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  1. This whole experience has our June cruise out of Amsterdam hanging over our heads like the sword of Damocles. We don't know if it will cancel - which is why we've held off on air fare purchase. Best wishes on your Sept cruise.
  2. Sorry for the loss of money, OP, but this thread certainly has a ton of lessons learned on it. "We've checked your policy and it does include Cancel For Any Reason cover, subject to specific criteria being met, as confirmed in your policy." Okay, "cancel for any reason" means you should be okay and get this taken care of....you paid for TI. They should cover it, as confirmed in your policy.
  3. June 22nd. We are JS category, they just sold the last cabin out today I think, but they were sold out of JS two months ago; suddenly they opened up - a lot of them. Keep your eyes open on PD's though, I wish you well on your upcoming baltic, we have never sailed there.
  4. I would just go to the doctor NOW or ASAp before your cruise - whenever it is you're sailing. I wish the best for you, enjoy your cruise and hope that you recover well and fast. I have to admit, when you said "barking like a seal" I did have a good laugh from that!
  5. Got $1372 in a price drop on our upcoming Baltic out of Amsterdam and noticed the prices are still coming down some, but since we are fully paid on the cruise, do we completely miss out on price drops? I have heard yes and no, that instead, they give you the difference in OBC?
  6. I wouldn't sweat it, just keep your eyes open on knee jerk decisions from the state department. It's sad how they've overreacted with all of this without due consideration and totally ignored the airline travel industry and went straight for the cruise industry.
  7. The post of the YEAR. You are the wind beneath us RATIONAL people that don't have cable TV "news" or those of us that do not follow ANY of it....
  8. Not at all, considering the region though......! Hey, lemme steal your "government certified expert" signature thing 😆
  9. What's troublesome about this ordeal - how state dept never assaulted the air travel industry and went RIGHT for the throat of the cruising business. This decision probably came at a pub on another extended lunch break by these "officials" who have nothing better to do with themselves.
  10. Right, this is how we feel - the overreacting by "officials" has us worried over our next cruise which we do NOT want cancelled.
  11. Everyone, thanks so much. I did recall buying our tickets there two years ago for our cruise, THEN arranged the seats on the Air France web page using the booking ref number. Also, in today's world with all of this paranoia about this blown way out of proportion ordeal (this virus thing) we just want to make sure we would get our money back 100% if this cruise gets cancelled by the frantic higher up "deciders" but we do NOT want to cancel this one. This is the main reason we will choose Choice Air. We're going on a Baltic cruise in June so sure it will be safe from cancellation.
  12. I hope the cruise line industry sue Foggy Bottom all because some gov employee went into panic mode. This is not as serious as some think it is. The state dept is over reacting as always.
  13. I have forgotten something - when you book through Choice Air, do you get to pick seats on the plane? Just hoping we don't end up in the middle aisle. About to jump and buy.
  14. NO - LOL - I merely forgot that one, just as bad as the rest but good catch!!
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