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  1. I would just reiterate what @cruisemom42 said about the terrace houses at Ephesus. A lot of people miss those, and they are really a high point. Also with regard to Corfu, there is a wonderful film series about "Sissi," the Empress Elizabeth who owned Achilleion. It stars the beautiful Romy Schneider and is a very fun way to "prep" for a visit. Clearly idolized, but still...
  2. This is very true about the necessity to take the Bonine before it's needed. One can even take it the night before and wake up refreshed and ready for what is coming. I usually can't go on smaller boats, but took a Bonine the night before an early whale watching trip and had a wonderful time.
  3. I do really well with Bonine when the seas are high.
  4. Congratulations! We've not done it yet, but are in the planning stages to travel with our daughter and her baby. One thing I did not know is that Ship Services can provide you an order form to pre-order special baby supplies -- baby food and portable crib, etc. All can be ready for you when you board. I hope you and your growing family have many wonderful travel experiences together. Just from personal observation, people love seeing a baby onboard. They get a lot of attention! Again, congratulations!
  5. Well, now, there is a touch of sentiment there, Hank. But anyhow, would I trade my medallion for one of those nice cloth tote bags they used to distribute? Possibly. But the way I look at it is that we travelers try to respect the culture of any place we visit -- and that respect extends to the cruise line. The award ceremonies with the officers and captain present are a part of the culture of HAL. Each cruise line has its own culture, from what I've observed. Might as well enjoy the differences. And, heck, we complain as niceties go away. The award ceremonies could go the way of the flowers, and we'd all feel some sense of loss, I think.
  6. Oh, that's a good one! Thanks for the response, Copper10-8.
  7. I apologize if I missed this somewhere, but do we know if this Pinnacle-class ship is different in any significant way from the others? Or just decor and style differences?
  8. No...not the only reason. I try to remember to pack our medallions and we slip them on when we attend the medallion ceremony -- as a sign of respect for the program, for our hosts and for the new medallion recipients. I'm someone who really tries hard to be inconspicuous, but we do this anyhow.
  9. So funny that I like small ships. First cruise was to Western Caribbean on the Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas when she was the biggest cruise ship in the world. It was all so exciting and glamorous. Big time ballgowns for this big time ship. That was around year 2000 or thereabouts. For a long time we managed about $100 pp per day, so must have been about that.
  10. "Floating resort cities"? So you figure a large number of people won't care where they go; just happy to be onboard to eat, drink and partake of the amusements? (That's an essential point, because the most popular itineraries simply cannot welcome many of these big ships at one time.) Interesting idea. I suppose that could happen, if a good enough product is delivered at a good enough price. But I still see a market for ships that take people to desirable places. It'll be interesting to see how things unfold in the coming years. As with a lot of things, I feel really fortunate to have already logged so many sea days -- just in case things totally go downhill. (Btw...just as a side note, quite a few Californians certainly expected their McMansions to be "earning assets." That didn't work out for a lot of people, though.)
  11. @HappyInVan , correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like at the heart of all of your analysis there is one main supposition -- that the mega-ships are the key to a profitable future. I don't necessarily accept this idea. While in recent years the big ships have been showing great numbers, isn't that because the economy has been doing great, and people are traveling who might not be able to do so in a downturn of the economy? They are big ships to fill. When personal belt-tightening begins, only the well-heeled will still be traveling, and, frankly, those people tend to like smaller ships. Couldn't the mega-ships become white elephants, as so many mini-mansion homes did during the last recession?
  12. No. It's good to have diversification within the corporate umbrella. If one brand suffers one year because of a catastrophe of some sort, the stock is still buoyed up by the other brands. Also, Carnival Corp is in the best position to decide if any particular brand is too problematic to maintain, and they can choose to sell off that brand. They have access to the most information to make that determination. IMHO
  13. Have a wonderful time! Will be following along. I'm so curious to hear more about this new EXC program onboard the Maasdam!
  14. Oh, I won't...because you're a female and I'd automatically assume you had washed your hands. Now, if you were a male, I would assume you had not washed your hands or used sanitizer. And how's that for a sexist comment! lol 😂
  15. To add to this...we've never before had a world where there is such easy movement of people and microorganisms. We are exposed to things from far-flung corners of the world that our own immune systems are not prepared for. Also, it would seem logical that some of us have stronger immune systems than others just by virtue of "dodging bullets" throughout life. My mother-in-law catches nothing -- but coincidentally she has not taken many rounds of antibiotics throughout her life, so her immune system really works. I've had to take them many times, and I catch virtually everything. But then a lot of us would be dead without the antibiotics, so there is that to be grateful for. Bottom line, as in most things, it's every man for himself. I'll be washing, sanitizing, using napkins on tongs and staying away from the showroom when there is a lot of coughing onboard. Don't judge me.
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