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  1. One question remaining. There's apparently a bus that takes you from the port to the train station as well....would that bus be sitting on the pier or would we just walk someplace to meet it? Considering the excursion rate is around $70 each and we can do this way for less than $30 for the two of us....wow.
  2. Aha...it was Google CHROME acting up. Did the same now on Firefox. Worked! Thanks.....
  3. Ah. I think I was doing Roma Termini. Dayum....STILL not working. I must be doing something stupid, LOL....thanks though! Maybe we will just hang on to the expensive excursion plan.
  4. Jamie's was amazing. Loved it on Anthem. Truffle Tagiatelli!
  5. I see it never posted. Understanding the query for dates in order of day, month, year in Italian, it doesn't seem to post dates properly. Specifically tried July 8th for a r/t ticket Civ/Rome, and I get the "not a number" phrase every single time. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Out of Bayonne I would definitely say cheers to that, LOL
  7. There are a myriad of good reasons why. For starters, look at my cruises so far. Not many, but only ONE with Carnival. Another? Getting a "What'll it be" instead of a proper introduction to what's being served. UNLESS things have changed!
  8. Wish you the best of luck shipmate.....it's hard for ME to say no!
  9. When they bring that warm basket of their delicious roll and bread varieties to the table, just say no. I bet you can't! It's hard!
  10. Probably Carnival....they should install a walmart too 😛
  11. Even the most innocent social media post showing you're elsewhere out of your house can trigger theft or a break in....I have caught myself in the past doing it before the concept was thought about.
  12. Currently, we booked "Express train to Rome" on an RCL excursion @ $69 each r/t, includes a shuttle from the ship to the train station, some guide there to help show us the best way to tour Rome, etc. From what I remember, back in 2017, we took an excursion to Rome on a bus from the port, it seemed that it took a while for the bus to leave the port. Reading earlier it's about a 1.5Km walk from the port to the train station, how difficult is it actually getting to the train station from the port? That walk is easy but not sure of the "way" getting there - but we'd be saving a ton of cash doing it on our own, perhaps. Weighing: - Convenience of just keeping the excursion - Doing it on our own and saving money - IF we do it on our own and are late, we miss the boat - Doing it through the RCL excursion, we're covered All things to consider, but the train option might be easier if we met a group to walk along with to the train station. One question: When I select July 8th, it comes up as NaN-NaN-NaN. What does THAT mean? The only thing I can think of....it means "not a number" in computer logic....now I am laughing.
  13. RCL specific question - I know there are advantages/disadvantages here, but this coming cruise we have mixed OBC from RCL and also the credit card OBC. I remember reading something about the advantage of having one type account over the other when dealing with OBC. My concern being, I had heard that if you leave the ship and there's still OBC left over from your RCL card OBC, and you have a credit card, they take 10%? And, that if you have a cash account, they give you the remainder of the balance in cash? I am just trying to see the pros and cons of having either a cash or credit account and confirm what I read a while back.
  14. Granted, it's something to take another look at perhaps - the only remaining factor being, I don't like a third party managing my own vacation when I feel quite comfortable doing it myself. Somewhere down the line, communication lines will get mixed up or forgotten about, I feel. I guess the main focal point of using a TA is getting that free bowl of fruit in the room, free drink package, free excursion, or those "smoke and mirrors" discounts.
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