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  1. That was my bucket list cruise that was one of our cancelled cruises this year. Not showing for next year so hopefully 2023 we may be in with a chance.
  2. The red haired northern chap would be Dan France. He was posting on Instagram early summer from the Silhouette when all the entertainment team were getting back together in Barbados. For some reason when she sailed across to the UK he wasn't on board and had been replaced by someone else, who also didn't last long as we had Lewis on our UK sailing last month. He was good, nothing special though, and yes he did see us off at the gangway.
  3. Thanks , but that's not the problem I'm signed up to receive emails. Even contacted Captains Club last time I could be bothered about PUP emails and they conf'rmed I should be getting them. Still nothing
  4. I never seem to get any of these emails. Anyone able to provide a link to the quiz
  5. We managed to book the first night discount in Murano for our 21st August sailing
  6. Like wise my experience, received my test pack through the post and had to drop it off in a yellow bin along with numerous others at a cafe in Manchester. Got my results through no problem despite worrying for 24 hours. . Annoyingly got pinged by Track and Trace two days after coming back informing me to self isolate. and the score line didn’t help 🤨
  7. Same here. Looks like that will be the most convenient for us as we intended setting off mid morning on Thursday before our sailing
  8. We are not sailing until 21st August and hopefully things may have changed by then. Just for your information Eurofins were a shambles organising PCR tests for football fans flying to Portugal for the recent Champions League final. Many were struggling to get results back on time and had to pay through the nose ( no pun intended) for alternative urgent tests to enable them to travel. We certainly won’t be using them
  9. I tried that, but as our cruise booking was classed as a Lift and Shift from our latest cancelled sailing we didn't qualify
  10. Once again I have received nothing. Any chance of someone posting a link please
  11. Are you sure you comparing like with like. We have just lifted and shifted to the 7 night Silhouette 21st August sailing from our twice cancelled Fjords sailing on the same ship, we had additional perks from the original booking that our concierge stateroom gave us, amounting to $650 OBC along with the drinks package and gratuities. When I compare it to a similar sailing on the Regal Princess then Celebrity works out at £90,dearer, but I'm still coming out on top taking the OBC into account
  12. Wife and I never get anything here, despite both being registered. I have only managed to get any PUP's by following this thread
  13. I was staying in the Europa hotel, checking out the morning before it was blown up.
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