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  1. Aheads up on the Wind they serve FROZEN waffles (EGGO) !!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi Doug We are glad to see we will be sailing together again ,we were on the Spirit crossing with you and Wes and those Great sail away parties Gene & Lucille
  3. OCEANIA Vero Water is a healthy lifestyle choice for Inspired Living. VERO WATER® is a leading provider of luxury still and sparkling water to the hospitality industry and is served to over 50 million consumers a year in six countries and in the United States from coast-to-coast in over 40 states. Vero Water service will be implemented in two phases during the coming year. Phase One focuses on implementing the onboard water service in suites, staterooms, restaurants, lounges and bars which will start in April and is expected to be completed by mid-June. Phase Two will marry the Vero Water service with the guest experience ashore. All guests will be provided with their own re-useable Vero Water bottle which will be theirs to keep and to take home with them. This phase-in is expected to start in the second half of 2019.
  4. I thought so too but ask the waitstaff or the HD this past April on a carib cruise,I was shocked and could not believe it so I went to see the HD and he confirmed it they tasted like cardboard we were in Key West as I was going ashore I told him I was going to I HOP and I heard a gasp from him as he turned away
  5. With the exception of FROZEN WAFFLES (eggo^s) from an outside vendor, also the onion rings served in the food venues and confirmed by the HD Wind is all that you say
  6. What I mean is did Regent officially change the itinerary have not heard from my TA,what he says makes sense to us but we go where the ship goes
  7. Can not get any worse,why do you follow what the NY Giants do ??????????
  8. That is what you seen ,guess what my neighbor found in his driveway this am ? a gator
  9. It was okay nothing like the Whisper or the Muse ,first time that during trivia the re was no bar service or and crew available to move chairs around I think Colin did trivia because he had too it was NO fun I think the crew just went through the motions and the food was just okay when everything is served on HOT plates it makes you wonder But this was my 3rd cruise on the Wind and I think it is the ship
  10. As per the HD aboard the WIND this is a fleet wide product he did not ask which venue this occurred nor did I say where I had eaten
  11. La Terrazza in reference to your point if they can make fresh not frozen pancakes why not waffles,come on now how challenging is it,??? take it off the menu in lieu of serving a SUB STANDARD product aboard a LUXURY cruise line
  12. WOW How cruise lines define luxury is somewhat amazing, we just got off the Wind and one morning I ordered waffles for breakfast and when they came I thought they looked very white in color proceeded to try one and it tasted like cardboard then called the supervisor and asked them if they were in fact frozen,I replied isn't SS a luxury cruise line and to serve frozen waffles at this price point is crazy and there reply was all is good I then met with the HD and he confirmed they are frozen and come from an outside vendor as do the onion rings, I then brought up the word LUXURY and he said they do it in order to have a consistent product,my reply was if you make pancakes fresh I do not think waffles are that more difficult, the worst part of the conversation was he agreed with everything said,as we proceeded ashore I told him I was going to IHOP
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