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  1. Pretty nasty comment from a cheapskate who thinks nothing of removing tips from hardworking crew members. Fortunately, while people who disagreed with you on a similar thread on the RCI forum received multiple “likes,” you received none. BTW, I don’t know who Stewart may be but the cabin comes with a room steward.
  2. I’ve not tried them myself but a friend’s granddaughter recently returned from her first MSC cruise. Said that the food was horrible and she often went hungry (they are Italian descent so used to this type of food). Begged her grandmother to have a good meal waiting when she got home. Quashed my interest in trying this line.
  3. There is no such thing as a child rate. All passengers, regardless of age, pay the same rate - and are expected to pay the same gratuity as well.
  4. You’re really making a lot of assumptions. How do you know that the same room steward will be servicing the cabins with one occupant as well as the cabins with four? There may also be a lifeboat issue.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. First I heard it actually worked. Congratulations.
  6. No problem whatsoever. They will be happy to accommodate you.
  7. They were no ladies. Sorry, but being a Jersey girl (who my husband says can bring a person to their knees without speaking above a whisper), I would have approached them with a “this is my table for which I have a reservation, now please remove your entitled butts from it.” Maybe would have gotten me thrown out but this would have exceeded my tolerance level.
  8. If you are really concerned you can buy an inexpensive plastic stick up alarm. We used them when the grands were small. Any hardware store should have them.
  9. Just tell them they are absolutely not permitted on the balcony without an adult. They are certainly old enough to understand this. Not like you’re dealing with toddlers.
  10. Check HSN. They have some nice designs.
  11. Sadly, she rarely reads the whole post and is a veritable treasure trove of misinformation. Meanwhile, I would also suggest checking into two connecting cabins. Often cheaper AND you get two bathrooms.
  12. Gotta love how you tell people what the rule is and they just can’t comprehend that it actually pertains to them.
  13. You cannot buy bottles of spirits onboard, only the combos that Bob mentioned and only on certain ships/sailings. Also, these must be purchased in advance. I don’t think they save much if any money but rather are aimed at those who whine about not being able to have a drink in their cabin.
  14. And I think I read that you are only entitled to one a day. Can’t confirm as I don’t like coffee.
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