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  1. When I make my reservation I tell the agent that I do not want the protection plan and then I see it on my invoice that it's declined after the deposit and again at final payment I make sure it says declined if I see otherwise I call ul right away and have it removed with asking for a second invoice showing it has been removed. I think Royal automatically adds if unless yoh decline it for convenience.
  2. I doubt it for anything above the cruise fare that it would cancel. I thought the unpaid cruise are is what cancels the cruise but not other charges but I could be wrong.
  3. I do 6 PM MTD as it coincides with the shows
  4. It's a great feeling to go up in status and especially when you're having fun doing it! You may want to book 22 night cruises!
  5. Whatever you do don't you mess with my English Bacon
  6. That's why I booked an Interior GTY on the first Med portion and an OV for the Trans Atlantic portion for our group of 3.Saved $800 to do it and applied savings to tours.
  7. Shame on SW they owe you a refund for the stress.. Do a Charge back for your flight. Other than that I love your review
  8. My Checkin opens in a week or so. It's a fun part of the process! Some says it's tedious but I have fun making the Final Payment. It also verifys that everyone has their travel documents valid so I do it when it first opens up. I sort of have my routine of doing it at night with cruising music and a Drink Of The Day tk sip on.
  9. As my Father and I habe been to Rome we are doing the Lake Bracciano and Etruscan wine tasting ship tour lasting approx 4 hours. It's plenty and then go back and rest on the ship.
  10. Each to his own. Remember the reason for formal nights is for the cruise line to make money on alcohol, photos and the hair salon. I'd be dammed if the Maitre D kicked me out of the MDR for wearing shiorts at night and sending me uo to the buffet Heck as long as I'm fully covered who the hell cares if I'm in shorts, jeans or slacks with a short sleeves polo? This is not Regent 7 Seas or Cunard so why bother with a formal night to begin with? The reason the cruise line has this night is to benefit them just like an Early Bird special. Benefits restsurant alcohol sales. I paid my tips and cruise fare so I have the right to eat in the MDR wearing anything within reason that I want Yes it was fun dressing up on my first few cruises but no more. I'm tired after days in Port to plan my dinner wear
  11. I like this better. When I'm on vacation I don't want to overdress unless it's a wedding or other event . I can sort of imagine a bathing suit and flip flop night in the MDR with an island theme. That would be cool!
  12. Well in that case your are good to go but still it helps to overnight just to be less stressed.
  13. I hate to burst your bubble but doesn't the photos get erased the last night of the cruise after the galley closes? On Royal Caribbean they always say that tonight is the last night and after that they delete the photos for the next cruise. The Photography Studio Staff put everything onto a USB stck up until the last night of the cruise and the memory stick gets deleted after each USB is processed. I think its odd in 2019 that they would put it on just a USB stick and not upload it to Google Photos or some other partnership with Snapfish and give Elites and above a free Snapfish album! Iits very inexpensive to get a Snapfish album and such a partnership with Royal/Celebrity/Azamara would be cool as you can have all of your photos uploaded to the cloud and get special processing pricing via Snapfish at the end of the cruise as part of the package. Unless they have a Cloud storage with the remaining photos. I would much rather have a Cloud storage with my User Name and Password for all my cruises and then I can order prints via Snap Fish and chose which ones I like. Its very odd that they would not give you all of your photos as you paid for them. I would write to Celebrity and explain what happened right away to see if they could at least e-mail you or send it to your Google Drive or send a new USB stick with all the photos. I would also ask for a discount off the photo package for your stress. I hope this helps.
  14. My policy is to allow a few days before and a night after the cruise due to any delays. For instance we plan to arrive a few days before in Barcelona for our Royal Caribbean cruise and then until 5 PM the next night to fly back to California from Tampa after the B2B. Also I booked us on Southwest so just in case we are delayed more than the allotted time I can just rebook and pay the fare difference. I always plan for the worst delay possible due to customs or fog. If we arrive on time then we are the last ones off the ship. Customs processing always seems delayed. Once I left the ship in Barcelona for a 10 AM flight and I had to rush off the ship with no time for breakfast and rush to the airport. NEVER AGAIN!
  15. Especially if you move cabins and muster drill stations. Not everyone can stay in the same cabin or muster station especially with upgrades etc.
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