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  1. It's just so odd...seeing how very proactive China is being in this particular case. It makes one wonder if there is more to it. Well, time will tell.
  2. You quoted Denise in your prior post there, #88, npcl. Denise is a retired dentist, with probably a healthy respect for pathogens and public health. Just sayin'.
  3. So looks like for at least near future, re-routing is the plan for Westerdam, rather than cancelling cruises altogether. Yikes. So many people coming and going off the ship with the various port stops and segments of the collector's cruises. I feel comfortable with our decision to absorb the loss and cancel our own cruise. Not a good time to go to Asia for us. With travel, you win some; you lose some. Weather, political events, illness...gotta take 'em as they come.
  4. This clear warning from CDC will surely prompt action on HAL's part. It's to be expected that HAL would have to wait for official agencies to assess things.
  5. Flights would be a huge factor and also the availability of ports to receive the ships. My understanding is that a few of the ships that cancelled thus far headed over to Japanese ports with just crew onboard, no passengers. It will be interesting to hear how Japan deals with those ships. Also we don't know where HAL was planning to pick up provisions, and whether that is problematic now. I can see them carrying on with the cruises, and just cutting out port stops, but they do need provisions. There's just lots we don't know. It's a huge mess, and I really feel sorry for the crew members who don't have a lot of choice in the matter, as we travelers do.
  6. News is reporting that World Health Organization is having meetings/discussions today. Possibly HAL is waiting to get their updated announcement.
  7. https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1233695/coronavirus-cruise-cancelled-cruises-china-royal-caribbean-msc-news-latest A little bit more info as to what is going on with ships that have already cancelled.
  8. Another thing we carefully considered is our planned itinerary and whether our port stops would be impacted. I have to think that each and every port authority will look over ship health records very carefully before the ship is cleared for passengers to disembark. I can imagine a situation where even one fever onboard could cause a denial of clearance. Truly, this is an unusual situation. Each traveler has to weigh cost/benefit.
  9. I don't think that is quite fair, as each individual has to consider his or her own individual health situation to make a hard decision. I imagine most people booked for an Asia cruise are seasoned travelers who can make well-reasoned decisions.
  10. Thanks for those good links, Level six. We're all looking for information, but some is hard to find.
  11. We are in the process of dismantling our March Asia cruise, even though we will lose airfare and part of the cruise fare. Our decision is based on personal health issues, as well as the hunch that even if the cruise takes place, many ports will necessarily be skipped. Stay safe and healthy, everybody.
  12. We spent a month touring around Thailand. I wouldn't want to miss seeing Bangkok.
  13. I like the music, too. But in all fairness, the venues are small for these groups, considering the number of passengers. In a way, it's good that the music is on the loud side, as people then do tend to come and go, so space opens up for newcomers.
  14. In November 2016, we did the Bluff Cove Lagoon excursion at Falkland Islands to see the Gentoo penguins. There were also some King penguins there. It was a HAL excursion and we enjoyed our day very much. Highly recommend. (Some of the other offerings seemed too strenuous for me, as I tend to get car-sick.) We were on Zaandam and are heading back down there on Westerdam in January 2021 to include Antarctica. South America is very interesting and we were pleased with our HAL cruise on Zaandam. I think Westerdam will be even better. A high point was the excursion to Torres del Paine National Park out of Punta Arenas. Good cruise and fascinating part of the world.
  15. We were on Oosterdam this month. The "always available" are not always shown on the menu -- some nights yes and some nights no. I was able to order the salmon on a night when it did not appear on the menu. Confusing for people who aren't familiar with the menu. I wondered if the "always available" items are to be gradually eliminated -- but that would imply forethought and planning on the part of HAL, so it seems more likely that they just want to have room on the menu to print the upsell items -- wine, shellfish, etc.
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