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  1. Our specialty dining booking page for our January 2020 cruise says exactly as you have posted here. Perhaps this is the most current information.
  2. Manohman...peer pressure on the pork. Just say "No"!
  3. That's exactly what I thought, too, when I heard about the game room. I figured HAL was trying to broaden its appeal to families. It never occurred to me that that was the sum total of what's on offer for families with kids. Totally bizarre. If they don't want kids, they shouldn't allow them, like some other adult-only lines. But to bring them on board and offer this...just wrong.
  4. I don't want to overstate, but to me, it's a reckless decision -- truly unsafe for the younger kids. Which then makes one consider whether there are other reckless decisions being made in other departments in order to save money, but which might make for a less safe journey. I really do wonder about that. Since there have been so many highly visible cuts, what the heck is going on behind the scenes? Can I be confident there are ample crew members hired to perform all necessary tasks? Is necessary maintenance being performed? There has to be order maintained on a ship at sea, and young children free to roam and mix and mingle freely with teens is in no way maintaining order. Weirdest change yet.
  5. The Navigator app is quite nice. DH and I look at and discuss the dinner menu about a million times throughout the day. The fluffy all-white bedding seems crisp and clean. I do like Lincoln Center Stage and BB King Blues, but would like a show in the showroom, too. It's nice we don't have to wear the life vests to the muster drill. Boarding is a dream with the staterooms ready so quickly. The dinner menus are healthier, not all "meat and potatoes." There are many grains and vegetables incorporated into the menus, in keeping with the modern, light style of dining. Dive-in is very good, though we are rarely able to fit it into the daily mix.
  6. The "dark nights" completely astonished me on our last two cruises. Hard to imagine a cruise line trying to get away with providing nothing in the theater. The Music Walk entertainment is all well and good, but the venues are not large enough to accommodate a ship full of passengers and the Music Walk should just be a solid supplement to the main stage. Even the most boring people appreciate a bit of an evening out -- without having to drive home. I think this whole new enrichment and entertainment direction is a complete misfire -- and doubt that it will last.
  7. I'm a slow one. I read the title of this thread and sat and pondered about, oh, yeah, so many people are going to be traveling across the border to be with families in Mexico for the long weekend and it's gonna be a mess for them with all the rain. But, duh, it's the other border. I'm thinking like a San Diegoan! In any case, a very nice sentiment from the OP, kazu, and also join in wishing a happy and safe holiday to all. There seems to be "weather" virtually everywhere this year! Many cancelled Turkey Trots!
  8. We didn't do full suite, but did book aqua class, which has the Blu restaurant, and we still like HAL better. Just our take on it.
  9. I mean the file they send after you book or hold a cruise.
  10. That's so odd that the number would change. I always take a new screen shot after our points are added after a recent cruise -- just in case they disappear. I thought I was being kind of silly to do that, but I'll keep with the habit!
  11. Thanks for the review, jabcruiser. We tried Celebrity last spring and came away with many of the same impressions. We enjoyed ourselves, but in all categories we enjoy HAL more. Nice to sail from a convenient port, though!
  12. Only there at the ad page offering the promotion. You can probably accomplish the same thing through the main website. But to be certain, I went through the Black Friday portal and the gratuities showed up on my confirmation. Probably by the end of the day the website will be sorted out better and the gratuities will be more apparent. Sometimes I like to just put a hold so I can view my confirmation and be sure everything is as it should be. In the past, I've had extra goodies show up there that I didn't even know were on offer. 🤷‍♀️
  13. I think it does, if you want free gratuities and the $50 deposit. What I saw on the regular portal was a different offer -- a reduced price with a nonrefundable deposit, and no mention of gratuities. (The reduced price was also a new offer.) Hard to keep up! (But I'm sure a PCC could discuss all available offers.) Anyhow, Dave OKC's link got me just what I wanted, and I thank him for that.
  14. Thank you, DaveOKC. That did bring up the new fare option. 😊
  15. For the cruise I've been watching, they are now offering a restricted fare at a reduced price. Since we avoid nonrefundable deposits, this offer won't work out for us. I'll just continue to watch and wait.
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