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  1. Having a meltdown trying to pack here lol Going on a cruise to Norway on the 14th Feb, have been buying everything for artic weather, looking at the forecast now for our ports Alesund ,Narvik, Tromso, Alta, Bodo and Stavanger. The only place it looks artic weather is Alta the rest isn't even in minus figures, think I'm going to roast although we do have layers. Must admit to being disappointed I was hoping for more like -10 just to experience it........ Oh well it is what it is.
  2. All of that is visible with the holders. But perhaps I won't bother
  3. Yes I always have done but have seen people with nice holders..........
  4. I was going to get some see through plastic luggage tags, what shape are the Fred cabin tags please? Some are longer than others.
  5. If you can find hotels on a bus route or near a tube it will be cheaper than getting taxis, not sure where ABBA Voyage is but maybe work from that.
  6. Not sure location is such an issue on a river cruise, unless it's under somewhere noisy.
  7. There are lots of scam Airbnb in London apparently, be careful.
  8. They seem to be what Fred has selected 🤣🤣 shame he hasn’t selected a dark rum, so no Dark and Stormy, I wonder what a Light and Stormy would be like…that is if they have selected ginger beer.
  9. Returned on Saturday from a 2 week cruise on P&O Iona, didn’t queue once or use the virtual queue, we just went to whichever MDR we fancied that night said we were happy to share and were seated immediately sometimes had to wait about 5 mins for table to fill 6 or 8 people. Celebrity in Feb/March was also no problem.
  10. Maybe it's time for Fred to move with the times a bit, flex dining seems to work out ok on all the other cruise lines we have been with.
  11. We have been allocated an 8.30 dining time, they said the early one is fully booked. 8.30 is later than we like to eat, is the 7.30 one more popular I though more people like to eat later than early, is there ever a chance to change to the early sitting?
  12. Can you not take a book or something and leave it on your table or ask a neighbour to say the table is being used?
  13. What else are you planning? That’s a heck of a way for a short cruise.
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