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  1. I just wish that Aurora, etc, had food matching the far higher p&o smaller ship prices! Prices are far lower on Iona, but Aurora has recently had very poor meals/food. We only started with P&O in 2015, but even in these 9 years, there has been a huge decrease in quality.
  2. Yes, I had this for a cruise later this year, on Iona. Got Sindhu booked eventually, but the system had a complete meltdown as tens of thousands of passengers tried to book for cruises over the next few months… Didn’t get Beach House, so really hope I can do when bookings reopen, as that was my priority… I do not like this stressful way of booking meals 😞
  3. In the UK, we are not allowed to use electrical appliances in a bathroom, due to safety risk, hence no sockets, and the lead not reaching. (hairdryers and water are a lethal combination !) I am surprised there is no mirror outside the bathroom, with a socket for the hairdryer, as this is norm in the uk. Enjoy the extension 🙂
  4. Exactly, I would never go to Iceland for a full solar Eclipse, that I may never have another chance to see near the UK. The risk of cloud would be far too high. This is why I’m surprised Viking doesn’t have a cruise in the southern track of the Eclipse (e.g. Portugal/ Med) All the med cruises are not within the 100% track
  5. Agree, I looked up cruises for this day, and none are in the region of the full eclipse 😞 Bizarre, as I’d have thought they could have managed a Med or Northern France/Portugal cruise.
  6. I have to say, the food on Aurora last year was not good. We gave up on the MDR and ended up in the buffet, which was nowhere near as good as previously, but sadly a lot better than the MDR! It’s a huge shame as Aurora is our favourite, despite cruises on her being priced considerably higher than the larger ships. We have a cruise on Iona this year, and we will soon pay off our mortgage. After that, if P&O doesn’t improve their included MDR options, we are moving to another company (paying more post mortgage!)
  7. Thanks for this info on smoking, I would never have realised that there were still cruise companies allowing smoking on balconies. As someone who has had pneumonia a few times, and struggles to breathe (with coughing manically) when encountering cigarette smoke (AND some vapes) FO will need to remain off my P&O alternative list.
  8. Maybe, they’ve abandoned Sky along with all the passengers taking overland tours/other routes home? 😉 Or maybe they decided to fly the original route via the Med 😉 😂 Not sure I’d want a rutting boar in my bathroom 🤣
  9. exactly. Seems nowadays, people expect ‘dumbing down’ for ‘inclusivity’. It’s crazy. I save hard for what we need, I do NOT want cost cutting as an alternative. I don't expect others to have to eat what is my choice. I have been investigating other cruise lines as alternatives; yes it may mean one cruise every alternative year, instead if each year, until our mortgage is paid off, but I’d rather pay more to have the service I used to get on p&o. Our 2 week Aurora last year was a great cruise itinerary, but terrible service/quality. The itinerary and amazing weather made the cruise.
  10. This would be my worst nightmare too, thanks for asking. I don’t go on holiday to increase anxiety! We’ll avoid!
  11. Vegan food? Allowed, yes, but enjoy?… rarely, and for my husband, never. I don’t choose to go on a cruise, and pay several £000 to be almost forced into eating food that is a lifestyle choice by a minority. I save up hard to go on a cruise once a year, mortgage is tough, salary is tough, etc etc. We expect decent meal choices, sometimes the MDR had just ONE meat option. We ended up in the buffet which ironically was better. We usually choose Aurora, but will be trying Iona this year, as the food choices on Aurora were so bad last year, and my husband thinks it's worth seeing if Iona is better. Last year was our first cruise since covid, and the cutbacks were very noticeable. I did make a list of all the cutbacks, but cannot currently find it.
  12. Yes, husband came to the conclusion after tests, that somehow they had managed to block that traffic on Aurora. Shame. Like you, we both ended up logging each other on/off as we needed it.
  13. Thanks, yes, I wondered as such. Mitigation. It’ll be interesting to see how TH and the industry as a whole responds, just as it had to do after Costa, etc. Thanks. Sadly, it’s only through incidents like this, that the industry can sometimes learn, and improve safety further. I know after my parent’s boat explosion (and others that followed over the next few years) that ‘bi yearly boat MOTs’ were introduced on the River Thames (UK) The run of deadly explosions ended thankfully.
  14. Interesting as we tried this, and our previously used hootoo device, last year on Aurora, but all were blocked. (edit, blocked by ship, previously all worked okay, pre covid on Aurora)
  15. So, out of interest, in your opinion, what do you think will/can/could potentially be done for all the current ships?
  16. Hi We’ve never had an issue in B deck balcony cabins, mostly starboard (mid-fwd, mid, mid-aft, aft) Cannot remember ever using it outside the cabin (I rarely take my phone/tablet out of the cabin, and husband never does) so cannot comment for elsewhere!
  17. I would hope Viking is now more risk adverse and would be very safe, maybe safer than companies that have not had an ‘incident’ yet… More safety processes followed, ships checked, etc. I was on a boat (my parents) which exploded when I was 15, it's made me H&S aware, but not put me off, but I only ever book a balcony cabin, I’d have nightmares in an inside/seaview cabin. There were a couple of serious incidents in storms this Winter, injuring many passengers, with other cruise lines crossing the ‘Biscay’, again questions were raised about ‘should they have sailed?’. Cruising will always be a ‘risk’, but companies have a responsibility to reduce that risk as much as possible. I am sure Viking will react to this, if not already ‘behind the scenes, before the report was publicised’. This was serious, It was horrifying. I feel for those passengers who were onboard, and the relatives ‘watching’. I remember the event clearly, though I was not onboard. But, please don’t let it put you off. I don’t believe the crew were incompetent, I have only ever read passengers praising the actual ‘crew’. I also will be interested to keep an ear open for any legal proceedings against captain, Viking, ship builder, etc. Out of interest, where is that Captain now?
  18. We love watching the pilot / boat leaving too. It’s a rather poignant moment, especially when having just embarked or about to do a sea crossing - “now alone on the sea, till the next port, and the cruise has really begun” 🙂 I’m really glad to hear you all made it on time, despite the flight delays. Now relax and enjoy your cruise. Thanks for posting. I enjoy following along with these ‘live’ threads 🙂
  19. Thanks. I find it interesting so many on a Viking WC have ‘done’ Africa already, but not Europe (or maybe they are happy to ‘do’ Europe again!) I see quite a few posts on the WC forum asking which WC go via Africa and not Europe, as so few do.
  20. Good, as I once had to politely comment on Aurora, that someone was always blocking the corridor, outside their mini suite. It was acted upon. This was pre covid, and I’ve only seen it on a regular basis on that one cruise.
  21. I’m amazed so many people don't wish to continue, and see South Africa, etc. I can understand a minority, but nearly a third?!
  22. Thanks for your blog, I enjoyed it…. and welcome back to a very wet East Yorks!
  23. When we were on her in 2016/17 to the Caribbean, the air con in our cabin (B191 - I keep records on OneNote!) was very poor to unusable, when it was really hot outside. I was new to cruising, so didn’t think of ‘asking to have it fixed’ as I just assumed all cabin air con was poor… Now I wish I had! I have to say even on all our subsequent 5 cruises on her, the only one where I felt the air con was good, was last year to the Baltic, cabin B245. Not sure whether it would have been as good though at Caribbean temperatures! edit, not sure how hot the lifts were, as we don’t use them
  24. This is a thread a year old, I imagine the OP meant March 2023! 🙂 Enjoy HCM though
  25. Those starters on that latest menu have not one meat/fish option, unless choosing soup. Unacceptable imho to assume everyone will accept veggie food 😞
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