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  1. I thought it was getting out - and in - that was the problem, not space once there.
  2. More seriously, does she have an improved and strengthened bow, as the Cunard Vistas do compared to the HAL ones?
  3. And probably considerably more accurately than mine. 😀
  4. Isn’t science wonderful? All my watch does is tell the time, if I am lucky. 😀
  5. I think it is the hundreds of thousands who don’t know they have it who are in the greatest danger. My husband is on various pills, inc. beta blockers which seem to control it very well, so he is lucky. Yes, there is something about Spain which makes it dearer, but I can’t remember what.
  6. There are very, very few areas in which I feel this applies, but in the context of formal night dress, it really does seem so much easier being a woman.
  7. If travelling to US, it is wise to have as comprehensive insurance as you can, I think. Slightly different in Europe with our GHIC cards. My husband has had AF for years, and I think once the medics know you’ve got it and have applied their minds to it, usually it does not give further trouble. We don’t go near the US now though.
  8. A lot of insurance policies say something about illness of travelling companion. But the OP does not say the fit one doesn’t want to travel. This may be a query about the practicalities of so doing.
  9. Not all informed by in depth knowledge, perhaps.
  10. Did they actually state the year? Perhaps it is 2026?
  11. Having said that, I just read a review yesterday which said the ship looked tired and complaining about the condition of the balcony.
  12. Remember the maiden was originally much earlier, and perhaps their plans for that were wrecked. They can’t have been planning from the start to make the RB cruise the naming one. They may have had to improvise.
  13. Ah ha. So I didn’t imagine it.
  14. In a way, I’m pleased to hear it. And I have always felt it was worth it, fortunately for them and us. Just think how much they would lose if I wasn’t claustrophobic. 😀
  15. I think I must be one of their worst customers, other than usually choosing a Grills cabin. I have never used the Casino or the Spa, only use alternative dining venues because of the World Club freebie, and my paid for drinks rarely exceed wine at lunch and dinner. One of my favourite entertainments is the Library, which, so far, is completely free. Maybe they are missing something there.
  16. Possibly the same thing as I thought I saw.😀
  17. It might be my fault. I fear I said I had inferred it from something I had read, which I can’t now remember. If it was me, the inference was wrong, and I grovelingly apologise for raising everyone’s hopes.😢
  18. Given that we have the benefit of the QG in-cabin drinks, I don’t think we would drink that much between us. 😀
  19. Do we have any idea when she is due to leave the shipyard?
  20. Another thing I can’t do, but I believe once learnt, never forgotten.
  21. There doesn’t seem much rake in the theatre, but I assume they’ve worked that out.
  22. I invariably smell cigar smoke, wherever I walk past on the way to the Comm. Club.
  23. But from what I was reading in another thread, Seabourn is not actually all inclusive. You have to pay a lot of extra money per day to be admitted to a special area, filled with things rather like the posh beach huts Bournemouth Corporation installed a few years ago, from which it is hard to see the sea, but which is obviously very exclusive.
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