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  1. Different cruiseline, different corporation, but several times when Princess reclassed additional vanilla mini-suites as Club Class, the lucky folks with existing reservations got upgraded. There is hope. 🤞
  2. Spend/pax is advertising puffery. Revenue/pax (which you can compute from audited revenue and audited pax) is way up.
  3. Sorry, the US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) has long since "gone political", and its numbers have become pure spin. "Handbaskets" that don't match any market segment's buying pattern, significant categories excluded because they are "too volatile", a pattern of revising prints up (and only up) a few months later, .... Add to that the majority of O's ships are at foreign ports and not buying from US sources, so the effective inflation rate that they actually face is ...pure guesstimate.
  4. All the lines, in my opinion, have definitely deteriorated as (and hopefully only while) they pay off their shutdown debts. FIFY 😞 NCLH pays no dividends and it takes time to bring more ships on line, so where else can NCLH get the $6B to pay off the extra shutdown debt but from reducing operating costs, aka less value per buck to us guests?
  5. Better chances than July. 🙂 https://www.spaceweather.gov/ has Aurora forecasts -- but be aware the green only marks less than 50:50 chance, what you want to see is red.
  6. Yep. Good point. I was thinking/speaking about cruise bookings only. I always tell my TA that I'll take care of those myself unless he can somehow get a commission.
  7. Methinks that TA should be your ex-TA. 😉 Please, for all our sakes, educate them that -- at least for the nonce -- we have other options.
  8. Easier on an 11- or 14-day voyage than a 7, or on a 'R'-class with 2 specialties than on a ship with 4.
  9. O is usually accommodating except when pesky cabotage laws (like the US's PVSA -- often mistakenly cited as the Jones Act) get in the way. Best to ask O directly (and if you can figure out how, Italy). We here on CC aren't maritime attorneys -- at least not yours. 😉
  10. Just back from the grocery store. Wish I could have "booked my milk early". 😉
  11. Psst! To see the Northern Lights, you need night -- which is in short supply during Alaskan summers 😉
  12. Service can be superb or egregious on any size ship, so let's leave that aside. The remaining tradeoff is ports-of-call opportunity (smaller ships go more places) vs economies of scale (bigger ships cost less per Gross Ton to operate). O has chosen to use part of those economies to give pax "elbow room". We don't know about food venues yet, but I suspect the new ships will also have more venues like AquaMar and Bakery -- they'll have the room. Frankly, there are not that many places that a 67,000GT ship can get into that an 86,000GT ship cannot, so there's not much opportunity lost there. The new ships will sail with 61.4 GT/pax, noticeably less crowded than the 'O'- and 'A'-class's 55.8, and spacious compared to the 'R'-class's 50. For comparison, Oasis of the Seas offers but 40.5.
  13. Or, alternatively, hit "Refresh" button every 5 or so seconds.
  14. Not on Vista's voyage of Mar 16-27. Have they violated minimum clearance electrical safety regulations for you?
  15. The problem is not so much the nightstands, but that the pillow of the moved bed would be rubbing the bedside power outlets ... and anything an incautious pax might plug into them. You can get separate bedding and maybe 3".
  16. Agreed. Right up to the "but eliminates". Were that the case, we'd have been having sound issues with just about every ship built for any line this millennium.
  17. Were the 1400 pax squeezing into 67,817GT like Vista and Allura you'd be right. They new ships are being built at 86,000GT.
  18. Yep. But the "ratio" I'm more interested in is pax to hotel department staff.
  19. The 'R'-class ships are late 1980s design. They are comparatively expensive to run on a per-pax basis, have really-out-of-environmental-vogue propulsion, and ...have you ever showered in a non-suite cabin? 😉 O would have disposed of them long ago except O didn't want to be a 2-ship cruise line.
  20. Or at least makes it clear the reviewer's standards are so much more ...elevated than mine, that it's a waste of my time reading his opinion.
  21. I was listing what was needed. Methinks we agree what is wise is to set *both*. 😉
  22. With 600 or 1200 passengers, it appears Oceania doesn't much care. Port of LA doesn't care, either. Port of Miami, with 67,000 passengers to worry about *does*.
  23. ...or not, considering the blissful silence we experienced in 11014 from Mar 16-27.
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