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  1. I couldn't find any additional info either... A guy (maybe the original poster?) lives in Portland and was going to go check things out when she comes in for drydock... If I hear anything, I will post on CC. 👀
  2. I suspect you will have to talk to maitre d' once on board. But I would also ask your TA or PCVP to note the request in your booking. A group of us (25+) decided to have dinner together one evening. (Grand Princess Dec 2019) A day or two before, the guys arranged it in "Anytime Dinning". We had a set time and abundant wait staff. It was a perfect evening! Princess will be able to take care of your request.
  3. I agree... it is confusing... I am In a "social Media" Princess group and a nice gentleman posts the ships & locations weekly. I always want to give folks credit for their work but I don't think I am allowed to do that here on Cruise Critic. So if he is reading this post, Thank you sir!! I suspect that Ruby will stay in La Paz Mexico until she goes to dry doc. "West Coast North America (WCNA) cruise ship locations as of 06/13/2021 10:00 AM PDT NEWS: CRUISING ON THE WEST COAST OF NORTH AMERICA HAS RE
  4. It sounds like re-booking a future cruise might be the only way to keep from having to pay the increased fares. "Option 1: Princess will offer to move guests to an equivalent cruise in 2021 or 2022 (see list below). The rebooking offer will have the added benefit of protecting the guests’ 2021 fares on their replacement cruise in the event the new cruise is higher." But you wouldn't get the 10% (base cruise fare) bonus FCC offered in Option #2 "Option 2: Bonus Future Cruise Credit. Sail with us again by accepting our special higher-value Future Cruise Credit
  5. I thought maybe there were more cancellations coming but really thought things would be almost on full schedule by October or November... I am so sorry everyone!! I know we are close but not close enough... I feel disappointed with you all!!!
  6. FYI, they still have them... Just ask "Stewart" once you are onboard... Also, I was able to ask for & received a handheld shower from my PVP in Dec 2019... But I agree... lets not start on this again...🤣 Happy Cruising!!
  7. Welcome back! yes, an interesting time... I planning & anticipating a great cruise is good for our (MY!) mental health!!!
  8. That would be awesome! If you do, Please let us know! Pictures maybe?? HA!!
  9. Ensenada is a short stop anyway. Four hours (4:00pm to 8:00pm in December 2019)
  10. We will see you on the Hawaiian Cruise! Awesome!! Also, I ready in another post that she is going into a short drydock: "The Ruby is going into dry dock in Portland Oregon (Swan Island) for 17 days to upgrade the air circulation system, medallion upgrades and social distancing in restaurants and theaters."
  11. I would say yes: The booking I was referencing as OP was for a 15 day Hawaiian cruise originally booked at $5,400 total.
  12. Fantastic info! thank you for sharing!!
  13. Ours is Ruby Princess Feb 10, 2023 and might switch to Island Princess Jan 5, 2023 (wanted to do old locks...) but we got a great deal early last January and - of course - our Casino credit was a HUGE help!! 😉 If we are on the same cruise, I bet we run into each other in the Casino!!!! 🤣
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