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  1. Well…..we’ve determined it is safe, as in non poisonous!!!!
  2. And when I said window open I meant the reservation window. You can go ahead and get signed into your account.
  3. A couple of seconds after midnight Eastern Time Zone. Don’t have the window already open before as it will act as if you were in there before midnight. At least that is what we have found to be the case.
  4. I can’t wait for the first thread after they change the name of Toscana to Giada’s! I’m going to go with thread title “ I will no longer cruise on Oceania because of changing Toscana name to Giada’s”. Of course they will start with they have cruised on Oceania 43 times and this will be their first post. 🍿🍿
  5. Nah, that will be the new name for Toscana.
  6. They were not all females on our Sirena cruise earlier this year.
  7. Yes, but they will still move nightstand and put bed in line with the bedside outlets.
  8. Have had it done before on Marina in a standard Veranda Stateroom. On Marina they were still close together but separate bedding. Not sure if bedside tables were movable or not, but if they were only real option would be to move one closest to the sofa due to closet configuration on Marina veranda staterooms.
  9. I bet they’re adding Jacques back in addition to keeping Ember!! A win-win!!😁
  10. Quite possibly could be!! 8 years later it still has not been located.
  11. Yes, no jacket. I’ve never worn one on O. I did pack one for my first O cruise but Delta decided to lose my luggage. So I took that as a sign….🙂
  12. Definitely saw people bringing a bottle of wine to dinner before. In fact, on our last cruise on the final evening leaving the GDR, two couples arrived and each of them in the party (4) had a bottle!! Perhaps expecting some more people but our minds went straight to maybe we should go back in and get a table close by!!
  13. Snarky??? Ok…sorry you feel that way. I think my point was in my first post I simply was disagreeing with your point there was not much selection and you yourself stated the wines were fine. After I pointed out the number of wines available, you then responded….well….they were actually not up to your standards which was never mentioned in your first post. If simply pointing out that you added this information on your second post thus changing your original post is snarky….ok…I guess. Enjoy your cruise!
  14. See post 276 above, perhaps it will be addressed if their source is accurate.
  15. Whenever we have been in the Terrace Cafe we have asked for the wine menu and been given the same one as in all other restaurants. Now Wave I’m not sure as typically will not have any wine and stick with beer there if anything at all. Also, my comment regarding wine was because in your initial post on the issue you simply stated there was a lack of choice and that the wine included was fine…..but now it seems you are saying less than half just did not interest you and now even include retail pricing. So the story has changed from what my comments were based upon.
  16. I say travel with whatever you want! You are the one having to handle it and pay for it!! Who cares what others think.
  17. I love the Ember to Applebees comparisons. First, to make that comparison they must eat frequently and recently at Applebees to make such a comparison. Secondly, if they eat that often at Applebees to make such a comparison why would I really entertain their perspective on anything food related because fine culinary options would not seem to be their thing. So…..they obvious think they are perfecting their stand up comedy routine. (Not) or they just like making stuff up (quite possible). Just my opinion. And I Know…l.cheerleader comments quite possibly incoming. Funny that is the go to if you have a different opinion.
  18. We also had prime rib in Tuscan Steak on Sirena recently, but while on Vista last summer it was not available in Polo.
  19. Agree on the value on the smaller ships and to me this is mostly driven by the need for the PH, but sometime a deal can be had on those. We recently did a Caribbean cruise on Sirena in a PH for $380 pp. it was our test to see if we would like the smaller ships….we enjoyed it but definitely prefer the larger O class and Vista. But we would be open to sailing on smaller again for the right itinerary and getting a decent deal on a PH.
  20. Just a few comments. As noted..food is certainly subjective. But to describe it as edible as the best you can do…..hmmmm Regarding wine by glass….fine but small selection?? There are 33 wines by glass available. Seems like a pretty decent selection to me….and we have never had an issue finding something we like from the selection of 33. Regarding pressure to upgrade wine?? I guess just bad luck…never experienced this on our Oceania cruises. We have been asked if we would want to attend an upcoming wine tasting event, we politely advise no and end of story. Regarding the app….i just don’t see this as needed personally, but obviously some do so no biggie. Not having it cuts back some on people wandering aimlessly onboard with their eyes looking down glued to their phone while standing in front of elevators so you can’t get off or blocking walkways….you know, like happens continuously in the grocery store and other public places.
  21. For me, as I noted above, give me the bus.
  22. We did several shore excursions last spring in Greece. Almost on every bus the number of occupants was 27-30 for about a 40 seat bus. We have done our own tours before on cruises and land vacation and have had 10 people in a van. If being honest I’d rather be on the bus than the van.
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