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  1. LLutoff-Perlo@celebritycruises.com Last week I was given her direct email address by a US cruise mate. I messaged her about our FFC from our April sailing on the Reflection which we still hadn’t received. Within 90 minutes I received a call from Miami to the UK informing me I would receive confirmation of our credit and the refund of port charges and taxes shortly. Sure enough 2 hours later email received and monies credited to our account.
  2. This has been on the cards for number of years. I firmly believe all cruise lines will follow this lead
  3. Very easy told my TA what I wanted and she dealt with Celebrity on our behalf, she rang me back twenty minutes later all done and dusted. New documents received from Celebrity the same day
  4. We lifted and shifted from this sailing to next years almost identical sailing on 26th August. Same price, same perks and even get a cabin upgrade. A lot of the roll call on here have done likewise.
  5. My wife received the email but I didn't and we are both on the same points..............Well we are not now😂
  6. Three weeks before your sailing it will appear on your cruise planner with the upgrade price
  7. If its an Alaska itinerary then this is a cancellation notice of your cruise
  8. I edited in the post as not sure how to in the title. edit...done
  9. https://www.princess.com/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/?cid=pr_social_socialorganic_TWITTER_engagement_brand_na_na_na&linkId=88077913 Dont shoot the messenger but I can see other cruise lines going the same way. Edit...Not all, but most
  10. We already have a FFC from the cancelled cruise that the OP was posting about. Our Fjords sailing on the Silhouette is now approaching final payment, which we were never going to pay. As we had booked the cruise while on board a previous sailing we were able to transfer the booking to the same itinerary in 2021, albeit with an extra sea day, same ship, and almost identical dates, as well. In addition we were able to keep the same perks, Celebrity even gave us a cabin upgrade. Even with all that the price we are paying is only within a few pounds of the original booking. So they have done alright by us.
  11. First of all, can I thank the OP for this thread. Understandably this forum recently has been full of posts about cancellations, refunds, FFC's etc. Its nice to go back to someone seeking advice on ships and itinerary. Can I say all of them look good. Personally if you are coming across the Pond, unless you have some land trips planned either pre or post cruise then a 7 night cruise is not worth the hassle. Identifying ports, we have done all of them except Kotor, which we are told we have to do. Actually just remembered we should have done Katakolon last summer on the Edge, but owing to weather conditions in the Aegean which meant we (Captain Kate) had to juggle the itinerary, as a result we ended up in Crete in the port of Chania, which we hadn't expected and we really enjoyed. As far as the ship is concerned we haven't sailed on the Connie, however we have sailed on her sister the Summit, and Connie gets posts on here from previous cruisers saying how they love her. Cards on the table, its the 10 night Venice to Venice for me. Which ever you choose one day on a cruise is better than one day in work. Take care all, and stay safe
  12. https://www.france24.com/en/20200502-france-extends-covid-19-health-emergency-until-july-24?ref=tw France confirming
  13. Well we finally bit the bullet and jumped ship, (excuse the cliches). We have transferred our booking on the Silhouette Fjords sailing from this summer to next Augusts sailing , an identical itinerary but with an extra sea day. We just didn't think it was worth waiting for any updates as we approach final payment at the end of May. We already have a FFC from a cancelled Caribbean sailing on the Reflection last month, so wouldn't have been looking to take another one, nor did we want more money tied up with Celebrity than we had to. We'll be looking to use that voucher for our Mardi Gras sailing to New Orleans next February on the Equinox.. Our TA was able to ensure we got all the existing perks transferred over to the new booking and also to make sure we got the same stateroom, at the same price we had paid for this years. Surprisingly Celebrity offered us an upgrade from a C3 Concierge cabin to a C2 at no extra cost, so we took that as well. Stay safe everyone
  14. Really looking forward to the review. We should be getting off the Reflection tomorrow 24th having just done that itinerary
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