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  1. The test only says if you HAVE it, not if you HAD it.
  2. I phoned this afternoon, as I wasn’t sure if I had auto final payment set up or not for my 12th December cruise (final payment due 13th Sept). Friendly lady told me all automated final payments have been cancelled. We’ll apparently be emailed when they ‘know more’ which they (probably like ‘Mole’) are expecting soon... Sounds like P&O have realised it would be wrong to take final payments to then try and refund them all I was hopeful of the cruise happening, but now with the increase in numbers across the UK, and the ban on gatherings of >6 people, I am now less hopeful. Shame as I was looking fwd to seeing what Iona would be like, having mainly sailed on Aurora. Esp. with a Conservatory suite Next year’s cruises are all priced out of my price range with the amount of advance bookings using 125% FCC, sending prices sky high 😞 GBM
  3. That’s brilliant, I must have forgotten this one! 🙂
  4. As you seem to know what will happen in another 5 months time, Can you let me know the lottery numbers this Saturday please?! If our cruise happens in December, we’ll happily go If it’s cancelled I’ll take the refund However, lockdown only commenced 5 months ago, and since then a lot has happened... now people are piling into resorts with sadly no social distancing near us (we live in a tourist area) and few masks seen outside of shops Who knows what the next few months will bring? The Govt. has a tough balancing act with deaths/infection rate vs the economy/protecting businesses... GBM
  5. Thanks. I’d hoped to log in, but work overran!
  6. The conference started at 10am EDT, not BST, so is ongoing
  7. Hi I put the mask on, and my glasses sit (just) on top of them. BBC online news recommended this for glasses i use reusable cloth masks. Wear once, put in a bag, wash in soap, dry. Store in clean zipped bag I have always washed my glasses with soap and water, so maybe that helped? I had pneumonia (3rd time) in February and although my lungs still have periods of being a problem, I don’t find mask wearing causes any issues (Luckily)
  8. I logged in ok earlier for a December cruise, but ai have read on other forums that many are having difficulties. Standard for P&O IT! P.s. Welcome to CC 😀
  9. It may be different, but personally I wore one round the shop last weekend (big shop, first for a month) and never once found it sweaty or uncomfortable. Maybe because I’m used to wearing glasses. And no, the glasses didn’t steam up either I really cannot understand all the negativity over wearing a face mask. It’s not exactly a hardship. No wonder the Ossies called us Whinging Poms!
  10. We would definitely have them. Hubby would likely get his free with the first batch, due to previous cardiac arrest. I am now just in the over 50s category, so hopefully I’d get one early. If not, I’d pay as I have had pneumonia 3 times now (most recent in February) and I can’t face it again yet as I still feel the consequences
  11. I enjoy a mix of sea days (relaxation after a high pressure job) and port days. However, if it were a case of sea days only (with maybe scenic cruising) or no cruise, I’d happily take the sea days GBM
  12. The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum is a wonderful place to wander around, the day before a cruise 🙂 We make the journey down, part of our holiday and I have been there twice now.
  13. I agree, it’s a bit of a trek (65 miles) but no worse for example than Le Havre to Paris (120+ miles), or Zeebrugge to Brussels (70 miles) etc. Or even Southampton to London or Oxford
  14. For tourists, especially foreign tourists, I think the surrounding tourist attractions of Portsmouth (e.g. the Mary Rose, Victory, etc) outrank those of Southampton, with tours to Stonehenge, London, etc as easily accessible.
  15. To me Azura being sold wouldn’t be a surprise. P&O now only have two smaller ships, both of which are popular and sell cabins at a premium price. Iona is coming on the scene, and with Iona’s sister in 2022 (now later?) and in addition there are Britannia, Ventura and Azura to all fill. Azura and Ventura are the ‘odd ones out to me’. Ventura always seems more popular, and so I wonder if Azura will be the next to ‘leave’... nothing but gut feel here. Total speculation and probably all wrong!
  16. I think all the mocktails are included, but none of the ‘premium’ drinks, e.g. the elderflower, appletise and other bottles I drink. Due to the exclusions (bottles/cans), I won’t buy the package. If if you want a lot of hot drinks, draft drinks or mocktails you’ll be ok... lots of terms here: https://www.pocruises.com/onboard-activities/bars-and-lounges/non-alcoholic-drinks-package.
  17. Yes, it’s a broken airbridge according to CPS. We had to climb up to board her on the 9th, then we returned to City on the 19th, where CPS told me why! We frequently have airbridge issues at Mayflower... maybe it’ll finally be fixed this time
  18. Yes, we have done this cruise a few times, but over Christmas. This year we’re going beforehand, as we have a new home and hence a mortgage again! Last year the snow was really deep at Frognerseteren, Oslo (we took the t-bane up there) we love the overnights, Tivoli is special at night, Copenhagen just has to be an overnight port.
  19. I love Port Salut, but rarely find it on offer now 😞
  20. Thanks for asking this, as we too were disappointed to see no Christmas Market cruise for the next 2 years... And were wondering what S&P would be like! We’ll make the most of Oslo, etc, in 2 weeks time!
  21. Haha, love it 😍Be interesting to see how you could sit down in the MDR and eat though 😉
  22. Just so you are aware, the B&W night is a very formal black tie night. Most ladies wear black, white or b&w dresses. You can’t go in fancy dress as a fresian cow! To be honest none of them are fancy dress per se, they are themes for the evening wear. Tropical night you’ll see some bright shirts and dresses. 60s night you may see no one who looks to be in a 60s dress.
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