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  1. Mr. Antorcha has very fine credentials. I join others here in wishing him well in his new position.
  2. Oh...sending many prayers your way, @Seasick Sailor Just thinking of that six-hour wait in the car is heart-breaking. Joy, I hope that this hurdle is the last for you in this soul-testing year. Stay strong.
  3. I think we are booked on the same January 2021 cruise that you had originally booked. Like you, we don't see much possibility of it happening or of us having the confidence to go. We have already taken a really long cruise of South America (San Diego to Buenos Aires) so without a real Antarctic "addition" to that, we won't go down there again. But since you have not been down there and since you love travel and studying history, I highly recommend the trip to see that part of the world. It is different in so many ways from the rest of the world, that for an avid traveler it's not to be missed. Just read, read, read all you can find about the history and geography of that area and I bet you'll be thrilled with the trip.
  4. Sorry to hear this. We are booked on Rotterdam out of San Diego on February 21, 2021 -- for Hawaii and French Polynesia for 32 days. It hasn't cancelled yet, but there are no excursions listed for any of French Polynesia, so I'm sure it's a no-go -- just like Mexico and Hawaii. Magic Wand, bring me a vaccine!!! 🧚‍♀️
  5. Totally agree. We are "westerners." When our daughter lived in Manhattan, I was always worried about a situation arising just as we have now. Between those who live there and those who visit, it is just super, super crowded. Obviously there are cities around the world that are crowded like NYC, but it is pretty unique as a city here in the U.S.
  6. I look carefully at the deaths per million population. But it's hard to parse it all out because New York throws the figures out of kilter. New York has been almost a country unto itself with regard to covid. If anyone has found an analysis that removes New York from the mix, please do share.
  7. I thought there was some kind of emergency override to this that gave the president authority, should he wish to avail himself of that. Perhaps I'm mistaken. But no matter. There is so little unity of purpose right now, any road would have been the wrong one. We needed to pull together, but we pulled apart instead. At this point, I'm just a curmudgeon. Very little quality leadership has been exhibited anywhere. It was really nice to read @rafinmd 's post where he thought that things were well-handled in Maryland. A bright spot is a bright spot.
  8. The part I bolded really caught my eye. I remember early on in the pandemic watching a press conference and the President made some comment about he himself having authority to make ultimate decisions, overriding the governors. The press went wild on this, of course, calling him a dictator. I was just so bummed out when within days it was clear that he reversed course and threw it back on the governors -- me figuring that a lack of cohesive plan would be really detrimental to the country -- which it has been. I'm sorry if this post is too political. I just wish that the citizens of the US would have worked together better on this pandemic -- no matter what their opinion of the rights of states versus a strong federal government. We really need to work together if we want to tame this beast of a virus. What the heck ever happened to teamwork?
  9. I do want to cruise again. As part of "coping" with the current covid situation, we have discussed that the greatest peril to happiness here is if we indulge in sadness and regret and nostalgia over things lost -- restaurants closed, certain kinds of businesses disappearing -- that kind of thing. The given is that the world will be changed in some ways, and happiness lies in accepting and adjusting to the changes. So, yeah, we want to cruise again. We like the sea and we like enjoying the sea on a ship. So we'll adapt as necessary.
  10. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there! We are traveling in our own back yard today with a Polynesian style dinner. There WILL be Mai Tais involved! 😋 Have a pleasant day, everyone!
  11. I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. Sending all best wishes to you and your family. Stay strong!
  12. Thank you, Rich, for this fine Friday Daily! My soul is on a HAL ship; hopefully my body will follow shortly! We can oftentimes see hot air balloons from our backyard. It's a lovely thing to see on a nice evening. A pork roast sounds very yummy. My mother always rubbed the pork with Dijon mustard, garlic and just salt and pepper. Sooooo good! @Seasick Sailor, hang in there with your move. It brings to mind our exit from McCall last year. The house sold in days and then it was a 30-day escrow. Pure insanity, but it's amazing what can be done when you go into warp speed! Have a great weekend all. ❤️ 😊
  13. Finally on task here! I have a pot of mint outside the back door that has been in many a julep throughout the stay-at-home, and I water my plants every day, too! If I remove the rice/meat from the Costco stuffed bell peppers in the fridge, will that count as a porcupine meatball for dinner? Thanks Rich and gang for carrying on!
  14. We have two biggies booked: 20 days South America/Antarctic in January 2021 and 32 days Hawaii/French Polynesia in February 2021. As of today...if they sail, we sail. (I have extreme quarantine fatigue. 😬 )
  15. I think there is a lot of truth to this. It isn't necessarily one size fits all. Sure the cruise business is great for places that really need the revenue stream and can't attract tourists otherwise, but for places like Hawaii, which has an incredible tourist infrastructure and attracts tourists anyway, there may be plenty of local business owners who would like to see the cruise ships shut out. It'll be really interesting to watch how things play out in some of these traditional tourist destinations that were thriving long before the cruise ships arrived.
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