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  1. We are booked on the 5/23 Panorama sailing. American Airlines not surprisingly has scaled back their flights and we were automatically re-booked on one that leaves LAX on our disembark day at 11:05am. We have a suite so will have priority disembark. I assume this sailing will be cancelled but still hopeful we get to sail. Is the 11am doable or should I look for other options. AA has nothing better on that day so we would need to rebook for the next day or look to switch airlines. I mentally had already prepared for the sailing to be cancelled but the recent Carnival comment about May/June sailings has me hopeful.
  2. I have the Panorama booked leaving May 23rd. Yesterday I got an email from the hotel in Long Beach for the night before my cruise that my reservation has been cancelled. I assume this isn’t a good sign. I hope they go ahead and announce next week that the rest of May is cancelled. I booked this cruise over 18 months in advance. It’s a bummer but with everything going on I realize I am extremely fortunate.
  3. Can I apply FCC to a cruise already booked. Yesterday I booked a July 2021 cruise. I’m picky about cabin selection and wanted to secure the cruise I wanted while still available.
  4. Yes I noticed the same thing. We are booked on a May cruise that I expect to cancel. Yesterday I booked a 2021 cruise. I’m picky about my cabin choice so I didn’t want to wait for the next swath of cruises to be cancelled. I paid for my cruise with carnival gift cards so I’m locked into another cruise with them one way or the other.
  5. We are booked end of May on the Panorama. Just today I booked an eastern Caribbean itinerary on the Mardi Gras for July 2021. I’m hopeful the May one still sails but not counting on it. Last July we were supposed to be on a Cuba cruise. That itinerary got nixed a few weeks before sailing. Figure we will roll with whatever happens.
  6. Just booked this cruise today. We are supposed to sail the Panorama on 5/23/20 but I’m anticipating it being cancelled and/or things being still too crazy to sail.
  7. We are booked on a May 23 sailing on the Panorama. I’m hopeful it will sail but feeling doubtful at this point. I started looking this weekend at booking a cruise in either late 2020 or summer 2021. I am picky about cabins so I want to book now. I assume any FCC I could apply to this booking I make now or does it only apply to new bookings?
  8. How will I get a refund when I paid with Carnival gift cards? We are booked on the Panorama in May. I’m mentally preparing for the cruise to be cancelled. This is the first cruise I made payments with carnival gift cards. I even prepaid the gratuities with a gift card. Today I clicked the “cancel gratuities” button partly to see what happens. They disappeared but I got no email or other notification of how I would be refunded. Will they send me a gift card in the mail or via email? We are looking to rebook something in 2021 so I’m not concerned if the process takes awhile but I would like the refund at some point and in some form.
  9. Our 1st Carnival Cruise we had the Scottish CD. He was awesome! Previously had cruised other lines and didn’t even notice the CD. This is part of what we loved about Carnival vs other lines. The atmosphere just felt so much more lively and fun. We are sailing the Panorama in May and ecstatic that Matt M will be on board!
  10. Great news about Matt. We were on the Vista in 2018 and I was bummed that he was off during our sailing. We had the flying Scotsman who was amazing but so excited to finally be on a cruise with Matt. My daughter is going to be stoked!!
  11. So I was booked on a late afternoon direct flight out of LAX the day our Panorama cruise ends 5/30/20. AA cancelled the direct flight and we are rebooked on connecting one that leaves at 1:05pm. Is that enough time?
  12. Thanks for the feedback and tips. My daughter LOVES cats so the stray kitties alone has her sold on Stone Island!
  13. This is our 1st Mexican Rivera Cruise. We plan to go to Stone Island on our own. Will we need Mexican pesos or are we okay with just US dollars? Any other tips for a non excursion trip there?
  14. Our flight isn’t until 4:30pm out of LAX so we also are looking for a way to see some of the LA sites. I think we are going to book with this company. It is essentially your own private tour and can be customized based on the number of hours you want to fill and what you want to see. https://www.laplatinumtt.com/our-tours
  15. We will always get Cheers. It is nice not worrying about what the bar bill will be at the end of the trip. Our 1st Cruise was close to 20 years ago. We were a group of 4 adults and I remember my friend and I checking every couple of days at the front desk to see what our balance was. And this was a European port intensive cruise. That was a very high final bill! We are older and don’t drink as much but I still feel like we get the value of cheers. I like to try some of the expensive cocktails that I normally wouldn’t order. To me that is part of the fun of vacation. It definitely isn’t for everyone.
  16. We have very limited cruising experience compared to most on this board but these are my thoughts: Royal, I thought the finishes in the ship and room were a bit nicer, pool areas seemed a bit nicer with more loungers, night shows were better. Carnival, food overall was better, Cruise Director was awesome and atmosphere seemed more fun, family comedy every night, suite prices are much cheaper than Royal (I realize with much less perks). We have a tween so always sail when kids are out of school and the kid factor seemed the same on both. Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to sail either line. We are “new” cruisers and actually prefer the more non-traditional elements of cruising. It all really depends on what aspects of a cruise are important to you and your family.
  17. Loving your review and great pictures. Thank you so much! We are on this cruise in May and the info is much appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!
  18. Have fun!! I’m booked on the Panorama next year and looking forward to hearing the reviews!
  19. We were in a suite on our last Carnival cruise. For our tender port the letter in our stateroom told us to go to one of the restaurants when we were ready to get off the ship and when we arrived a rep escorted us directly onto a tender. Was super fast and hassle free.
  20. Thanks for the responses. I will look to book something that will work in any of the 3 potential time scenarios.
  21. We are sailing on the Panorama and I have a question about the time in port for Puerto Vallarta. The itinerary lists 8am to 8pm. Is that LA time or Puerto Vallarta time? If LA time it’s 10am-10pm local which feels late to leave port. I am looking to book a non-Carnival excursion for the day and don’t want to choose an incorrect departure time.
  22. I started buying them through my Swagbucks account. When you buy them you essentially earn points. I then cash out my points to PayPal. The gift cards are electronic so the whole process is pretty easy.
  23. We sailed on the Majesty in July. Originally we were booked in 1046 which was as far forward as was available based on reviews to avoid directly under the pool area. Once our Cuba stop was cancelled a bunch of cabins opened so we upgraded to Grand Suite 1538. Did not have any issues with noise from above. Great location being close to the stairs that go right to the buffet and pool area. The Majesty is definitely an aging ship but we found her to be clean and decently maintained. Especially loved the balcony. The overhang from above provides great shade.
  24. Looking at options for 2021 on the Mardi Gras. Of all the ports listed we have only been to Cozumel. We are booking for the ship so both itineraries look fine to me. Which would you choose? West=Cozumel, Costa Maya and Mahogany Bay, East=San Juan, Amber Cove and Grand Turk
  25. Just got off the Majesty yesterday. Took pics of the wine menu that was in our suite. Fairly new to cruise critic so let me see if I can upload.
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