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  1. Same thing with me. I shaved it off once in 40 years of marriage, and she said grow it back.
  2. Yep. Surprising how much research time it takes. I have mine broken up into 4 chapters. One for my dad's line, one for my mother's line, and one each for my wife's dad and mom lines. Up to 58 pages now with photos and narratives, and this is only details on the direct line and not all their other offspring. My goal is to finish by Christmas. It was crazy when one of the descendants of my great-great grandfather on my dad's side traced all of the great-great grandfather's descendants. He had 12 kids, and each of them had bunches, etc.... So they had put together a 300 page bo
  3. I can relate to going through, and disposing of a lot of "stuff" after my mother passed away. Fortunately, she had eliminated much after my dad passed, but there was still a lot. One of the last things I am still sorting through, a year and a half later, is photographs. Many of those they had from trips to Europe, or cruises that just had scenery went first. Photos with them in get narrowed to the best of the bunch. Historical family photos still get saved. One project I have been working on for the past few months, is to prepare a family history book with ancestor photos
  4. It has been just over 10 years since I have been to a concert. The last one was Paul McCartney for the grand opening of Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh. He did a set of 39 songs without taking a break. An outstanding concert.
  5. We had planned the same thing, but some unplanned medical issues came up that need dealt with. Our plan was to fly to Phoenix and start at the Grand Canyon, then make the National Parks loop in Utah. Nice photo.
  6. So we stopped at the restaurant on the lake today for some lunch Jerk chicken We were entertained as they hoisted this wave runner out of the water. Unfortunately it looked like there was a hole punched thru the hull. Lots of pictures as water was pouring out. Then, did a 10 mile hike and found this.
  7. I can’t believe no one has mentioned Queen as a favorite band, I say as I sit here watching Bohemian Rhapsody!!
  8. I think @Lionessswill recognize these. They were flying routes over us most of the day from the Vienna Air Reserve Station.
  9. I will add another site to Bob's list. If you are up for a climb, you can hike diamond head. It starts out pretty easy. Part of it near the top has stairs You can get your certificate at the top for making the climb. Great views from the top. And did someone say SPAM? We were there during the Spam Jam Festival the last time.
  10. When you are in Oahu, look into “The Bus” as an option to get around on future trips. They have one of the best transit systems around. In fact, our last trip to Oahu, we just walked or used the bus to get around. We had the senior rate, which gave you unlimited trips anywhere on the island fo $2. Adult rate is around $5.50. You don’t have the hassle of driving, parking, etc. Here is a link. https://www.best-of-oahu.com/oahu-bus.html
  11. @Tree_skier, it looks like I am a little late on answering which island if you only have a week. Well, maybe not late, but there were a couple hundred posts since yesterday, and I just got caught up. It looks like you settled on Oahu. There is plenty to do there, and you would be there anyway if you do Pearl Harbor. If you do want to see the active volcano, you could do it on a day trip. Just book an early flight and a late return flight the same day. You should be able to get round trip air from Honolulu to the Big Island and back for around 100/pp. You could get a day tour
  12. I would give a vote for Hawaii. For a first time visit, I would do one week in Maui and one week in Oahu. There are lots of things to see and do on both of those islands. I have been there 7 times now, and my favorite is Maui because it is much more laid back.
  13. We drove to a park in Ohio today. Hiked a few trails, and enjoyed some of the flowers in bloom. Also found a heron hanging around the lake.
  14. I have a neighbor in his 90’s, and he still climbs up on his second story roof a couple times a year. Some of us neighbors try to watch out for him, and do what he needs done. Sad thing is, none of us are getting any younger either.
  15. That is disappointing that some can not see the videos. I have no problem on my iPad or iPhone, which is usually what I am using. Out of curiosity, I tried on an old windows 7 computer and a windows 10 computer and saw the problems. Tried them with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge browsers, and none would display. The only work around I found was to download the link using the Chrome browser, and play them with VLC player. That is more work than anyone wants. I guess on future videos, I will upload to YouTube and link it. Meanwhile, we have some new baby ro
  16. The Amish showed up today to take down a few trees in our neighbor’s backyard. They had a couple boys climbing the trees to take the tops off. FullSizeRender.mov I kept waiting for one to take out a swing set, fence, or something else. FullSizeRender.mov I did tree climbing one summer while in college, but only to tie off trees. No way I would do that with a saw.
  17. All these Hawaii pictures, I had to share this old blast from the past. This was 1985, and the first trip we took the kids. The look on their faces said it all. “What, you stick us on a plane for 12 hours, go through 6 time zones, put us in these silly costumes, and you want a smile too??”
  18. Fish dinner last night at a night out with friends. We were at a restaurant so far out in the sticks, that there is no cell phone service there. There was a nice Shelby GT500 parked by the door, as we walked out to check out our friends new truck.
  19. If you are in Maui, you have to get the Hula Pie from Kimo's. You can also get it from Dukes on Oahu. It is Oh, so good!!!
  20. Don’t they still send you an email with the price you paid? I just purchased a cruise planner item a couple weeks ago, and they were still sending confirmation emails then.
  21. Wait, I am going to check on my calendar. It says it feels like 20° outside, and I woke up to this.
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