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  1. Wow, I would love a thrift shop on a cruise....................
  2. I must be strange, I love the idea of All included and always book it if we can. We usually only do cruises this way and use Fred Olsen when they have their offers on of drinks and tips. I like it that I am paying a price that I am happy with and can have a drink when I want one without worrying about the bill adding up and wondering who's round it is........I like all inc hotels as well..........
  3. Oh my this is dreadful, can you tell the stand in bad agent that unless this is rectified by a certain date you will be telling newspapers, TV or a solicitor?
  4. We are booked on Norway from Portsmouth in November and are hopeful it will go, who else is on this one, have looked for a roll call but can't find one.............
  5. Wow so it is but......................ours are not till later so let's hope they continue it, it might be just be for booking through them we booked with an agent. BOOK BY 31 MAY 2021 For sailings up to 4 May 2022
  6. Looking at the spelling that's from a USA site, I wonder if it's the same for the UK....
  7. I saw a good price for the Nov 22 cruise to Japan advertised on Facebook, and I nearly booked it, but we already have the NZ and OZ one on Eclipse booked for 2023 so I thought I would give the same guy a call as it would be easier to have them with the same company and he got us a better cabin for the same price as the lead in price advertised on Facebook so before you get tempted by these Facebook offers (and there are a lot of them) it might be worth it do a little investigation, I am very happy I did.....
  8. Please let us know how you get on, we have just booked for 2022 & 2023 so might be interesting
  9. Sorry I didn't think anyone would be interested .... The cruise is on Celebrity Eclipse leaving Sydney on 16th Feb 2023 it goes around New Zealand first then back to Sydney and up the East coast of Australia. We booked with Paramount cruises in the UK. We will probably fly in a week or so early and spend some time in Brisbane as unfortunately that isn't one of the stops. The hotel stay in Sydney for 3 nights(4* central Sydney) is included in the price of our trip.
  10. Thanks all, we will look into upgrading when we know our hotel, like I said we don't go till 2023 but I do like planning. We have been to Sydney before but didn't get to the Blue Mountains as there were fires so that is on the list...1 Day Blue Mountains Deluxe Tour $145 looking at this one.
  11. To be honest we won't be in the room much so a view won't be all that important to us, but thanks for the heads up x
  12. As our trip isn't till Feb 2023 I obviously can't access any information on it. We have 3 nights in Sydney pre cruise in our package, which hotels do they usually allocate for this type of stay?
  13. New to Celebrity so unsure what you mean by forward facing hump cabins, we are in 9192 is the forward facing? I hope you all don't get fed up with me, I am so excited only 700 days to go...........
  14. The hotel will be one supplied by Celebrity as it is in the package, so I just wondered which ones they used.
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