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  1. LOL - the last time I packed a suit was on our last Princess cruise 12 years ago, to/from Hawaii. Subsequently all our cruising has been with either Disney or Celebrity. Did wear jacket/dress pants for special dining occasions such as Palo and Remy aboard Disney. But I have no interest in dressing up for formal nights anymore, even though I have a very (very) nice suit (from Harry Rosen). The ship is more of a destination for us now when cruising the Caribbean as we have visited many of the islands multiple times. Even with our most recent cruise aboard the Celebrity Edge, I just dressed smart casual attire. We're just curious as to how Princess has changed in the past decade + … and thus gave the nod to the Sky this time, vs the Norwegian Encore which we had also booked for the same time period. So I'll just see how formal nights are aboard Princess, with just my smart casual attire 😎
  2. So no jeans on formal nights? Short-sleeved polos allowed?
  3. It has been eight months since we cruised aboard the Celebrity Edge. Wanting to continue to explore the latest in cruise experiences, we placed deposits on two new ships that were still under construction … so had been pre-occupied on which one we cruise with later this year. Those two ships have just had their inaugural cruises … the Sky Princess and Norwegian Encore. We can only go on one but with the reviews starting to come in, we have time to decide. I recall how we were unsure about the Edge back before it sailed also. So while checking in on Princess and NCL, I'd thought I'd pop back into the Celebrity Forum, as we have a cruise aboard the Apex … for April 2021, which we booked when we were aboard the Edge. I certainly do remember the questions and concerns swirling about the Celebrity Edge back then. Now that we have cruised the Edge, we can say the following … We liked the Infinite Verandah stateroom. DW enjoyed the floor to ceiling scenic view from bed. It was a bit of a surprise to see how good the view is, of being able to see people on their verandah on the other ship as they cruise by while you're docked ... and then realizing if they have that great a view of you inside your stateroom while getting dressed - lol. Liked the Oceanview Cafe and most of its offerings Enjoyed being able to dine in the four main dining rooms. Though there was a miss or two with some of the signature dishes. The Magic Carpet is a nice feature. However if it was no longer there, wouldn't miss it. Eden is a unique area but didn't spend much time there at all. Don't know if I just didn't 'feel the vibe' of that space - it certainly is nice during the day, a quiet area. The Grand Plaza is a nice atrium - but doesn't have the feel of a big soaring central gathering area. The Sunset bar area needs some sort of overhead cover. Fine Cut Steakhouse was ok ... Café al Bacio is a nice place. Overall we enjoyed the Edge and interested to see if there will any changes when the Apex comes out.
  4. We were on the Edge last April and had early seating. Dined in our assigned dining room the first night. The second night we went to a different dining room explaining we wanted to try it out - no problem. Tried the other two dining rooms with no issues - just showed up when the dining room first opened up and we were seated. When we returned to our assigned dining room on the other nights, our waiter stated if there was something we wanted to try from another dining room he would be able to bring it to us - which I did once 🙂 … it was nice though to experience the different atmosphere/ambience of each dining room. Hope it's still that easy when you cruise.
  5. Thanks very much for your answers to the questions I posed. Have you tried room service yet? - pretty standard fare? Also I take it that you had to pick up your Medallions upon check-in due to you residing in Canada? How is the in-room entertainment options - is there a movie channel? Is formal nights still a big thing on Princess - haven't done formal in years and don't miss it at all. How did you find Princess Cays - is it worth tendering over (we're big fans of Disney's Castaway Cay)? Thanks 🙂
  6. Door decorating is a lot of fun on Disney cruises ... along with participating in the FE group gift exchanges that occur on those cruises. :)
  7. Date of Cruise: April 14, 2019 Ship: Celebrity Edge Cabin #: 11251 Deck #: 11 Cabin Category: Concierge Category C3 Cabin Location: Port Aft Bed Position: By Bath (head of the bed on the left side) Balcony Type: Infinite Verandah Balcony/Window Size: Floor to Ceiling 'Window' Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: None Balcony Overhang?: None Magic Carpet Issues?: No Noise Issues?: No Wind Issues?: No Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: N/A Suite Details: Advantages/Problems/Comments: Short walk to aft elevator/stairs … walk up past deck 12 to deck 14 to Oceanview Café Would You Book It Again?: Yes Photos or Photo Links:
  8. I see no issue with OP’s observations. Reminds me of a line in a movie ... "Manners Maketh Man" -Harry Hart, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle
  9. Lol - we’re still awake @ 12:35 AM watching ‘The Mummy’ in our hotel room ... and checking the weather ... looking forward to boarding in less than 12 hrs !
  10. Thanks for the review … will be onboard the Edge later in about two weeks!
  11. Yes, email received confirming payment for Beverage Package Order upgrade from Classic Alcohol Promo to Premium Alcohol. You can also confirm when you sign into your Celebrity account and check Order History in your Cruise Planner section. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks vtcruising … looking forward to checking out the Edge next month
  13. Does anyone have links to the posts that had photos of the various drink menus available at the bars and lounges on the Celebrity Edge? Thanks …
  14. Since the classic package was 'free' for both of us (not really but … ) paying one of us to upgrade to premium for just $82.60 USD seemed like a worthwhile attempt to get a chance to try a variety of drinks that we would never normally try … just looking at it as as a 'drink tasting experience' :D … Here is a list that we took a look at from Celebrity … http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/11026027_CEL_Beverage_Packages_Flyer.pdf
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