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  1. Ever since a credit account snafu on one of our earlier cruises, we've rolled with cash account ONLY and never had any issues. All we do with a cash account is close it out at Guest Services prior to departure. I am reminded of going there to close on our last cruise, he gave us the $1.58 left on the account, we had a good laugh over that with the agent.
  2. Considering you're leaving Feb 28th and the ports are Bahamas, Coco Cay, Port Canaveral, and Charleston, I'd bring summer clothes for the Caribbean days and at sea. I'd also pack a pair of jeans, maybe a light sweater.
  3. Ours is like that. Do what we did, one of you lift up the bed a bit, the other slides the case under the bed. It will fit fine.
  4. You simply board the train, pick a seat. Best bet is finding seats closer to the exits because Italian trains are known for abrupt stops and then sudden departures. We just took an excursion with a guide, she was very helpful and then cut us loose to do our own thing in Rome. Granted, we probably paid more money, but it was worth it. Further, let's say there's a railway strike (often happens) with the excursion you're protected and would get all of your money back. Not sure buying online guarantees that.
  5. That indeed, was a noted annoyance on our last cruise this summer in the med. We had a great table from Australia, we'd be talking, then suddenly EVERY SINGLE NIGHT we would hear "can we please have your attention" and there'd be singing or some announcement. We KNEW at that point - no ability to talk at our table thanks to these rude interludes at dinner.
  6. We had that once. I just told all of them to cease mentioning it. This does get old after awhile and the specialty dining simply isn't worth the extra money.
  7. We bring a bunjee cord and some chip clips and leave our bathing suits hanging on the balcony, dry by morning. If you need hangers, they'll give you more on request (cabin attendant). Checked luggage - Let THEM bring it on. I'd never see us dragging that on board. Just bring a carry on with your bathing suits/flipflops for the pool just in case you want to swim or dip before cabin ready time. I think I would rather pay the extra $$ and just buy my own beverages rather than lug drinks in cans or bottles.
  8. I got one for the DW. She loved it. Best little deal. No hassles. She got to know the baristas, was getting double shots a few times, single punches. Last one did her a two punch though by accident on a single shot, we never complained. It was well worth the money.
  9. My only bad experience was in a US port. Bayonne. Stupid taxi union moron trying to dictate at me for doing an Uber ride from his "domain." Sorry, don't diss me early in the morning, no coffee nor breakfast on board and debarking....never again.
  10. Our pins remain nailed to the card and stuck in my sock drawer. Wouldn't mind the fancy Diamond Plus one though.
  11. We typically do breakfast in the MDR unless we have an early morning excursion in port. Then it's room service, basic.
  12. For me, St. Maarten was the best port in the Caribbean because of the low flying planes arriving into Maho Beach. Beers and drinks are cheap, great live bands at night too. We had such an amazing time there. Snorkeling as well. Great beaches!
  13. We were on Brilliance in 2017, bed seemed great for us. Glad to hear they're upgrading in January, we're on Brilliance again in June.
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