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  1. I will be, and you will be, but most people who want a vacation don't follow this stuff as much as we do here on CC. They wouldn't be as aware of missed ports and repatriation and such things. If the cruise is priced right and the ship is pitched as a place where you will have a good time and be taken care of, I believe they can fill staterooms. In short, I don't think they can screen the customers (though there might be more self-protective fine print,) but they can put best image forward to sell cruises. Just guessing...
  2. We're all just guessing, right? So my guess is that there will be stiff competition and lots of advertising as to who has the most high-tech ventilation systems and the most state-of-the-art medical facilities onboard. All else will remain largely the same.
  3. It might. I trust decision-makers will find the best place for Zaandam. We had to go to an emergency room in Ft. Lauderdale the night before embarking on a transatlantic cruise, just for an infected bug bite. The doctors were really great and took good care of DH, but they were really, really slammed there just on a regular Saturday night. It was a mob scene in the waiting room. So those in charge probably know what resources are available locally and will figure out how best to take care of those on the Zaandam.
  4. I'm just glad we're clamped down for another 30 days...whatever stream of consciousness talk brought us to it. My guess is everybody -- and I mean everybody -- is doing the best they can right now.
  5. We are over the hill in Scripps Ranch. I do much of my shopping in Poway. God bless your sister for what she is doing there to help keep everyone with their necessities.
  6. I hope they can be put to use in this helpful way. Most hospitals are now separating Covid-19 patients from non Covid-19 patients and it seems like these ships could be useful in that regard. In mariner lingo, it's all hands on deck, and this is one more tool in the tool shed.
  7. Well, they have always done that. That is not new to this current situation.
  8. We'll probably not cruise again for a very long time, but I agree completely with this. And if Zaandam comes to our troubled waters here in San Diego, I hope we find the resources to assist.
  9. My understanding is that any of the HAL reps can handle this for you. I don't think you have to communicate directly with PCC. Just call HAL, follow the prompts and prepare to be on hold awhile. The representatives are always very kind.
  10. We like them for dinner, too. I really love waffles, but all the sugar kind of starts my day off wrong, so our tradition is every so often waffles for dinner and a nice "food coma" night's sleep. Yum! 😊
  11. I feel the same way. I'm glad we are not turning people away in San Diego. I'll be so glad when all the ships, crews and passengers are settled down.
  12. There is some controversy over whether exposure to this virus gives immunity to it, but from what I'm reading, most people think you don't get it twice. If testing gets up to speed so people know if they've been exposed, there could be plenty of people out there who've had it, or will soon, and will feel confident to travel. Maybe enough to get some ships and routes into service again pretty soon. I think this is going to be a gradual process back to normal life.
  13. Very valid points. I have been concerned over the past few years about how quickly the staterooms are turned. While it is nice to have one's cabin available upon boarding, there just cannot be time in between for a deep clean. I personally think we will see a lot of changes to cruise routine -- like returning to the old standards of spacing between dining tables, things like that. Customers will just insist on some things like that.
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