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  1. Hahaha that made me laugh 😂
  2. Haha, love it 😍Be interesting to see how you could sit down in the MDR and eat though 😉
  3. Just so you are aware, the B&W night is a very formal black tie night. Most ladies wear black, white or b&w dresses. You can’t go in fancy dress as a fresian cow! To be honest none of them are fancy dress per se, they are themes for the evening wear. Tropical night you’ll see some bright shirts and dresses. 60s night you may see no one who looks to be in a 60s dress.
  4. I see no huge wish by younger generations to not dress up. I’m (just) into my 50s. Ok, we tend to cruise on Aurora, but when we occasionally use the buffet in the evening, it tended to be the oldest generations in there. On formal nights, those in their 20s to 30s tended to be really dressed up and loving it. I tend to find it’s the oldest generations (70s+) who do not want to dress as much. Maybe it’s different around Christmas time, with a different clientele getting into the Christmas spirit; but that’s when we mainly go on cruises. We (me included) see cruises as an opportunity we rarely get otherwise nowadays. I hear more long term cruisers saying ‘we can't be bothered’ now, and ladies ‘just’ wearing a skirt and blouse on formal. I see more gowns on ladies of my generation and younger.
  5. My husband is my ‘evening handbag’ too! He’s not complained so far...
  6. I saw this on the FAQs ages ago, I am sure at least two years. I don’t think it’s new.
  7. It does seem a random item to add; the others make sense, but, a bathrobe???
  8. Agree, this happened to me. I didn’t ring up as I couldn’t be bothered to be on ‘call waiting’ for an hour. I wish I had, to make ‘a point’. We don’t use anything from the mini bar, nor spend anything on the last day.
  9. So far we’ve been lucky, and the Indian night hasn’t ever clashed with formal night. I think formal night would win for us, but it would be a hard decision... Agree, we always wish they’d be some good Indian options in the MDR, esp on formal night.
  10. Not from our experience on Aurora, for the last few years. Very long queues, and almost the whole buffet menu was a large range of Indian choices (harder for the few who wanted non Indian food...) certainly not just ‘a couple of mains’. Maybe Aurora has been particularly good, or we’ve been particularly lucky!
  11. Some other guidelines. Formal black tie nights are not on the first or last nights, nor on port days (unless leaving port early.). We have not had them on consecutive nights either. By using the link provided in an earlier reply, you can generally narrow down when the formal black tie nights *may* be. There are exceptions, e.g. 2 night and port intensive cruises. On port intensive cruises with no sea days during the cruise, look for which ports you’ll leave early. To be honest, I am never bothered beforehand. As long as I know how many. When I get onboard I look for which nights have the special buffet nights we enjoy (e.g. Indian) when the formals are, etc.
  12. Hull would be perfect for us, being in the East Riding now! We make our drive down to Hampshire, and the stay over, part of the holiday. But if more cruises went from the NE, we’d probably do a lot more mini breaks too. Hull does have some good tourist attractions. (The Deep being one) but I can certainly see many options for Day tours, to York, N York Moors, East Coast, e.g. Whitby, Scarborough, Flamborough, Bempton Cliffs for the gannets, Flamingo Land Theme Park, Beverley, etc, etc...
  13. Look up on https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/uk your local town or city, or search its name. Scroll down, and Look at when civil twilight ENDS (I know this sounds counter intuitive!) . Go outside and look at how light it is. Maybe not tonight as it’s peeing down for many of us! At the moment it’s about 21:10 for me and ends just after 22:00hrs when nautical twilight kicks in. The order of darkness is Civil, Nautical and Astronomical I use this site a lot when wishing to see the night sky... GBM
  14. True, but we’re a couple (just) in our 50s, no children, work, but holiday out of the school holidays (except Christmas, when we do go on a cruise to benefit from all the bank holidays) I would say we’re not in the minority (age wise) when we’ve been onboard in May/June/September. Also there are still families (younger than school age, home educated, foreign, private educated with different term times, removed from school and paying the fine, etc) sometimes I am surprised at the number of them. They liven it up 🐵 Retirees are still important (and will remain so) but I think they’re trying to cater for those of us who are not. Once we finally retire (too far away) we’ll probably not be able to afford longer cruises anyway ;o)
  15. Why? Because most of us work. Most of us take 1 or 2 week holidays. Taking longer is often not easy with a lot of employers, in fact impossible with some of my previous employers. Going away for longer uses up a lot of our precious holiday entitlement. Going away for 11 days is a waste of a 2 week holiday from work. Aurora and Arcadia are both now adult only, and with this comes a generally older passenger, ones which can travel mid week and for longer. P&O now cater for the majority and those they wish to gain more of, and that means families and couples in work.
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