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  1. O.K, yesterday I posted follow-ups to PEI, and posted photos of Dubrovnik and Fremantle. Your photos don't look like the areas around Perth or Charlottetown, so I'm guessing near Dubrovnik. Maybe I'm being obtuse, but the photos are still not ringing bells (even the one in the tower). Dave
  2. City for my grandmother -- family lore has it she was part of the family of Lynch Castle (note to others -- not really a castle, but a wealthy merchant's house), but if her forebears emigrated, not the wealthy branch. But the Irish in the U.S., like many immigrants, clustered near others who came from the same part of the world, so I believe I have some from the county as well. Like above though, if they were of my branch of the family(ies), that means they were the poor relations who got on the boats (and survived the crossing), so at best I would have found second cousins many times removed if I had looked for them in Galway. Dave
  3. This one may be tough. Where is this tender pier that Westerdam used? Dave
  4. It looks sort of Aegean-y, or of the eastern Med, but I don't recognize it. You've stumped me. Dave
  5. Winner! Yes, indeed, you were the one I thought of -- you live about as far from Cobh as I do from Seattle. We thoroughly enjoyed our day in Cobh, and were glad we did not try to go to Galway to see where some of my ancestors emigrated from (one of my grandmothers was a Lynch {not my last name}, but a couple or so generations in the U.S. after the migration of the Famine.) Cobh is a fine small city. Dave
  6. Here is one that is going to be very easy to at least one person who has posted on this thread. What's the name of this beautiful place? Dave
  7. We were there with Eurodam in 2009. The tender pier looked long, but it was slanted so that as the tide rose and fell, no matter when, they could only get one tender alongside at one time. It made for a crush when six busloads of us came back from the Edinburgh Tattoo at the same time. Have they changed the pier at all? Dave
  8. Yes, It was a day scenic cruising in Prins Christian Sund, one of the most beautiful places on the planet, I think, and the weather was glorious when we went through (it isn't always). Some more photos of that day: Dave
  9. Looks kind of like the rail bridge over the Firth of Forth. Dave
  10. Yes, but can you tell where in Greenland? Dave
  11. Where was Zuiderdam when Seabourn Quest passed? (Sounds like the title of a Victorian thriller.)
  12. Winner! The boat excursion was a scenic cruise of the Swan RIver from Perth back to Fremantle. Dave
  13. Here is a photo I took in the afternoon (minus the Princess ship) as we came back from a boat excursion. Dave
  14. Speaking of beautiful sunny days, where is Maasdam this morning (besides "behind a Princess ship")?
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