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  1. So true. Have taken the grande to Great Adventure many times without going on a single ride and still paid full price.
  2. If you can’t get one, keep a bucket of ice in the cooler to make it colder.
  3. And would your son and his friends really want to share a suite with you?
  4. As noted, they don’t give a fig about third party sites and will not match anything on them.
  5. I don’t see how a child of that age could fit through the bars. If they are permitted to climb, they can just as easily go over a glass partition. Set very strict rules - if you make any attempt to climb, you will sit in the room alone. At that age, they should be able to follow simple rules.
  6. We prefer to prepay and not have to worry about it (I remember the days of filling our own envelopes at home with the suggested amounts and then adding to them toward the end of the cruise). With prepaying, we just need to hand out extra cash as we see fit.
  7. No, you CANNOT bring a case per person. Wherever did you get that idea? You may bring 12 bottles per STATEROOM only at embarkation.
  8. You can’t “adhere” it any way other than with magnets. Anything else will damage the door and you will be billed accordingly.
  9. Did you report this behavior? Trust me, if someone was doing this and putting my child’s health at risk, I’d be the one having a major meltdown at guest services if there was no pool attendant.
  10. The OP cruises in 18 DAYS. A bit late to change cruises don’t you think? In any event, there will be a splash zone for the baby and no cruise line has an actual pool that will permit a child who is not potty trained.
  11. Just checked. No nursery on Adventure so you’re on your own as far as sitters.
  12. Babies are not permitted in any pools on any ship. Some ships have small splash areas for the diapered set, usually the newer, bigger ships. Not sure if Adventure has added one.
  13. We’ve done several Canada/NE cruises and have not seen differences in menus. However, you will find wonderful seafood options in the various ports. We really tend to overdose on lobster.
  14. Just for general principles, does what you deem “appropriate” ever equal or exceed the suggested amount? Why do I feel not.
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