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  1. Thank you, Scubadawg, We have also been to this port in Cambodia and had a very enjoyable private all day tour. This is a third world country and would you want to go through the things they have had to endure during the last decade. I think not. These people are trying to pick themselves up after some terrible times. We admired them for the work they were doing and making a better country for themselves. Instead of calling a place a "dump" be thankful for where you live. Thanks for the previous blog. We looked at pictures that we took several years ago on our tour but did not know how to put them on CC. Floridiana, we were on the 2018 Grand Asia together. That was a great cruise with many happy memories. Any future cruises planned?
  2. I just received a notice on my Facebook about 2021 New England cruises that has some exciting ports in Greenland. Also, it seems that the Amsterdam is doing New England in the fall of 2021 according to what I was reading. That might mean that the Amsterdam will not be doing the Grand Asia again. We were on the Grand Asia 2018 and the ship was never near capacity. The Grand Africa sells out so quickly I do not understand why they don't do that itinerary more. Maybe someone else got that Facebook notice?
  3. I thought he said Amsterdam but I think you are correct and it would be on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Actually, I like playing some of those games so we would have a good time being a "kid" again but I don't think we would qualify going to Club HAL! On our Grand Asia we brought some of our own travel board games.
  4. My surprise was that he mentioned the "High Score" on the Amsterdam. That ship is used mainly for Grand and World Voyages. Not too many families are on that ship unless they go to Alaska in the summer. I hope they will not move ships around for those voyages.
  5. I am trying to find a tour guide that will do a one day safari from the Richards Bay cruise port. I think there are 2 available nature parks there but cannot find a guide on the internet. We will be in port from 8am to 11pm, November 21. Thanks for any help.
  6. We will be in Richards Bay from 8-11 pm in November 2020. I have found two tour companies for a full day safari, Extreme Nature Tours and East Coast Safari. Has anyone recently used either of these for a full day safari. We are not interested in taking a flight and re-boarding the ship in Cape Town. I did use the search engine but curiously it brought up tours in Alaska. Thanks for any help.
  7. Ruth, we are also wanting to do the Ft. Lauderdale to Cape Town segment if it becomes available. I hope we will learn more about the segments in the next couple of weeks. What do you think? I am thinking that they will not need to have segments as the ship will fill quickly as it is. The cabin that we had on the Grand Asia is taken as are everything in that block that we liked on Deck 3.
  8. On Post 143, Scottish Maid pointed you to the correct roll call. Not hard to find. Join the roll call and all the fun we are having.
  9. I called and Steve answered my question right away. Thanks for responding. Have a great day!!
  10. We want the medical coverage but do not want all of the trip cancellation covered. Is that possible? Do we just put down less than what our trip actually costs? Just wondering if this is possible and are there any travel insurance companies that allow this.
  11. I have answered my own questions and I know what we are doing after spending another hour. As I understand it we can pick any category and receive that guarantee or above. I actually learn more from my internet big box TA than I do from the HAL website. Thanks.
  12. So, after spending an hour on line I think there are no more cat "f" cabins left, correct? Actually, there are only 12 to begin with so if we want the extra paid hotel fee we will need to go to the next higher category? The guarantee ocean view is at the front of the ship which my DH said to me one time, don't ever do this again!! I believe it is HH or H. Sorry to ask such questions. If I don't hurry up and get this done we may be sitting at home wishing we were there!!
  13. When I bring up the cruise I have nothing listed for Dec. 5 & 6. Is that the same on yours or am I doing something wrong. It was going to be Dec. 5, Ghana and Dec. 6, Ivory Coast. It seems we are some place for two days. Is there enough to do at the Ivory Coast for two days? They also took out Tunisia which does not surprise me, however, I was excited to be going there. Kazu, did you say that you had booked a segment and if so which one? If we cruise Ft. Lauderdale to Cape Town then we miss Namibia.
  14. Does anyone know what the segments will be? I am presuming one will be at Cape Town but we would like to join the ship before that. Thanks for all the information we are receiving.
  15. This is not the roll call for this cruise. As of yet HAL has not released the official cruise. We are a bunch of cruisers who are trying to learn as much about the itinerary as we can from each other. When HAL releases the cruise I am sure someone will start a roll call on the HAL roll call board. In the mean time keep posting what you are learning from your PCC or your TA. Very exciting!! Can hardly wait until the end of May. Happy Sailing!!
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