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  1. We were in 4135 (the same cabin) on the other side. We loved the cabin, larger balcony and location and would book it again without hesitation
  2. We loved the cabin and tried to get it for our next cruise to Norway but it was booked. The balcony is larger than others on the deck and the extra triangular portion is not obstructed. Yes the main part is partially obstructed, but mostly looking down. Because it is in the bend, you are sheltered from the wind. Also you have a great view of the promenade deck. It is also under cover. The only noise we heard from the connecting door was one loud sneeze - but I was walking right in front of the door at the time. Also the location is great for either the mid ship stairs or the aft stairs. Sorry I didn’t take pictures.
  3. In 4135 the bed was in the opposite direction- feet towards the aft. Don’t know about other cabins.
  4. I have as well in the past. I hope he was wrong in his explanation going forward.
  5. I just called HAL about looking for a new flight. Because I booked my cruise with a box box store, he said I needed air quotes through them even though I booked the flights myself using Flight Ease. He told me that the new “upgrades” made it so those who don’t book the cruise through HAL can book flights using Flight Ease, but CANNOT modify those flights themselves using Flight Ease. I don’t know if this is true or just his “explanation” of why the site wasn’t working.
  6. Ian Page was promoted to one of the new positions. We have sailed with him a few times and he is excellent and knows the ports well. He is on gangway answering questions and is regularly seen around the ship. I hope to sail with him again, in his new role! I forget which ship he was assigned to.
  7. I just read an article that hairdryers in hotel rooms have as many germs as the remote and they are rarely cleaned and are replaced only when they break. So for those who wipe down surfaces - you may want to add the hairdryer if you use the one in the cabin.
  8. I actually really like the direction things are going. The new ships have wonderful additions, such as the Music Walk, the Dutch Cafe and Sel de Mer. We also enjoyed the modern art work. While we are in our 60’s we thought it was great seeing more younger families on board. We prefer the Music Walk in the evenings and feel that experience is far better than any 45 minute production show or other act. The only time I could see going to a production show would be if there was a 7:00 show and going before dinner. We also prefer the anytime dining to a set dinner time. Would we like a wider deck to walk on- yes- but this is not significant. We would like to see a few more lectures and travel talks during sea days.
  9. Thanks!!!! We may wait until then.
  10. We were hoping one of the newer ships would be doing the Mediterranean. That’s too bad
  11. This was the case for our cruise as well. We saved by purchasing is advance.
  12. I used Skype for Business to make phone calls on the premium wireless plan and it worked well, though some people wondered why I was calling them from my office line while on vacation 🤣
  13. The Tamarind is very good, but we think Rudi’s Is much better.
  14. The Salzburger Nockerl soufflé for dessert is wonderful. The calamari appetizer is also excellent. The French baguette with dips they bring to the table are addicting.
  15. We just rented at the port and kept it overnight- free parking. We rented from Europcar - right outside the port shop. Enterprise was also at the port- 2 minute walk away. There were signs saying that only pre-booked cars were available. Make sure you have a debit card or chip and pin credit card for gas. Sometimes you can pay inside with a US chip (no pin) credit card - but not always.
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