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  1. Just received our credit back to our credit card for full cruise/land tour fare minus our FCD which is showing on our captain circle account. called credit card they will send us a check. BUT princess did not refund me for the vow renewal that i paid for. it was not refunded to my credit card and i used the same credit card to pay for it as i did the cruise fare....does anyone know how this would be credited back to me? Anyone that has had this same issue.
  2. i just checked and can see our FCD is back on our account along with the obc we got for using said FCD, but no money back to credit card as of yet...waiting on $12k for cruise and also vow renewal fees.
  3. Sad part is they are canceling Alaska cruises/tours for June....but yet not allowing us to use the FCC until the same time in 2022...Alaska isnt even open 5/1/22...we just had our cruisetour in June canceled.......waiting to hear if princess will honor and hold our monies/fcc and be able to use it on a similar cruisetour in June 22
  4. also no cruisetours in alaska as the lodges will not open this summer per their website
  5. I have 2 flights booked for our cruise in June....and neither Delta (to Alaska) nor Air Canada have canceled the flights
  6. I have been following one of the gentleman who refused to test...he said the reasoning behind it was that they did not come around to test them the entire time until 1 or 2 days before they were set to leave and were told they would have to wait for the tests...majority lived in Bay area which is already on a lockdown so they would be going home to essentially shelter at home and be in a quarantine but now have control over their lives of what they ate when they ate and have some semblance of a normal life....How about all the folks coming back off planes not being tested AT ALL.....just told to go home and self isolate...or the several other cruise lines that have had people arrive...MSC Mervalgia (SP?) arrived in Miami last week HAD POSITIVE passengers ALL were allowed off and told to go home.......I agree we need to stop the spread but either treat each person the same ie..cdc quarantine like at Travis or allow them all to go home like they are currently doing for US citizens coming home from abroad and other ships that are/were pulling in after the global pause in sailing...no reason 1 ship of passengers should be treated differently...not to mention they were already on the ship for 15 days then in quarantine at Travis another 14
  7. I don't hate princess as a matter of fact I am platinum and called them today to secure a plan b cruise in case princess can't pull off a miracle and sail in June. They were the pioneers of Alaska cruises so if anyone could pull some special deals it could be them....but if the health situation is not better and princess cancels June for safety I stand behind them and I have a plan b. they were very nice on the phone this is not their fault and I feel for them with all the people I am sure that are calling in yelling.
  8. I called them today the rep said she hadn't been told anything....
  9. Could that 1 death be the original passenger who died in Placer county? As it is only showing 22 positive...there was the 1 gentleman who died which began the quarantine of the ship and 21 when it docked.
  10. i read on shipmate from a gent names raomantikcruiser who is at Travis that at their townhall meeting they had the other day they are saying of the 4000 only 37 were positive
  11. Flyguyjake...I have been watching their videos...are you one of their regulars? If so did you hear if Wayne mad it to them and if they all left together?
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