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  1. Disembarked last fall and the terminal was using the facial recognation scanners of customs so the whole proces was much faster. Self disembarkation(take your own luggage) is usually started at 7am. Most ship try for zero count by 9am or 9:15am, so no LEISURELY brekkes on disembarkation days.
  2. Just found out distilled water is no longer supplied onboard any Cunard ships. You must make arrangments to bring it. Hate packing bottles of distilled water in my suitcase.
  3. Ok. You’ve (or We’ve) moved from facts, to opinion and now you’re freestyling, let’s end it now!
  4. Thanks for your input. I'll file it away in the appropriate trash folder....
  5. Is there a way to reserve or book a court to play pickleball? Or are they just open for anyone. I am part of group who want to play together.
  6. Is it possible to reserve a pickleball court? or are they just open all the time
  7. Does anyone know if you can reserve/book pickleball courts on any of the royal ships?
  8. How many courts do they have on the ship? Can you book a court for a specific time?
  9. Is Britannia Club restaurant open for lunch on embarkation day?
  10. Does anyone know if the pre-cruise packages in London include private transfers to Southampton or is it a coach from the hotel to dock?
  11. I've used my machine several times. Cabin steward was very good at getting extension cord and water. I keep an adapter with my machine when I travel.
  12. Why doesn't NCL fly from Toronto Pearson airport? I see Ottawa & Montreal, but nothing from Toronto
  13. Not important note. The beverages in the mini bar are included and replenished. However the toblerone choclate bar, nuts and can of pringles is only complimentary once and will not be replenished.
  14. We did MTL TO MIA and thought the entertainment was OK. Cory Kaheney was excellent nd both show was packed to the point of standing room only. Vocalist was average but she got annoying. Production was weren't the greatest but not bad either. Disappointed in Ray the CD. Very very poor planning. Cancelling a show because of weather was terrible. You can see the forecast using many apps, I knew what the condition of the seas would be days in advance. Waiting until 9:10 to cancel the 9:15 show was just BAD.
  15. I love play pickleball and that was one of the worst courts to play on. Most everyone gave up trying to play there. The surface prevented the ball from bouncing or if your ball hit a seam on the surface it sent the ball off in different directions. Was a total waste of money. Also the nets are set up for paddle tennis. I watched a couple try to play shuffleboard and they gave up because the surface wasn't right, simliar thing for bocco ball etc. Golf clubs were just terrible, the grips on several driver & wedges was falling off. I have to give this feedback because while the spaces look inviting, like the Vista Lounge, it JUST DOESN'T WORK.
  16. We tried Martha's Vineyard today but once we got to the anchorage the pilot's advised it was too rough. CD explained there was 30knts of wind and 7-8ft swells so it was just too dangerous for us to attempt tender operations. Last night there was a lot of movement with creeking and banging. We are back out at sea now headed to NYC.
  17. Nothing yet, however I expect we will hear tonight
  18. I was in Red Ginger and Ember. Yes there are windows along one side. The larger interior sections of each restaurant, past the diviers do not have windows.
  19. Has anyone had their scheduled ports changed due to the apporaching storm?
  20. Hi You can download NORD VPN or another VPN from google play or app store. Once your are connected to the ship, set up your account and then open it up and choose a location to connect from which is near your home. This avoids some of the problems with the ships system. I couldn't access my banking because the ship router is showing spain. Also as the guy at LYNC to help you set up your VPN. Bruce
  21. You can use VPN to get around the YouTube or Video sites. I've used YouTube several times and I didn't get the upgraded package.
  22. Just saw the forecast. I guess we'll have to keep any eye out for more
  23. Yup! Our flight lands at 11:30 so we've got some sitting around to do as well.... would go shopping but don't want to be pulling bags around the city.
  24. OMG forgot Get over it... I was APOLOGIZING no guilt trip.
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