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  1. Pretty sure this is a classic situation of not being aware of what the automated systems are doing! The computers are doing exactly what they've been told to do (albeit that instruction was probably made years ago!)
  2. I'd be willing to bet that once you take out all of the costs of provisioning for 3000 passengers and only factor in fuel, it might be much less than you think.
  3. confirmed...I received the same letter. It gives some details about a data breach that happened mid last year. Yes, it offers up credit monitoring. Wow...Princess just can't seem to catch a break. I wonder if *just maybe* they held off on that for a bit knowing that they were going to have to do something drastic in regards to the corona virus? Sorta' like slipping it in with the bigger issue and having it register far less on the concern scale as opposed to shutting down for 60 days... just sayin' Data breaches are almost mundane these days. Shutting down operations is NOT business as usual!
  4. We were on the very first leg of your cruise (Fort Lauderdale to LA via Panama Canal) and disembarked at LA, so did not get a chance to meet you. Sorry to hear of your personal trials as well as those of the ship. We've been following the ship's location as it tracked along on its 111 day journey. Yours is the first real report "live" from the ship that we've seen. Hang in there! Our thoughts and prayers have been with you all along.
  5. Many thanks to all who have pointed out that there is no longer a form. A Google search brings up several "old" forms, and that easily suggests that it is simply a matter of finding the "current" form. My apologies for getting everybody riled up! Shareholder subject is brand new to me (and I suspect a lot of other people who may be following this thread.)
  6. I have seen that link...it does not offer up a downloadable form as what used to be available. As Travelhound suggested, it may no longer be available and you just have to write a letter. Having never dealt with this before, it should be fairly obvious that I am floundering a bit!
  7. Well...Seriously...why has the form suddenly disappeared? I'm not "declaring" anything other than the fact that I cannot find the form. I am simply looking for guidance.
  8. They still have the benefit chart showing the different cruise length benefits but I can't find the form now.
  9. Well...there just may be something to this. I just came from my broker this morning (where I bought 100 shares at 29.11) and was looking for the current form to download. Nowhere to be found on the CarnivalCorp site. Of course I may just be blind and overlooking it. There are a couple of old forms that Google offers up from non-Carnival sources that have old dates embedded. Can anybody point me to the correct form?
  10. I am considering the stock *strictly* to gain the shareholder credit. I will try to have it funded with existing funds within my IRA. Given this, I assume I should be jumping on this now, right? Am I missing something? Am I crazy?
  11. I would think (I don't know for sure...) that since the cruise is paid for then one person should be able to drop out. Trying to get another passenger might be a stretch for a cruise this close...but it's worth a shot if you have someone in mind. Again...no first-hand experience. Best to just call Princess.
  12. It might help if you posted the model of your phone...
  13. We just cruised on Pacific Princess in January, Panama Canal transit. This was our first time on a ship of that size...didn't know quite what to expect but we really liked it. The one big difference though was with entertainment. Tha "main" theatre (Pacific Lounge) is not much bigger than a dance floor, no actual stage. Everything is performed on the same level as all the seating. I'm not posting this as a criticism...just as a "heads up". If you're expecting a typical production show like on larger ships then you might be disappointed. We however, thought it was a nice change, especially not having to "fight" for good seats. Unless you're the type that absolutely *must* have a front row seat there's not really a bad seat in the house.
  14. Pretty sure FranknBeans meant Viator.com.
  15. I had a bit of a revelation on this topic last night. I have an IT background and thought "surely there's an IT solution to trying to see those old pages". Well, it ALMOST worked. There is a website out there called archive.org. In a nutshell, it archives past versions of websites across months, even years. In theory you can tell it the website you want to look up and select a date from a timeline and it will actually show you that website as it existed on that date! My thought was to just go back to a few days before I booked and do a normal search of excursions as if I was just doing pre-cruise research. Sadly, only portions of the NCL website came up...excursions were not able to be searched. BUMMER! I really thought I had a solution. Anyway...you may find a use for this website in future things you are trying to research. Thought I would at least point out its existence. Most people outside of the IT field are probably not aware of it. At the very least, it's interesting to go back several years and look at sites you are familiar with to see how radically (or not) they have changed!
  16. I don't know what "CAS" is, I assume a travel agency. Sounds like they have not done their part in applying funds to cruise line.
  17. This definitely does not match my experience of 3 days ago! I called and booked 4 different excursions. I'm 84 days out. No payment was requested. The requested excursions show in my summary. By any chance are you within just a few days of sailing?
  18. I'm not overly concerned about "having them booked"...just wanted to be able to prove the price I booked them at given the issues that some others have had. If I look at them now (logged in) they show as $0 because they are booked. Looking while NOT logged in they don't show at all. Just seems a strange way to run a railroad!
  19. I am trying to do this as suggested. I've already booked and am past final payment. I am NOT logged in so the website "doesn't know" who I am. I can see and screenshot most excursions, but for 2 ports the booked excursion is no longer listed. All of my excursions show up in my eDocs properly. I am 84 days out. Any idea how I can get to the missing excursions?
  20. If your phone is capable of wifi calling and you get an internet package then yes, you can use it. I speak from personal experience. Yes to airplane mode.
  21. I'm curious...it sounds as if maybe you have firsthand experience. What phone are you having issues with?
  22. If you do much cruising you might want to check out GeoBlue for an annual policy. Covers you regardless of how many trips you take and regardless of whether it's a cruise.
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