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  1. Hi Cindy, When are you paying your deposit? Steve Dasseos
  2. Hi Libra10, Those are the right numbers. I don't know why we didn't receive your calls, but it would explain why you couldn't reach us. You may also also use this form: https://tripinsurancestore.com/travel-insurance-email-contact-form/ Steve Dasseos
  3. Hi Libra10, What phone number did you call? We didn't receive any calls between 2:30 pm Central time and 2:49 pm Central time. Steve Dasseos
  4. Hi leishirsute, If you have Medicare Medigap plans, you'll want Primary Medical. Here's why: https://tripinsurancestore.com/medicare-does-not-cover-you-outside-the-usa/ If you have Tricare or an Advantage plans, Secondary might work for you depending on how your plan covers you outside the USA. Steve Dasseos
  5. Hi SPacificbound, That's odd the URL includes "?doing_wp_cron=1681593642.5484719276428222656250". The URL should be https://tripinsurancestore.com/ Steve Dasseos
  6. Hi simong, Hopefully, it wasn't myself, Kim or Deanna that failed to tell you. Geo Blue pays the bills directly if you go to a medical facility in their network. You may see all the Geo Blue Trekker plan details here: https://tripinsurancestore.com/geo-blue-trekker-travel-medical-plans/ Steve Dasseos
  7. Hi simong, Did they explain to you how the payment for medical services is done when you use one of their contracted providers? Steve Dasseos
  8. Hi simong, Who told you that Geo Blue pays as Secondary? Steve Dasseos
  9. Hi retire2cruise55, We help everyone with claims so there wouldn't be any issue with your scenario. It's a little more complicated, but not much. Everthing hinges on what your doctor advises you to do. Steve Dasseos
  10. Hi realtorlovescruising, I used to a lot of business in Canada before 2019 when some insurance laws changed. You need to pay attention to the pre existing coverage "Lookback Period". Canadian travel insurance plans often count the Lookback Period back from the departure date while other plans count the Lookback Period back from the policy Purchase date. Steve Dasseos
  11. Hi LoungerOnBalcony55, I've seen many people successfully refuse a future credit. Each airline is different, so find out from your airline if it can be done. Steve Dasseos
  12. Hi SuzieQ521, You're welcome. Email me at steve@tripinsurancestore.com and I'll send it to you. This company has some quirks I prefer to tell you about in an email. Steve Dasseos
  13. Hi SuzyQ521, You can't get the 75% CFAR because you are using Future Travel Credits. All the plans I know well, and a lot of the many companies I don’t offer, define your Initial Trip Deposit Date as the date you originally bought the trip that later something happened and caused the Travel Credits as the first payment. I know one company that has a 50% CFAR that you can get. Steve Dasseos
  14. Hi cwayne, You need to insure the trips as one trip from the dates you leave and return home. Steve Dasseos
  15. Hi Hammergirl, As klfrodo said, your only choice is you get a plan with the "CFAR" Cancel for Any Reason coverage. Steve Dasseos
  16. Hi estrawn, The answer depends on these items: your ages, your maximum out of pocket deductibles and co-pays for your health insurance. I've never seen a medical claim for more than $74,000 outside the USA. Steve Dasseos
  17. Hi Ombub, You will want to find out from your credit card if they cover pre-existing conditions. I haven't seen a credit card that does cover them, but it's worth asking. Steve Dasseos
  18. Hi bettysuetraveler, If you are old enough to be covered by Medicare with a supplement you bought on your own, have Tricare or are on a former employers' retiree health plan, or you have Advantage plans, then you'll want to get a plan other than Carnival's plan. Steve Dasseos
  19. Hi Trunkabella, Depending on your email, you might not receive my response or it could be in a spam folder. I often have intermittent problems with comcast.net, verizon.net, hotmail.com and yahoo.com You may also email me with this form: https://tripinsurancestore.com/travel-insurance-email-contact-form/ Steve Dasseos
  20. Hi majmaj4, The coverage to look for is commonly called "Pre-Departure Itinerary Change". Steve Dasseos
  21. Hi Subman738, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I also answered you in the Q & A I'm doing now: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2606-qa-cruise-insurance-with-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom-november-2022/ When your wife fell broke her right pinkie finger, did you contact Travel Guard and whoever you bought your policy from to find out what you had to do when you were still on your trip? If so, what did they tell you? Steve Dasseos
  22. Hi SoloFullTime, I sell the Cigna plans on my Expatriate Trip Insurance website that you will find here: https://expatriatetripinsurance.com/ These plans can be bought for trips of at least 3 months in length. Steve Dasseos
  23. Hi Calypso54, M y Q & A is still active through at least the end of 2022 and it's likely to continue into 2023. This is what I wrote in my answer to you: Medicare won't cover you. If you got ill or injured outside the USA, what's the most you will pay in deductibles and co-pays that Tricare doesn't pay? Steve
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