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  1. Hi travelingla, I appreciate your kind words. You're able to buy insurance for the seven night cruise but you would still insure the entire length of the trip. Nearly all the plans I have are the same price for trip of up to 30 days long, so adding on the 10 days isn't going to affect the price. You also wouldn't need to insure any of the value of the land trip. If you cut your trip short due to a covered reason (ie - you get hit by a cement truck) and returned home early, then the travel insurance would reimburse you the money you lost on the cruise. Steve Dasseos
  2. Hi SpokanChik, I'd pick USA, but I don't know any plans that would penalize you if you selected USA or Canada. Steve Dasseos
  3. Hi Gail & Marty sailing away, Yes. You would use the amount you paid for the gift cards as your insurable trip cost. What you also will want to find out is if there are any scenrios where you will receive a refund back to the gift cards if you cancelled your trip. Steve Dasseos
  4. Hi Ashland, Sorry about that. > Do we need to also purchase cruiseline insurance for any onboard medical expenses? No. And, your Advantage Plan may have non-USA coverage for when you are out of the network. It's worth finding out. Steve Dasseos
  5. Hi donanddiane, The names of the insurance companies are listed in the Certificates of Insurance and vary from State to State. I have no idea what all their financial ratings are and al the rating agencies that are involved. Steve Dasseos
  6. Hi CarolinaKathy, It's likely that your mom has something that is defined as a pre-existing medical condition that could affect your trip. I don't want to get into your personal information on a public forum, so if you want to discuss this further and also find out about your choices for a trip cancellation plan, would you either email me at steve@tripinsurancestore.com or call us on 1-888-407-3854 or 1-816-282-6858? Steve Dasseos
  7. Hi kand64shark, There is only one Lookback Period which is the number of days prior to the purchase of the policy. Any new diagnosis or medication change does not create a pre-existing medical condition exclusion because the policy was already in effect. Steve Dasseos
  8. Hi Laura, No. The Mother has no Trip Cancellation coverage. Steve Dasseos
  9. Hi CarolinaKathy, Insuring Future Cruise or Travel Credits is tricky. All my plans will let you insure your prepaid and non-refundable trip costs when your trip is paid by any combination of Future Travel or Vouchers that you received instead of a cash refund for a trip that was cancelled: https://tripinsurancestore.com/blog/how-to-insure-a-future-cruise-or-travel-credit/ However, the credits issued from the Vantage World Travel bankruptcy are different because you weren't offered a cash refund. This means that there's no benefit to you to insure the value of the credit. In other words, you may just insure the $36,189 if this is being paid in cash. I have a question: In the last 60 days, have either of you, or a traveling companion or a non-traveling family member, had any medication changes or had treatment for, had symptoms of or been diagnosed with any medical condition that could worsen and, in turn, cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip? Or that could cause you to seek treatment on your trip? Steve Dasseos
  10. Hi land64shark, A Trip Cancellation Insurance plan's effective date is the the next calendar day after you buy it. I can't speak for all plans, but the plans I know are the days prior to the purchase of the trip cancellation insurance policy. This might help you: https://tripinsurancestore.com/travel-insurance-pre-existing-medical-condition-lookback-period/ Steve Dasseos
  11. Hi horseymike, You're welcome. GeoBlue only covers you outside the USA, so yes, you would be covered. And you would also be out of its large network so you'd have the $200 per person deductible. Steve Dasseos
  12. Hi Jersey42, I still have the same answer: "So far, I never seen GeoBlue go back to someone's primary insurance to coordinate benefits." I know they have the right to do it, though. Steve Dasseos
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