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  1. Look up on https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/uk your local town or city, or search its name. Scroll down, and Look at when civil twilight ENDS (I know this sounds counter intuitive!) . Go outside and look at how light it is. Maybe not tonight as it’s peeing down for many of us! At the moment it’s about 21:10 for me and ends just after 22:00hrs when nautical twilight kicks in. The order of darkness is Civil, Nautical and Astronomical I use this site a lot when wishing to see the night sky... GBM
  2. True, but we’re a couple (just) in our 50s, no children, work, but holiday out of the school holidays (except Christmas, when we do go on a cruise to benefit from all the bank holidays) I would say we’re not in the minority (age wise) when we’ve been onboard in May/June/September. Also there are still families (younger than school age, home educated, foreign, private educated with different term times, removed from school and paying the fine, etc) sometimes I am surprised at the number of them. They liven it up 🐵 Retirees are still important (and will remain so) but I think they’re trying to cater for those of us who are not. Once we finally retire (too far away) we’ll probably not be able to afford longer cruises anyway ;o)
  3. Why? Because most of us work. Most of us take 1 or 2 week holidays. Taking longer is often not easy with a lot of employers, in fact impossible with some of my previous employers. Going away for longer uses up a lot of our precious holiday entitlement. Going away for 11 days is a waste of a 2 week holiday from work. Aurora and Arcadia are both now adult only, and with this comes a generally older passenger, ones which can travel mid week and for longer. P&O now cater for the majority and those they wish to gain more of, and that means families and couples in work.
  4. If this is going to be the case, it removes for us the benefit of CPS over cheaper alternatives. It’s been like this for mini cruises, but not for longer ones. CPS are expensive and I wouldn’t be impressed if this is the case at Christmas on Ventura.
  5. The only time I’ve noticed it, was when inappropriately timed music was being played on one cruise. Every morning at about 8am at the buffet/outside area, was ‘I’m a sex bomb’ at full blast. I’d have preferred something more relaxing for the Fjords...
  6. I’ve done the Scandinavia cruise for 3 of the last 4 Christmas’s. Each time on Aurora. We have had storms every time, one was f12. At no time did I ever feel ‘unsafe’, Aurora handled it remarkably well.
  7. Hahaha 😂🤣😂 I really laughed at that! Unfortunately I don’t think the OP got your sense of humour! Heated pants!!!!!
  8. No. Sorry. Just a sauna and steam room.
  9. Thanks for doing this on here, I enjoy reading these live threads (rather than the post cruise reviews) on here. As you say they are rare treats. Edit, I’d have liked to have been on this cruise, so I can try and imagine I am there! Maybe one day...
  10. LOL. P&O have just started to back out website changes, to the original one! But it if I go to booking, I now get ASP object errors They obviously know they have a major live issue...
  11. Nothing to do with the iPad mini (and no it’s not a new one). I have tried different browsers. It’s the website
  12. Hi, I’m looking at N925, and no, it just shows ONE balcony cabin (A203) as bookable across the whole of Ventura!!! It won’t let me change the deck, or the cabin number (select fare) whether I start the booking as a select fare, or upgrade it to a select fare, the result is the same... plus all the red ‘buttons’ to click have no text on them. Just solid red, so have to guess that they mean ‘go’ or equivalent plus there are loads of warning exclamation marks everywhere The site is not in a fit state for the public...
  13. Nope. I’m using an iPad mini, and I’m unable to do a booking. It’s impossible to choose a cabin type. It gives me an option of one cabin on one deck. If I go to chose a different desk, they’re all greyed out with a large ! too. I can’t believe Ventura balconies are all full, for a cruise in September... Poor testing by P&O... (and I work in software testing)
  14. You know what? You *may* benefit... we’ve tried to get into Amsterdam three times, finally managed it at the third time at Christmas. It’s notorious for being cancelled as it requires entry into the sea lock (difficult in anything other than good weather) The alternative was once a trip to Rotterdam, the other was an extra two days avoiding a North Sea storm, by circling off the Norfolk coast!!! We docked ‘in town’, but actually this was a fair walk to and from the town centre (can’t remember how long, but we walk fast and I think it took us at least 20 minutes) The ports tend to run a lot of shuttle buses. Our experience in other ports is that the shuttle buses arrive in convoy, fill fast then leave. Not had an issue so far with waiting. They tend to be frequent for returning too. Sounds like the shuttles will drop you more in the centre than the ship would dock... GBM
  15. Do you realise you’re replying to a 5yr old thread from 2013?
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