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  1. Enjoyed reading your review / perspective … hoping that the Edge overall will be reflective of the great Celebrity experience we first had, aboard the Silhouette ...
  2. Sorry :( … there is no link for the Castaway Club lanyards as … "Guests who have sailed with Disney before will receive a complimentary Castaway Club lanyard upon checking in at the port. The lanyards are based on club level, so you'll see many guests walking around the ship wearing Silver, Gold, or Platinum Castaway Club lanyards. However, if this is your very first Disney cruise, you will not receive a lanyard, but may want to purchase one ('a' lanyard) before you sail." … but they are available for sale on the auction websites … or if you know people who have cruised DCL before ... Am so used to wearing lanyards from our cruises aboard Disney, from attending numerous Comic Con conventions throughout Canada and the US, from VIP experiences and events etc, that never gave it a second thought … sooo looking forward though to getting my lanyard and badge from this years SDCC - woohoo!! lol
  3. We call it an equipment belt … rotfl poetic … I never understood either the do or do not lanyard thing (my previous response was for those who have an issue with it, not towards yourself if there was a misunderstanding) but to each their own I guess. Now what am I going to do with the GoPro HERO7 Black I just bought … with a GoPro lanyard and sleeve … lol ...
  4. So … does that mean I should … or shouldn't … wear my Disney Castaway Club lanyard, with retractable reel ??
  5. Is it not $150 USD per person for an Edge Split Cabana? The Cabanas are all sold out for our sailing so they seem to be popular. Like the idea of your own little oasis outside on a sea day …
  6. Informative review - well done.
  7. Should be ok - just use magnetic tape which you can find at Michael's ... If you want to see door decorations, google "Disney cabin door decorations" under Images; as this will be our first non-Disney cruise in years, going to miss it a bit - lol …
  8. Hilarious re: the inch of gold … high end shops though? We all may have 'champagne dreams and caviar wishes' … but to afford it is another matter … Looking forward to sampling the 'bit out here' and 'slightly weird' … lol Do you know if they have soft drinks by the can available? Boy … remember what it used to be like to be part of the younger generation - lol -
  9. Good to hear … did you have a favorite?
  10. Re: the scooter, do you know what model of Pride the scooter was ... Re: the CPAP, does Celebrity offer distilled water or did you bring your own ... Thanks
  11. Am going with just the one device package as it is unlikely we will both be on the internet at the same time. However am looking at bringing along a wireless travel router with hotspot mode on our vacation to see if how well that option will work …
  12. Almost made the switch to the Nieuw Statendam from the Edge on our upcoming cruise later this year due to the significant cost savings. The Statendam would offer a regular balcony vs an IV cabin, more 'in our wheelhouse' entertainment options such the Rolling Stone Rock Room and Billboard Onboard vs Eden, a thalassotherapy pool etc. One concern though is the angle of the toilet so close to the shower stall in the Statendam verandah staterooms. In the end, decided to go with the Edge and experience it ourselves. :)
  13. Well reasoned and written review … bravo! After reading many of the comments re: the Edge since its inaugural, there was quite a bit of humming and hawing over the past month re the IV booking made back in June 2017. Was contemplating the new HA Nieuw Statendam and the RCL Harmony of the Seas, which both depart on the same date as our sailing but finally decided "what the hay" and made final payment last week. Might as well just go and experience it ourselves. We had a great experience on our first Celebrity cruise aboard the Silhouette oh so many years ago and am hopeful that the Edge will continue that tradition … :)
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