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  1. I will respectfully disagree. It is very rude to put the concierge in the position of having to disappoint a cruiser or break a rule. Of course, there are always the self-entitled who will ask anyway.
  2. Actually, someone in a wheelchair or scooter is already sitting. No need to get on the elevator first.
  3. What’s the difference between prepaid gratuities and prepaid tips?
  4. I don’t think you can make a change.
  5. Which is why MM said to bring your own.
  6. No, you cannot. The only things you can take off the ship are factory sealed items such as packets of crackers, nuts, little cereal boxes, protein bars and the like.
  7. In answer to your question, I would have immediately removed my MIL from the lounge and escorted her to guest services to resolve her issues, perhaps apologizing to the concierge on the way out for the confusion. There are always three sides to every story - what he said, what she said and what actually happened.
  8. The concierge definitely over reacted. Who knows, maybe she was faced with a lot of people sneaking in that night. Having said that, the OP’s mil clearly should have known she should not be in the lounge and the concierge should not have been expected to deal with whatever issues she was having. In any event, it’s time to give it a rest.
  9. Never once removed tips. Rare occasion have had poor service but just brought it to the attention of superior and it was rectified. Don’t understand people who are willing to put up with poor service and then remove tips. Now I don’t cruise expecting my room steward or waiter to entertain me or become my new bff. I know some people do and all I can say to that is get a life.
  10. Strange response. Of course, people are free to follow suggestions or not as they please. No one is demanding that they do hand laundry in their sink.
  11. I would think not, particularly in light of the fact that the unlimited beverage package does not include anything delivered by room service.
  12. They can do anything any other adult care do except consume alcohol.
  13. Not true. Often there are cute little dogs sniffing around. You can be fined heavily if caught. Why would you want to mess with a country’s ecosystem because you are too cheap to buy something in port?
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