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  1. We certainly had some rough seas to contend with. As the Captain said....we were doing more movement up and down than forward.... I think there was also a technical issue, as the water was off throughout the ship for a period , early in the morning.
  2. Postscript.... Had a great sail up the Inside Passage. Who doesn't enjoy an Alaskan cruise? Funny thing though...we were discussing how limited and tight fitting the public rooms are on Golden Princess, compared to the older and smaller Carnival Elation, which seems much more expansive. Seems the newer ships have gone for cabins over space. Not a biggie....but very noticeable. On the flip side, the buffet was much more "refined" on Golden Princess....so much so, that we ended up having most meals there. On the Elation, with a different demographic, it was loud, busy and messy. Goes to show...every ship has pluses and minuses. Now to sample the Ovation, on our return to Sydney.
  3. Thank you. Yes we did. I'm sitting in my Vancouver hotel right now (7pm our time), and embarking on Golden Princess tomorrow.
  4. We'll be cruising on good old Golden Princess....
  5. Yes. It was a sprint to Port...we came last. Tied up now...so on with the holiday. It was one hell of a ride last night. Difficult to remain in bed. It was all pitching...no swaying. Thought she was gunna break up a few times...but obviously she survived. Thanks all for being part of the story.....off to Vancouver now.
  6. The fat lady hasn't quiet sung yet, but Port Canaveral has been re-opened and we're making a beeline for it...pushing some mighty big swells. All being equal, well be off to Vancouver tomorrow to catch the Golden Princess. Do they have hurricanes in Alaska????
  7. Some good news.... Orlando International Airport re-opens at noon today. Port Canaveral remains closed and subject to a Mandatory Evacuation Order.....so it will take a bit longer.
  8. Bloody hell....I think the Captain knows something we don't...the old girl's pushing 23.5kts on the run home. I didn't know she could do that speed....
  9. It's wall to wall cruise ships here in the Gulf of Mexico...all sitting out the Hurricane. We have just departed Cozumel (5pm our time) and are steaming towards Port Canaveral... which is currently closed. Orlando airport also remains closed. The situation will become clearer tomorrow(Wednesday our time)...as Dorian passes by the Cape Canaveral Coast. We have our fingers crossed for our flight out of Orlando Friday morning..... The big issue is going to be flooding. If you've ever been to Florida, you'll know how low lying the land is. Even if Port Canaveral opens, there's no guarantee that the highway to Orlando or the Orlando Airport won't be flooded. Time will tell. P.S. we certainly filled up on tacos and tequilla !
  10. From discussions with the ship's officers, they are loathe to go to a port, other than the departure one, as the logistics are too difficult....many passengers have their vehicle at the port or flights booked from that port. They will only disembark at an alternative port in extreme circumstances. We are currently approaching Costa Maya and Cozumel tomorrow. Hopefully back at Port Canaveral Thursday ....and, yes, hopefully with a fully functioning airport. There's a lot of hope there.... p.s. ... The storm is expected to pass abeam Orlando at 10pm Tuesday, Sydney time, so we'll know the extent of damage by then.
  11. At the risk of becoming a whinger....I'd like to have a whinge about ship internet. We have given up on any chance of flying out of Mexico, so we'll just hope the ship can get back into Port Canaveral on Thursday, so that we can get a ticket out of Dodge and get to Vancouver in time. One of the bottlenecks has been the ship internet. I know its via satelitte and I know everyone is trying to use it at the moment, however, the United Airlines (with whom we are trying to change flights with) website won't accept the old browser version the ship is using...so I can't access my bookings. It's frustration after frustration. Surely its not too difficult to update browser software these days. It only becomes an issue at important times, so surely they should be cognisant of that. Okay, rant over. It's calm as a mill pond in the Gulf of Mexico so we'll just enjoy these few days and hope for a timely return.
  12. Dont worry, it gets worse. Heading to Cozumel ...our last chance to fly out of the area. The ship internet is horrendous of course and the only flight out is via a single engine Cessna to Cancun, then via Mexico City to anywhere. Problem is, online ticketing require authentication via text code from bank. There ain't no mobile towers here. Now that our booking is in limbo because payment hasn't been made, we can't book through any other agencies....because we're already booked, but not paid. The nightmare continues.....
  13. An update....1 minute after the gangway was raised to leave Nassau, the captain announced that we would be diverting to Mexico and returning to Port Canaveral on Thursday...3 days late...as the port will be closing from Sunday. He also advised that, first, they would make a 2 hour stop in Port Canaveral on Saturday to drop anyone off who can't stay on till Thursday. Unfortunately, all flights are either booked out or cancelled, so we can't get off as we would be stuck in a disaster zone. We have made the decision to continue on to Cozumel and try and get a flight out of there. Waiting till Thursday, in the hope the port will be open again is problematic...as we have to be in Vancouver on Friday ....for Alaska cruise. Now (5am) there is a passenger missing . Interesting times ahead.......
  14. Thanks. We have no concerns about our safety at all. The Carnival Operations Centre is all over this. The only problem is that Florida will be getting wiped out as we arrive....and we have flights to catch and another cruise to get to. In discussions with Insurance Company on best plan of action. We may have to leave the cruise at Nassau and fly back to Florida and get flights out...before the real action starts. Boy am I glad I opted for the Natural Disasters add-on to the insurance policy.
  15. Hi folks...not an Aussie cruise but Aussie cruising. That some might be interested. Have just left Port Canaveral on Carnival Elation on a Bahamas cruise. Have received a letter from Carnival saying it doesn't know what ports we can stop at and if, in fact, we'll be able to return to this Port...due to Hurricane Dorian heading towards Florida. The Captain has decided to just plough on and see what happens. Should be some nice Rocky-rolly to put us to sleep. There appears to be a lot of first time cruisers aboard...who aren't as comfortable with the situation as us. An interesting few days ahead.
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