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  1. Not just Royal but all Tour Operators seem to do it too. I just call the same hotel and book direct or an AirBnb.
  2. I'll call them Coffee Happy Hour Hogs the chair hogs are there opening up the club and closing it down
  3. To stay together you would be best to call in and ask how to stay together
  4. We did a RoyalUp. First we started with an Interior GTY which was assigned to Deck 3 Interior. Bidded $280 and got an aft Oceanview Balcony on Deck 8 for $580 total for a Med Cruise. On our 2nd of our B2B cruise leaving Sunday we had an Oceanview Cabin on Deck 4 bidded $200 for OV Balcony also Deck 8 and got it.$500 total.So don't forget you can try RoyalUp if your eligible.
  5. Was it a Top Tier C&A member who complained?
  6. Bon Voyage. My Parents and I are here in Barcelona awaiting our 3 week B2B around the Med and back to Tpa on the Brillance.We leave Sunday.
  7. Got our RoyalUp for our October 27th Brilliance Cruise from Interior to OV Balcony for $290 each on Deck 8 .Our 2nd cabin on the B2B is a few doots away also in a balcony!
  8. Yes I use Hopper and SkyScanner as research tools and book the airfare directly through the airline's website to avoid dealing with third parties.
  9. Agree not a joke. OP try and email special_needs@rccl.com and ask them the same question perhaps they can work it out.
  10. We got our Interior Guarantee Cabin 30 days before our Brilliance B2B for the first portion on Deck 3. On the 2nd portion we got upgraded to a Balcony on Deck 8. We are still holding out but are not expecting a RoyalUP upgrade. What Royal told me is that they will do everything to assign our cabin before boarding but there is a slight chance it would happen at the port. A guarantee cabin is sort of like Basic Economy on the airlines you pay the low cost and if you don't want to pay for an assigned seat you get the luck of the draw. Now what I think happens is Royal may look at your Crown and Anchor Status, Past Sailings and assign you to the best location possible. We are very happy with our Interior location just forward of the forward elevators at the end with no cabin on one side of our cabin as its as the start of the block. Some may not be happy with a Guarantee and I suggest that they pay to get an assignment but for those who are not picky then the savings can be grand! Hope this helps.
  11. Yes this is so true.Age should not be the only deciding factor as there are cases of young people dying on a cruise or getting very ill that they neededical help pronto.
  12. This could have all been adverted if the OP asked about the cancellation policy during the booking and then purchasing Travel Insurance with a Cancel For Any Reason policy with Trip Delay and Medical Evacuation with Reparriation. I'm sorry to learn about your situation and I hope it gets resolved soon
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