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  1. Good question.....it was DURING shutdown! We were on the Coral Princess.
  2. That was not our experience. I didn't cash out every day but many days I did.
  3. Where do we stand on table size? Are they seating only groups/familes together and the rest of us at tables for 2?
  4. Yeah, I did check it out...but didn't even see the sister cabin in the photos.
  5. Does anyone have photos of the Obstructed View Balconies? I would like to see E424 if possible.
  6. The whole EZair advertisement just popped up when I signed onto the Princess site. It gives all the advantages of booking through them. Flexibility to Change Flights Cancel flexible airfare up to 45 days prior to departure with no fees. Plus, book flights now with no amount due until cruise final payment.
  7. That was exactly what we did when we were on the Coral, confined to our cabin but had to put our masks on to answer the door. 8953F044-412F-4B47-B45F-725FED825F30.heic
  8. Bellingham is so pretty! My hubby worked there a week every month for 7 years and I frequently traveled with him! White Rock is a cool little town.
  9. Can you give us an idea of how much the Business Class tickets are, please? And is luggage storage a problem. We are following our CA coastal cruise with the 28 day Tahiti cruise so we will have a few (2-3)large suitcases.
  10. Mom says is correct. You get off and hang in the terminal for a bit and then you can get back on.
  11. What exactly do you do to make them so cool?
  12. I know what a QR code is, I just don't think we will have this in Florida.
  13. Glad they get to go home! Very scary...we were evacuated for fires here in Florida several years ago. As far as I know...we don't subscribe to this "QR code" thingie?
  14. I got all the same responses. I can't even....
  15. Top for sure! And now I want a hot dog!!
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