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  1. Heading home from Amsterdam after a wonderful week in Norway
  2. Sail away from Amsterdam heading to Norway.
  3. On a plane on our way to Amsterdam.
  4. If someone knew they had been in contact with someone with COVID-19, why would the risk their health and the health of the entire ship by boarding?
  5. Requiring a passport for closed loop cruises should become a requirement.
  6. Hopefully after this, the cruise lines will require passports even for closed loop cruises. Passports need to be a requirement for all cruise travel.
  7. Two ports in Norway have banned cruise ships. They can dock for supplies but passengers can not get off the ship. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/davidnikel/2020/03/11/cruise-ship-passengers-banned-from-bergen-as-coronavirus-cases-rise-in-norway/amp/
  8. We were able to cancel and after 2 hours on the phone they honored the cancellation policy in the invoice when we booked. Yes, we lost some money, but I feel good about our decision. We did have insurance, but not cancel for any reason. In the future we will consider that as well - on top of medical coverage. I hope that it turns out that we jumped the gun and the situation in Europe improves, but I can’t risk being quarantined.
  9. Very angry. We are considering cancellation. Our invoice from when we booked says we lose our deposit up through day 57. We are at day 63. We are being told HAL modified it’s policy and despite our invoice, we are being held to the 50% cancellation fees in the updated policy. Also, we will lose all of our flight EZ airfare, not just a charge to reschedule a flight. Yes, we have insurance, but not cancel for any reason insurance.
  10. We also think 4135 is a hidden gem. We stayed in that cabin for 14 days last year, but unfortunately couldn’t get it for our next cruise.
  11. We love the Kimpton. We walked everywhere from the hotel. Wonderful restaurants nearby. We loved Restaurant Max for Indonesian food.
  12. Unfortunately, I don’t trust the reservation people or PCC to know the correct answers
  13. The long cabins are in the 40’s forward not the 41’s
  14. I’m concerned because the deck plans are inconsistent. We like cabin 4135 On the Nieuw Statendam which is partially obstructed, but has an extended balcony. On the deckplan where you select cabins on the Ryndam it appears to be 4135 that has the extended balcony , but in the PDF for the ship it is 4133 that has the extended balcony. Both are on HAL’s website. I’m worried that no one will really know the correct answer as the ship isn’t operational.
  15. I noticed two things - is there not a rabbi on the world cruise this year? Also other than the featured ice cream sundae - are other ice creams and frozen yogurts not offered at dinner in the MDR. Thanks for a great blog!!!
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