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  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm looking forward to following along here. Wishing you and your family a wonderful cruise!
  2. TGIF, Dailyites. Nice collection of days. The dinner looks really good. My DD makes something kind of the same and it's delicious. For us, though, making carnitas from a big pork shoulder, along with salsa from the garden (peppers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, Mexican oregano.) DH brought home lots of avocados from our trees, so guacamole, too. He also came home with several jars of honey from the bee boxes around the trees. I wish I knew more about that operation, but that is handled by a professional bee keeper to pollinate the trees. The resulting honey is really delicious. 🌶️
  3. This one hit home. My mom used to love to call the handsome fire department team to put her back in bed from "falls." Luckily, none of her falls ever caused any injury whatsoever. 🤔
  4. For the Garden Club...my Octopus’s Garden. 🐙 It’s been a long pandemic. Lol
  5. Yeah...they do rolling cancellations, but it is what it is.
  6. Who knew there were so many cute ones?!! Learn something new every day...
  7. Oh my goodness! Is your book still available? One of my very best friends is retired LA PD. I'd love a copy for me and for her.
  8. Good morning All. Nice collection of days today. I have an unopened three-pack of Lancome lipstick purchased on my Last Voyage, which was to Mexico in January 2020. I intend to bust it out on my first Post-Pandemic Voyage in September. (For anyone who read the posts on the other thread about the gunky lipstick samples on NA, they were gross and gunky in January 2020, too. In need of a change even then.) 💄 @kazu, your garden is wonderful. All those seedlings come to life! Here in So Cal, I'm already doing some "tear-down" of my garden. It's ragged already. One time, we did
  9. I just saw your post about this gentleman undergoing chemo as well. That is just an awful situation for him and your dear friend. Prayers for a good outcome.
  10. Oh...so sorry to hear this! Very bad week for many here. Prayers for you and your family.
  11. Good morning, Dailyites. I spent some time this morning on the phone with HAL getting some bookings off the roster. Many nice plans still in place, but just some readjusting with Delta variant out there trying to snare us. Thinking today and sending prayers especially to @St. Louis Salfor a good procedure today; to@smitty34877that Miss Camilla may come home; and prayers winging their way to @kazu that your friend may recover. What jarring news. If he was on a ladder...to everyone out there, just don't. @Sharon in AZ, I'm glad your mom is getting along well, but sor
  12. That's awesome! All the "kids" in our family use Etsy a lot. Let us know when you are up and running so we can shop!
  13. You know, Helen, I hate to step into this because it's so disappointing to many, but somewhere in my wanderings on HAL's website I did run into this information early on in this COVID restart process, so they did post it. I was somehow made aware. I'd have to agree, though, that the red flag should be more prominently displayed. Perhaps so many cancellations will prompt an update on the website. I hope those who had to cancel can make other plans that will take away the sting somewhat. It's another bruising from this awful COVID.
  14. Good thread, @atexsix. @ger_77should probably be getting a commission for orders of the Gear Beast. I have my order in -- for two different colors. Like @Coffeeluvr05, I've always carried a bag around the ship. Because I'm a book worm, I always like to have my book handy. So key card, sunnies, book, cross-word for the day, all in there. I was always kind of envious of those who could run around free as a bird wearing just a card lanyard. Anyhow, interesting to hear how everyone "travels." And lots of great ideas. ("Hip packs" rock. )
  15. That thing has been life-changing for me. I don't have a terrible back, but a bit of a bulged disc that acts up when doing heavy gardening or at the kitchen sink all day preparing a holiday, etc. I try to remember to put it on before trouble starts, but sometimes just start wearing it at first sign of trouble. It's dopey looking for sure. I usually put it over a lightweight T-shirt and then wear a blouse or something over it because, as you say, it would get sweaty. I really cannot recommend highly enough. It has saved my back.
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