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  1. I just assume every port is up in the air right now. Last summer we were on a Cuba cruise that at the last minute got re-routed. This year’s cruise was COVID cancelled. Just hoping to get on a boat and stop somewhere/anywhere in 2021.
  2. Super bummed to read that. He ended up being on vacation for our Vista cruise. Was supposed to be our CD on our cancelled May Panorama cruise. And was going to be our CD on our hopefully sailing Mardi Gras cruise. Sad we weren’t able to experience a sailing with him.
  3. I just got mine this week too! May cruise cancelled by them in April. I was starting to wonder if I was going to have to call. Now just hoping my July 2021 Mardi Gras Cruise happens so I can use them!
  4. 3 - I am booked in an Excel suite and got the following response when I asked about how and when to book the Loft 19 cabanas, "We cannot provide a specific date, at this time, when the cabanas in Loft 19 will be available for pre-bookings. We are currently working on this feature and it should be out later this year. You are more then welcome to reach out to use again in a few months and we may have a more specific time frame". This was in early April when I was still hopeful about going on a cruise at some point, lol.
  5. We are moderate drinkers at home and always get a drink package. I tend to drink slowly but continually throughout the day on vacation and am never drunk. My husband drinks more then me and between the 2 of us we always do better than breaking even. I like being able to try something without thinking about the price and then getting another drink if I don’t like it. I am not usually a cocktail drinker except on vacation. Between alcohol, coffee and bottle water I definitely feel we get our money’s worth.
  6. We had a May cruise that officially cancelled in April. I took FCC which transferred to a new cruise. I had several pre-cruise purchases made with Carnival gift cards and haven’t seen received anything yet. One of my purchases a small balance went on a credit card where the gift card didn’t cover it. I did see a credit for that on my statement but no gift cards. I almost exclusively get nothing but junk mail in my physical mail so hoping it doesn’t come in a completely nondescript envelope that I accidentally throw out!
  7. So uneducated question. What is a PVP and how are they different then just calling and talking to the a customer service rep. Do they make commission? More training? I have only taken a couple of Carnival cruises. When this pandemic started I got an e-mail from Carnival saying I was assigned a PVP. I normally like to book everything on-line myself but he was very helpful when I needed to apply my FCC for my May cancelled cruise.
  8. We were on the Majesty last summer. It was originally a Cuba cruise. Ended up with a different itinerary and more sea days when Cuba was closed. We really liked the Majesty. It is an older small ship but I thought the layout was good and most of the venues had large windows with great ocean views. We had a suite. I think that was the only way we could get a balcony. Balcony cabins are very limited on the majesty. Our balcony was wide and very comfortable. Being in a suite there was a specific dining venue we could use for breakfast and lunch. Was nice to avoid the chaos of the buffet that way. Overall I prefer larger and newer ships but I wouldn’t hesitate to sail the Majesty again.
  9. No. if you look at deck plans there are usually a limited number designated for 3 people. We are a family of 3 and I am picky about my cabin type. I have to typically keep looking at different dates till I find an opening for what I want.
  10. I paid for almost everything for my May cruise with gift cards. This includes a couple of pre-purchased dining reservations and some funshop items. Since we were locked into Carnival we took the FCC option. Looks like all of the cruise expenses including taxes, fees, etc. were transferred to the new booking. For the Funshop money I am under the impression we will get a gift card in the mail. Haven't seen one yet. I don't pay much attention to our physical mail so will need to be careful I don't accidently throw it out with other junk mail. Honestly my expectations are low for when we will see the gift card money.
  11. I was on a May cruise that got cancelled. I was paid in full including pre-paid gratuities, some shop items and some pre-paid dining items. I filled out the on-line forms for the FCC but didn't see any activity. A few days ago I received an e-mail from my assigned PVP so today I figured I would give him a call. We chose the FCC option since I paid almost entirely in Carnival gift cards. We already booked a March 2021 cruise. The 2021 cruise was more expensive so I knew we would still have a balance due. The PVP was very nice and said no problem he would take care of it. Since I got off the phone with him I have literally gotten 11 different e-mails from the "cabinconfirmation" e-mail over a 2 hour period. Every e-mail the amount I show due kept going down. The balance due on the last e-mail now looks reasonable but I want to confirm what part of what I paid should be a FCC. Should it include the pre-paid gratuities and other pre-paid items? What about taxes, fees and port expenses. I see 2 line items under the "payments received" section, one for "credits/coupons" and one for "payments received". Neither of the amounts seem to correlate to anything. Want to double check what should have been a credit for my new cruise vs. how much I can expect to receive back on gift cards.
  12. Was booked 5/23 on the Panorama. Switched to Mardi Gras July 2021. Is it sad that I’m super bummed I keep missing Matt Mitcham as my cruise director. He was on vacation during our Vista sailing. Should have been subbing in for Emma on our now cancelled Panorama sailing. Now hoping he is on for our Mardi Gras trip. Total first world problem but a big part of why we enjoy Carnival over other lines is the fun atmosphere and cruise directors.
  13. We are booked on the 5/23 Panorama sailing. American Airlines not surprisingly has scaled back their flights and we were automatically re-booked on one that leaves LAX on our disembark day at 11:05am. We have a suite so will have priority disembark. I assume this sailing will be cancelled but still hopeful we get to sail. Is the 11am doable or should I look for other options. AA has nothing better on that day so we would need to rebook for the next day or look to switch airlines. I mentally had already prepared for the sailing to be cancelled but the recent Carnival comment about May/June sailings has me hopeful.
  14. I have the Panorama booked leaving May 23rd. Yesterday I got an email from the hotel in Long Beach for the night before my cruise that my reservation has been cancelled. I assume this isn’t a good sign. I hope they go ahead and announce next week that the rest of May is cancelled. I booked this cruise over 18 months in advance. It’s a bummer but with everything going on I realize I am extremely fortunate.
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