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  1. On our last cruise, everything said was repeated in Spanish over the announcement system since the ship departed from Barcelona. Is it the same thing on cruises out of Amsterdam, only repeated in Dutch? If so, this is good as we understand Dutch easier than Spanish and it'll help us get immersed back into the language.
  2. Looped, repetitive, and having to hear the endless drivel from the CD and his annoying assistant who'd repeat everything said in Spanish. We just kept the TV off after hearing it.
  3. I've heard there is SOME type of surcharge; maybe not as high as 10% but please tell me if I am incorrect on this? We gamble, but not to the point of having to get our account involved. We usually just bring extra cash on hand for the slot machines.
  4. I had this vision of seeing more guests coming to tables sporting their own salt grinders and got a good laugh from that....what also is an interesting thought though is how salt comes with an expiration date - if you have even the slightest background in Geology, that's a good laugh in itself 😎
  5. Good points to consider, I never gave it that much thought before, especially your last sentence. To me, the taste actually is different, probably like how sea salt has a different sensation than regular table salt.
  6. I might as well ask. Our daughter went on a Bermuda cruise with us two years ago. We were either platinum or emerald, i forget which. I purchased both cabins; at the time, she was gold. Does this mean she's now our current status, just missing the points? And if she sails next year on a cruise, does she retain the new status? Just curious.
  7. Thanks so much, yet another great tip, Bob. I forgot to ask about it beforehand and ended up in the long line at the start of the cruise. I will remember this next time!
  8. of course, there is a distinct flavour not found in regular salt. Also, the pink salt has more iron oxide content in it, which provides added iron to the diet and is beneficial for those who may be anemic. That's where the colour comes from.
  9. I have a closely related question to add to this thread: Can you merge two sail pass accounts into just one, before boarding and doing it online at RCL? I had forgotten to look into that on our recent cruise.
  10. 1. There's like a 10% surcharge on credit card accounts 2. Cash accounts avoid "latency" or "post-cruise" billing experiences incurred by some, not all cruisers 3. Long lines avoided with finalizing cash accounts especially if closed out the sea day before arrival the next morning, preferably in the early afternoons before people think about it
  11. This is the test run of the new "balconyless diving" option. They provide a waist-bunjee harness. You just dive off, dip in the sea, and you come right back like a bunjee jump. Also great if you use a laundry bag, stuff the pockets with laundry detergent and do your laundry in the ocean.
  12. Bring your own to be on the safe side. I've never actually seen it on board, but you never know. Bring yours, but ask them if they have it, I'd be curious to find out!
  13. On our recent med, we went to guest services, knowing we had like $21 left on it and knew we weren't going to incur any other charges. They refunded us the money and closed the account, no issues. We closed it during our last sea day and the time was around noon.
  14. What's even worse is the practically every day price checks on excursions. On our recent cruise, I saved us over $400 just by checking the pricing fluctuations on the RCL website on 7 excursions where I'd cancel the booking then re-book at the cheaper rates.
  15. I would allot yourselves being off the ship no later than 7:30am, boarding your transportation and then leaving around 8am latest. Being at airport close to 9am, then there is security to consider at FCO, which can be tediously slow at times. Is there any way possible that you can make arrangements for a later flight, to be on the safe side? I personally would've booked a flight following noon; then again, I know how FCO can be, flown out of there a couple of times. The good thing for you though, flights out of FCO get delayed sometimes.
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