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  1. Hi happy cruzer, Geo Blue only covers you outside the USA, so the time to get it is when you are closer to your departure date. You would make the effective date the day before you leave home. Steve Dasseos
  2. Hi MommaK2D2, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope his treatment cures him. If you haven't already done it, call whoever you bought your Generali plan from and make sure they help you with your claim. They would have received a commission for your sale and, in my opinion, they are ethically obligated to help you with your claim. Steve Dasseos
  3. Hi mcrcruiser, I've answered questions on Cruise Critic since October 20, 2006. I am very thankful for the favor and kind words I have received on Cruise Critic. The editors have let me do eight month long Q & As in the last 5 years. Here's the Cruise Critic Q & A I did last Summer: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2648-qa-cruise-insurance-with-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom-summer-2023/ Here's the Cruise Critic Q & A I did in November & December 2022: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2606-qa-cruise-insurance-with-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom-november-december-2022-read-only/ Here's the Cruise Critic Q & A I did in January 2022: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2558-qa-cruise-insurance-with-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom-janfeb-22/ Here's the Cruise Critic Q & A I did in Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 that was re-opened in June 2021: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2500-qa-cruise-insurance-with-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom-read-only/ Here's the Cruise Critic Q & A I did in June 2020: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2484-qa-cruise-insurance-w-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom-june-2020-read-only/ I hope you find these useful. Steve Dasseos
  4. Hi Mary229, Thank you for your kind words. All the annual trip cancellation plans all have limitations in their wording. In the Summer 2023 Q & A I did here on Cruise Critic, there is a thread called "Annual policy or singletrip?". Here's the link to the thread. Look at the last post where a CruiseCritic member wrote what he discovered about the Allianz plan: Steve Dasseos
  5. Hi chloe77, > So are you saying that even though his allergy was diagnosed many years ago, since he hasn't had any of the listed issues during the lookback period, it wouldn't be considered a preexisting condition? That's correct, his allergy doesn't meet the definition of pre-existing medical condition when nothing has occured as defined by the plan's lookback period. > That's where I'm confused. It's preexisting, but nothing happened during the lookback period. His allergy would be considered preexisting for a medical, life or disablility insurance plan, but not necessarily for a Trip Cancellation plan. Steve Dasseos
  6. Hi chloe77, I only know of a few plans that will pay your full Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption claim for a covered reason if you average the trip cost between all of you. I wrote this on Feb 27, 2008 and it's still correct: How To Correctly Quote a Travel Insurance Plan https://tripinsurancestore.com/blog/how-to-correctly-quote-a-travel-insurance-plan/ I hope this helps you, Steve Dasseos
  7. Hi chloe77, Food allergies and any other medical condition will be defined as a pre-existing medical conition if they existed as defined by the Lookback Period of the policy you buy. This page explains the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Lookback Period in a Trip Cancellation plan: https://tripinsurancestore.com/travel-insurance-pre-existing-medical-condition-lookback-period/ I hope this makes sense, Steve Dasseos
  8. Hi ohmandi, I'm surprised to hear that this is the advice you received from TripInsuranceStore, since this advice was the opposite of what we tell people. Will you help me track down your phone call? My email is steve@tripinsurancestore.com and this is the information I will need from you (email it because this is private information): Your name, the phone number you called us from and the approximate date and time of your phone call. And, did you speak with Deanna or Kim? Thank you in advance, Steve Dasseos
  9. Hi cruisegirlppp, It didn't come across wrong. I appreciate your kind words and the honest feedback. We have over 530 pages including our 374 blog posts and I don't know how to simplify it. Steve Dasseos
  10. Hi bdever, I can't say without knowing the exact details of your trip and what you need. It's best if you call each if the companies and ask. Steve Dasseos
  11. Hi SoloFullTime, > On GeoBlue Trekker, I"m seeing many sources and their site showing pre-existing is covered. Did I misunderstand your comment or are there many restrictions? The reason I said that about credit cards not covering pre-existing medical conditions is that there are far more trip cancellation and interruption claims due to a pre-existing medical condition that there are medical claims due to a pre-existing medical condition. I wanted you to be aware of this because nearly everyone we talk with wants Geo Blue because it covers pre-existing medical conditions, yet they are surprised to hear that their credit card won't cover them if they have a trip cancellation or interruption claim due to the same pre-existing medical conditions. I hope this makes better sense. Steve Dasseos
  12. Hi crystalspin, For both of HAL's Standard and Platinum plans, I've found it's less expensive to get one of our Trip Cancellation plans that reimburses 100% for a covered reason than it is to pay for the HAL plan but only get back 80% or 90%. That's because the 20% or 10% that is lost plus the cost of the HAL plan is more than the cost of the policy and its better benefits. I hope this makes sense. Steve Dasseos
  13. Hi bdever, I offer Travel Guard / AIG and Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway's good but sometimes their prices are too high. The Travel Guard Preferred Plan for many States reimburses a maximum of $250 per person for missing a port. It's a good plan, but, in some States, this is more expensive than the other choices. You may see the Travel Guard Preferred plan details here: https://tripinsurancestore.com/travel-guard-preferred/ I hope this helps you. Steve Dasseos
  14. Hi beshears, I own the domain "travelinsurancestore.com" which goes to https://tripinsurancestore.com And, I just bought the domain "travelinsuredstore.com" which also now goes to https://tripinsurancestore.com Thanks for the idea. Steve Dasseos
  15. Hi cruisegirlppp, Sorry about that. I've been trying to clean it up and better organize it, so if you or anyone else have any idea, please email me at steve@tripinsurancestore.com . I welcome any feedback. Steve Dasseos
  16. Hi bdever, I don't offer Allianz for various reasons, and not many other plans will pay you if a ship misses a port of call. There can still be Trip Interruption coverage, so what exact financial loss would you have if your upcoming cruise missed a port? Steve Dasseos
  17. Hi Mary229, Here's my page with all the multi-trip annual Geo Blue Trekker plan details: https://tripinsurancestore.com/geo-blue-trekker-travel-medical-plans/ Steve Dasseos
  18. Hi Unclefester6132, None of the credit card plans cover anything related to pre-existing medical conditions of you, traveling companions or non-traveling family members that could worsen and, in turn, cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip or for medical treatment while you are on your trip. And, their Covid coverage may not be adequate. If you don't need the pre-existing medical conditions coverage, then having a credit card plan's trip cancellation coverage is a good way to save money. I hope this helps you. Steve Dasseos
  19. Hi SoloFullTime, Chase, nor any of the other credit card plans cover anything related to pre-existing medical conditions of you, traveling companions or non-traveling family members that could worsen and, in turn, cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip. If you don't need the pre-existing medical conditions coverage, then using the GeoBlue Trekker plan is a good choice. We've sold a lot of GeoBlue Trekker plans in combination with credit card plans for this same situation. I hope this helps you. Steve Dasseos
  20. Hi let's go cruising, Yes, it's possible to buy supplemental coverage for the things our Chase Sapphire doesn't cover. I don't know if you need pre-existing medical conditions coverage for yourselves or non-traveling family members, but Chase nor any other credit card plan doesn't cover pre-existing medical conditions. Steve Dasseos
  21. Hi Globaler, You are welcome. If you want specific advice and some plan choices, email me your trip details at steve@tripinsurancestore.com Steve Dasseos
  22. Hi Globaler, Your trip is easily insurable with a Trip Cancellation plan. However, your Chase Card may not be of much help because of these two situations: A pre-existing medical condition and Trips that exceed 60 days in duration are not covered. First, your Chase Card excludes pre-existing medical conditions of you, or a traveling companion or a non-traveling family member that could worsen and, in turn, cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip. Or that could cause you to seek treatment on your trip. Second, your trip is over 60 days in duration. Chase defines a trip as a period of round trip travel from and to back home. If Chase tells you that you have two different trips, you need to get this in writing from them before you should trust their answer. Will all the plans I know, you will have to insure the entire length of the trip because of how a Trip Cancellation plan works, though you might not insure the full prepaid trip costs since that is up to you. I hope this helps you. Steve Dasseos
  23. Hi psberg, Did you already contact who you bought your policy from for their help? If not, call or email them so they can help you with your claim. Steve Dasseos
  24. Hi Cruisin Karen, I'm happy to help you. I think you might've emailed me last night. If so, I responded to you at 12:21 am Central Time today. Steve Dasseos
  25. Hi klfrodo, It's done on a case-by-case basis. Coincidently, about 5 hours ago today, a customer called me from a hospital called "Maria Dal Foundation" in Bonaire. She was having trouble reaching her plan's 24 hour assistance line due to a bad phone connection. I myself called her plan's 24 hour assistance line and gave them everything they need to reach her and to contact the hospital. They called her and are taking care of her husband and will be arranging a medical transport when he's stabilized to travel. Steve Dasseos
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