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  1. It’s almost always cheaper to break larger parties into smaller groups and take a ride share or cab.
  2. I think the shops are run by third party vendors, and yes, the purpose is to make as much of a profit as possible. On land I don’t shop at hotel gift shops looking for bargains.
  3. I just don’t know why a travel agent would go out of there way to check for discounts that would lower their commission.
  4. I think the waterfront area is very safe and a popular place in NJ (my mom and her entire extended family lived out their lives in Jersey city, but it has definitely changed for the better).
  5. No matter how I book, I don’t expect a travel agent to continually check for new promos or price drops after I book, their job is done.
  6. Can’t switch out packages, the gratuity on FAS is about $21 a day, so if you drink more than 2 drinks a day on average, it’s worth it. If the price goes down before Vinson payment, you can rebook with the current offer. You can tip in USD, I believe that’s the only thing you need cash for onboard.
  7. Me too, this is the first time I read about any line allowing a legal adult in the teen club, I wouldn’t count in it happening again!
  8. If you’re not sure it’s probably Brooklyn, taxis from jfk only have set fares into manhattan, but Brooklyn should be about $60. No need to spend $300+!
  9. At 15 my kids flew alone, I don’t think you need anything for the airlines. For the cruise make sure you have something signed for medical decisions.
  10. I’ve never had them sell out before our cruises. On our last cruise (Gem), our oldest of 5 were 19 and 20, and they thought they’d miss the teen club as a way to meet others. We signed the beer and wine waiver, and they went to young adult meetups onboard. By day 2 they had a posse.
  11. Not in this case, it’s not a renewal, it’s a new passport, the previous passports was a 5 year child’s passport. You can submit it if you want, but you don’t need to.
  12. After all of the crappy weather we’ve been having, I’m very envious of those departing from nyc today!
  13. When we’ve taken a car service, porters took our bags and we just walked in, when we’ve driven, we drove up the ramp, stopped for the dogs, parked, and brought our bags to the elevator, went down a level, and gave our bagels to a porter. We arrive between 9 - 9:30.
  14. We always gotconnecting balconies with our 5 kids (youngest were 4 on our first cruise, no problem with balconies).
  15. It’s not just NYC schools, lots of NJ schools are off, and NE schools.
  16. No, there is a range, I believe the majority are in march thought. This list just shows the most popular weeks, and what state the colleges are in. My kids have had spring break all of the weeks in march (6 different universities). I’d assume most college students would prefer to drive to the port, so location can make a difference.
  17. Most college students turn 21 during their junior year, so they have 2 years of being legal in undergrad.
  18. The majority of public school spring breaks are later in march/April in the northeast, colleges are mostly in march. https://en.as.com/latest_news/when-is-spring-break-2024-complete-list-of-dates-for-us-colleges-and-universities-n/#:~:text=In 2024%2C the majority of,also check out the following.
  19. Except for me, I’ve never seen a porter on the parking deck level of the MCT, we bring our bags down the elevator and check luggage with porters there.
  20. I’m guessing this will be moved to the NCL board. Some of your questions vary by ship. NCL is casual, but really wear what you want, especially if you want photos. We’ve never found the need to book reservations in a MDR, we show up when we want to. Specialty dining should be booked, but reservations are held back so if nothing you want is available, check when you board.
  21. I’ve heard they do not, but folks do cancel.
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