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  1. I had saved mine to a pdf (keep a little memory book) when I printed from the pdf they were short and squat...when I went right off the website they printed and filled the entire paper...
  2. we booked our June 2020 alaska cruise in/about November 2018..so in the next month or so...i dont even see details up on the one site that prelists the coming cruises...
  3. Depends on how cold you normally get. Being a California girl 40s 50s and some 60s are cold for me. i wore a tank or tee under a sweater and wore a mid weight jacket that was also rain repellent. I had gloves and scarf as well. When we got off early in the am to sight see or line up for tours i was cold...even DH was cold and he usually runs warm.
  4. Fantastic thanks that's what I was hoping for
  5. the only paper backup i can have is the pass from the personalizer which does not have the QR code...so princess needs to help me know which one is/will be needed to use with the medallion. is the QR code needed?
  6. thanks i know how to do the screen grab and when i swipe left to right it still only grabs what is showing on the actual screen vs the entire"page". i was hoping to be able to print the entire thing but cant seem to find a way to print out the boarding pass with the QR code...so i would have to either open in live there or do several screen shots to get each part of the entire pass...BUT if just the QR code itself is needed to be seen i will do a shot of just that...just not sure what princess will want to see. i would assume (but you know how that goes) that having the medallion in hand and just a shot of the QR code should get me on the ship........but what if it doesnt...i hate to hold up the line while i get online to open the darn app and get to the full pass where they have to scroll up and down to see full details and QR code...the fact that it says "print a copy of the ocean ready pass" but does not show a place to click print...why put this wording on it if there is no print button unless there is a trick on the android to print vs screen grab...
  7. OMG how did you print the one with the QR code...I am using an android and cant find a way to print it...believe i dont recall seeing how to print on my ipad either....
  8. For those that have sailed recently...when i screenshot the OR boarding pass do they only need the QR code or do they need to be able to see everything name, ship, boarding date etc. my screen is not that big and i can only get so much of it in my screen grab....
  9. When not traveling with friends we ask for no more than a 6 top...but this is because in the past we have been at an 8 tops and found service takes a bit longer. So if you think you will want to get back out and do the shows, trivia, MUTS...etc a 6 top tends to get through service a bit quicker as well. Just our thoughts and observations.
  10. yes to me the Royal class sideways insides are a bit better than the grand class...to us they seem just a bit more roomier than the grand class sideways ones..plus as BarbinMich said there are a lot more of them as well. But we did see some of them hold 3 and 4 passengers and the beds were attached to the walls vs drop down from ceiling so beware of those ones...we passed by one and it really eats into the space
  11. I simply went for the quick answer vs the if this then that with # of days, 2 pts for a suite...etc.
  12. Blue=new gold=2-3 cruises ruby=4-5 cruises platinum=6-15 black=elite 16+cruises
  13. will you be posting the rest of your vlogs on this thread?
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