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  1. Pretty much any place they want to, unfortunately.
  2. intentional or unintentional, from deck 10 to the ocean the results are usually the same.
  3. We can only hope that the rumor is wrong.
  4. with a full custody decree why would a letter from a judge be necessary for travel? Only one parent is required to sign for a minor's passport, I know this from personal experience. Also, even when a minor has a passport a consent letter may still be required if the minor is not traveling with both parents.
  5. Please tell us which cruise lines have that requirement.
  6. Do not trust statements like these. Nobody can promise that you will have no problems without a consent form. All it takes is one phone call from the parent who is not traveling to result in denied boarding. Especially when shared custody is involved. Far better to be safe and get the consent form. We don't have a horror story about being denied boarding. However, when traveling with our grandchildren without their parents, yes we have been asked for the form and yes it had to be notarized.
  7. On Rhapsody the standard was NO electrical appliances of any kind. Also no extension cords except those provided by the ship. I think this policy varies from ship to ship as I've seen fans and other stuff brought aboard with no problems.
  8. I agree, RCI and cruise operator not responsible. Your wife was traumatized by the sight of a naked man??
  9. I wasn't talking about the OP so please don't imply that I was. More and more often we read about people with multiple food allergies, complicated dietary requirements, etc. I'm wondering at what point a cruise line will say, too complicated, or too time consuming, or something similar?
  10. I'm curious, at what point might a cruise line say "your dietary requirements are too complicated, we cannot accommodate you" ?
  11. The OP is talking about a totally salt free diet. IMO this would be very difficult on a cruise when food is mass produced and salt is an ingredient is bread etc. Telling the OP that cruising may not be a viable vacation for her was not rude, simply an honest opinion. A low salt diet and a totally salt free diet are two different things.
  12. Unfortunately retired dude is correct for the most part. We've seen some headliners that were excellent and some where we walked out after a few minutes. The same is true for the singers and dancers in the production shows, some are really good and some should find other employment.
  13. We did exactly this. The TA was not responding to emails, never available by phone etc. One call to Royal and they were very willing to take back the reservation.
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