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  1. Hi westcoastmom, > I called them but Steve referred me to Kim and just gave me a quote. No different from getting a quote online. I expected better service. I'm sorry about that. If it was this past week, it was "one of those days" everyday. I'm working now and also tomorrow if you want to call. Steve Dasseos
  2. Hi westcoastmom, > I felt rushed and they never asked if I had any questions. I'm sorry about that. If it was this past week, it was "one of those days" everyday. I'm working now and also tomorrow if you want to call. Steve Dasseos
  3. Hi dcl999, There are a few plans that allow you to buy at or before the Final Payment for your trip to get the plan’s pre-existing condition waiver. Most require you to insure your full per person prepaid non-refundable trip cost including airfare, if any. I only know of one plan that doesn't penalize you do not insure your full per person prepaid non-refundable trip costs. And, it's not available in all States. In 2003 I figured out a way to solve this when you don't need the pre-existing conditions coverage when you are paying your 1st payment on your trip. Here’s the link to my CruiseCritic post on the Oceania 2023 World Cruise where I explain the strategy in more detail: Steve Dasseos
  4. Hi vermonter16, You may insure any trip cost with a trip cancellation plan, but you need to insure the entire length of time you are away from home with most plans duee to how a "Trip" is defined. Steve Dasseos
  5. Hi IDLync, Two days ago I wrote a detailed Blog post about this: https://tripinsurancestore.com/blog/how-to-insure-a-future-cruise-or-travel-credit/ I hope it makes sense. Steve Dasseos
  6. Hi Linda W, > I was told by the agent that works for Steve's company that is was way too early to book insurance for next years cruise. If you're not getting a Geo Blue plan, it's not too early. Will you call me so I can figure out why you were told that? Steve Dasseos
  7. Hi fstuff1, Yes, there have been some price increases. You also might be experiencing some of these price increases because you have gotten older. As for the deductible, the Deductible is waived if services are provided by a GeoBlue contracted provider. Steve Dasseos
  8. Hi fstuff1, Insurance prices are regulated by the States so it's the same price no matter where you buy it from. Steve Dasseos
  9. Hi Lojay2, > If I do not list the trip in the insurance information and I get delayed or cancelled on my return flight, does the travel insurance kick in (Allianz upgraded plan with Covid protection) to get me home or are they just going to cover the cruise cost? I'm not qualified to answer any questions about Allianz. Nineteen (19) years ago I was their predecessor Access America's 9th largest seller. I discovered some important information about how their polices work and on 7/31/2003 we parted ways. I've never regretted that decision. Steve Dasseos
  10. Hi ChucktownSteve, In the last five months I've been getting more requests like yours. It appears that many people who sell travel insurance have stopped helping their customers with claims. Unfortunately, claims are taking longer to process. I updated this Blog post on July 14th, too: https://tripinsurancestore.com/blog/why-are-travel-insurance-claims-taking-so-long-to-process/ Steve Dasseos
  11. Hi keokukjoe, Thank you for your kind words. Steve Dasseos
  12. Hi FetaCheese, I'm that guy. Thank you for your kind words. I am very thankful for the favor and kind words I have received on Cruise Critic. The editors have let me do six multi-month long Q & As in the last 5 years. Here's the Cruise Critic Q & A I recently finished: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2558-qa-cruise-insurance-with-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom-jan-22/ Here's the archived link to the Q & A I did in Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 that was re-opened in June 2021: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2500-qa-cruise-insurance-with-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom-read-only/ I also did a Q & A on Cruise Critic for June 2020: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2484-qa-cruise-insurance-w-steve-dasseos-of-the-tripinsurancestorecom-june-2020-read-only/ Steve Dasseos
  13. Hi Don, It depends on your current ages. You must be under age 75 for basic membership. At 75 and older, the price and eligibility changes. Steve Dasseos
  14. Hi breezer, You don't have to tell them if you have the Geo Blue Trekker. Steve Dasseos
  15. Hi 39august, Besides the Trip Interruption coverage, check out the Trip Delay coverage, too. All the plans I know well work like this: Trip Delay Trip Delay is reimbursement for meals and accommodations that you might incur if your trip’s departure or your return home is delayed for a covered reason like you test positive for Covid two days before the end of a trip and a doctor puts you into a medically-imposed quarantine. You’ll be reimbursed up to the daily limit for meals and accommodations (to the policy maximum) if your departure is delayed for more than the number of hours required for a covered reason during your trip. Steve Dasseos
  16. Hi Hank, We help everyone with claims. I enjoy helping people get their claims paid, but after 28 months of suffering through covid, claimants aren't as patient as they were pre-covid. Steve Dasseos
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