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  1. As always, I'll wait before reacting. Our JOS cruise is June 21 out of Barcelona. Big plans went around that with a car rental, driving to Belgium a few days first to visit DD, then back to Amsterdam. If this follows through, glad we have not yet bought airfare!
  2. An interesting question. So, if a guest tests POSITIVE prior to boarding a cruise (and I am assuming MSC initiated such a test), would the guest get a full refund?
  3. Again, nothing firm. All speculation, but most of us would agree that cruising will NOT be the same as it used to be for a LONG TIME. Ours is in June 2021, already we both just want them to cancel so we can get our full refund and we will never cruise again because things are going to be absurd, overblown, and a downright pain in the rear end being policed constantly.
  4. What does you not being Native American have to do with your feelings about cruising?
  5. For real. And, overall, Cruise Critic's boards have gotten MUCH better with less snarky responses. Hey, maybe COVID has produced at least a couple of good outcomes..?
  6. Best wishes, OP. We're even FURTHER out in June 2021 and it still doesn't appear to being a good cruise because of this covid crap. I hope yours sails, and if so, give us a review.
  7. Not literally "in the same boat" but I think this is how all of us feel. Ours is next June. Even if it sails, it sounds as if we will get policed and monitored to death if this covid crap is still around. We are on vacation, not going to some prison camp under constant direction. TBH, would really just want to get a full refund and not bother going.
  8. Back in May we successfully did a L&S from June this year (it eventually got cancelled anyway) to June 2021. Realizing how cruises are currently getting cancelled as the months move on (now October cruises are cancelled) is it possible for me to do another L&S to June 2022, without penalty? Sadly right now (will wait until tonight) can't really understand what the agents are trying to say. It's a long spiel of script, I keep on having to repeat "what did you say".....when is the best time to call back to understand what they are saying? Like everyone else, all we want is to be able to cruise without being policed. I do not want to pay for a holiday wearing a mask or being socially distanced.
  9. Not at all. Very nice, but you'll get a lot of 14 yo boys and up who will love it.
  10. Yep. I see them on the TV and turn it off. They are a bit annoying.
  11. Yep. Just imagine if someone said that about "the canadians" LOL
  12. What it will take to get me back into cruising (AND help prevent ME from canceling in June 2021): Do NOT be POLICING or MONITORING us constantly for masks, social distancing, etc. If you feel that "need" to do so, let me know IN ADVANCE so I can CANCEL the cruise because I don't want that. I am paying for a holiday, not a concentration camp-like atmosphere. As for the OP's blame on the states, go stuff it with your generalizations and discriminatory accusation. As for us getting a vaccine: Definitely want it, we'd be wanting to go on holidays.
  13. Maybe I'm missing out, but what exactly is this fascination in here with cruise directors? There's another thread around that tries to track ship captains as well.....
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