.html) I would probably not get picked for this jury. My sense of logic far outweighs my emotional response.
  5. @S.A.M.J.R. Most folks on this thread think that the Winkleman reenactors/experts haven't been any help to the Wiegand's case. Maybe Perez-Ortiz agrees with most of the people on this board and believes that the Winkleman stuff shows more his clients guilt than his innocence. That could be why he is choosing not to use it. Was just thinking of it this way... When Anello walks into court he has the presumption of innocence. It is not on his attorney to "prove" he's innocent. The burden lies on the prosecution to prove he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It's possible that based on the evidence he's seen so far that he (Perez-Ortiz) believes that the judge would have some doubt.
  6. If Anello is dead set on pleading innocent, his criminal attorney, Jose G. Perez-Ortiz, has to then put on the best defense of which he is capable or resign.
  7. @pacruise804 I LOVE heels (my size never changes - unlike my pants 🙂 ). Those were brand new and only bothered me the last 30 minutes of a 10 hour day. I'd totally recommend them. If I'm wearing shoes 75% of the time they're heels.
  8. Navigator - September 2019 - made it but weather was yucky.
  9. I am normally on the side of ANY contract. However, my cruise for January 2021 is the first in a long while that I booked direct with the cruise line AND have added my guy to the booking. He never had to read and/or sign the cruise contract. All he knows is what I've told him. Not sure how that would hold up in court. I also don't recall any warning or box to check stating I had asked my guests to read it.... Did a mock RCCL & Celebrity bookings - I stand corrected...
  10. @gerryuk To your first point in post #9. Part of the savings for the vacation should include the cost of travel insurance. When pricing out the cost of a cruise folks shouldn't simply take the cost of the fare. The total cost is travel to/from embarkation/debarkation, hotel if needed, parking, in-transit food, tips and insurance. If one is scraping by to afford just the fare...there will be issues. To your second point, airlines have the infrastructure in place (No Fly lists, CPB/TSA/Homeland onsite, etc.) to screen last minute travelers. I can't speak for train travel.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8037989/Grandfather-dropped-toddler-death-Royal-Caribbean-ship-window-asks-bench-trial.html Highlights: Salvatore Anello asked for a bench trial in front of a judge on Monday in the prosecution of the death of his granddaughter Chloe Wiegand Anello will stand trial in April and faces three years behind bars if he is found guilty of negligent homicide
  12. Not changing a thing. In a normal day I come in contact with a few hundred people at my office, a few hundred more at the gym (gross place), and tonight add another hundred or so at Happy Hour. Those places currently have no restrictions on where people have traveled to. I also joked with our CFO that my next week long cruise may turn into three weeks of paid sick time 🙂
  13. Yep and to the horror of the lady next to me at Royal Farms earlier this week, I pumped gas barefoot LOL (I had worn new heels all day and needed a rest) Like someone said earlier I like being barefoot. When I was a kid I'd run out of the house in the summer shoe-less and be gone all day. I only wear slippers or moccasins at home when my feet are cold.
  14. As a child they weren't up to me, but Sun Cruise Line's Stella Maris & Stella Solaris, 1980s through the Greek Islands. As an adult (sorta) I organized a Carnival cruise in Spring of 2000 with 4 of my sorority sisters for Spring Break. Most of us had done Cancun and Key West and wanted something different. 5 college girls in an inside stateroom. 😲 We had a blast and still laugh about our antics (there was a topless sun deck). Below are a couple of pictures from a recent text chain about that trip... I forgot sunscreen in Barbados and my friend still can't tan: There were mannequins placed in lots of places around the ship. We wanted to make sure they were having fun too...
  15. I can only speak to drinks and excursions. They vary ship to ship and sailing to sailing. So, one week the drinks package for the 4 night Bahama cruise on Navigator could be $65 and the next $45. So, no there is no way to tell in advance. Good news is that if you book at $X and the price of the package drops you can cancel and rebook at the better price.
  16. Heya @Belle! @Jan_In_Maine & @winewanderer I'm worse off than y'all! Good job on the loss @melmar02! I'm up two lbs. 😞 Have to admit to frustration. But also that yesterday a rep from Philly came down with donuts, soft pretzels and tomato pie (think pizza without the cheese). I can avoid the donuts but had 1/2 a soft pretzel and had the tomato pie with my salad at lunch. Then I got home late and tired and had 1/2 a sleeve of ritz (about 15) with salsa con queso and a salad LOL 😞 I took measurements this morning and am hoping those will go down if the weight doesn't 🤷‍♀️
  17. @jenf22 @mjkacmom I don't have kiddos. The policy here at work states "Your children 14 days to 6 months: $250 Six Months & Older: $10,000 to the lesser of the Employee Life Amount or $10,000. Child age limit is 26 years old." I just asked co-worker with kids and he said it's less the $5/month for his kids/spouse. Doesn't specifically cover funerals it's one-time payout. I guess you could use it for whatever. If folks don't have the savings/credit to cover a $10,000 funeral then I think it's cost effective. However, I am not a CFP and did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night. That is simply my opinion. I'd rather take out Life Insurance than beg for $$ on the internet...
  18. What about Life Insurance? Do folks not carry that as a matter of routine? I make sure that my coverage is enough to payoff anything outstanding and about $20K for funeral costs. Currently my minimum payout is way more than I would need but that is just how it's set up (I can't choose less LOL)
  19. Knowing that Kim Wiegand is an attorney (as of 2018 she was a Deputy Prosecutor in St. Joseph County IN), I would assume she had the contract drawn up such that they wouldn't owe any fees. However, without seeing the agreement it's impossible to know.
  20. Keep in mind two different cases: 1) Criminal Defense attorney (Jose Perez) hired to defend Anello against the Negligent Homicide charge 2) The firm (Winkleman) hired to go after RCCL. That firm is Lipcon, Margulies, Alsina & Winkleman, P.A. From their website "If you are struggling with the aftermath of a complicated offshore injury, death or accident, let us give you a free case evaluation to determine if you may be entitled to compensation for your medical care, pain, suffering and more. We work exclusively on a contingency fee basis. This means you never pay us a penny unless we make a successful recovery on your behalf." - https://www.lipcon.com/admiralty-maritime-lawyer/
  21. In June of 2018 we docked in Miami but my flight was out of FLL. We ordered an Uber when we got off the ship. It picked us up at 8:48AM and was $34.50 from POM to FLL. We arrived at FLL at 9:28AM (40 minutes). The ride from POM to MIA should only take 10-15 minutes. If everything goes okay you should make it. Even with my more risk taking approach (I have been known to fly in the day of embarkation) I would take the later flight and consider the 4 hours and $100 peace of mind. Keep in mind they close the boarding gate about 10 minutes prior to the departure time. So you'd have to be at the gate by 10:15am. Keep in mind time to check bags, get through security, etc.
  22. I don't need a week or more notice. If I did...why not just make her dinner (or take her out if you don't cook) and at the end of the meal give her a nice card with the boarding pass inside? Easy peasy and thoughtful.
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