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  1. Not at LAX, where in most cases taxi and rideshare pick ups are only permitted at the LAX-it lot near Terminal 1, which requires a walk or shuttle bus ride from your airline terminal. "Black car" pick ups are still permitted directly outside the terminals.
  2. No stranger than the cruise line or travel agent not knowing the Jones Act had nothing to do with it. The Jones Act applies to the shipment of cargo, not to transporting passengers. The law governing the transportation of passengers is the Passenger Vessel Services Act. (PVSA).
  3. FWIW, an unprovable and disputed claim . Two different bartenders at the Caribe Hilton claimed to have invented the Pina Colada almost a decade before it was served at Barrachina.
  4. The ferry situation should improve in the next week or two. The 700 passenger capacity Bermudian is returning to service at the end of the month after an 18 month absence for renovation. The Bermudian can transport twice the number of passengers as the catamaran Warbaby Fox shown in your post.
  5. For some genuine Puerto Rican food a short walk from the pier try Cafe Manolin . It's about as casual and unpretentious as you can get... similar to a small diner or luncheonette in the states. It closes early...about 3:30 or 4 .
  6. There's no public ferry service to St. George's on Saturday and Sunday. Only NCL runs a private ferry for its passengers on those days of the week if they have a ship in port, and based on your stated schedule I suspect you're not cruising on NCL. Assuming I'm correct about your not being an NCL passenger you'll have to completely rethink your plans . You could get to St. George's via ferry to Hamilton and then a bus or taxi to St. George's, which is time consuming, or a taxi all the way from Dockyard, which is quite expensive
  7. I can assure you that @megr1125 knows all about the area and its hotels. She wasn't talking about free parking for one night while you're staying at a hotel 20 miles from the port. She was addressing the OP's question, which was: " Any recommendations for a hotel near the port with free parking while we cruise?" Parking near the port is an entirely different matter from parking in an outlying town. For example every one of the five hotels on International Blvd in Elizabeth, an area where many cruisers stay prior to their voyages charges their overnight guests for parking...anywhere from $10 to $25 per night.
  8. I'm not at all sure that the luxury cruises you mention sell segments and have pricing for disembarkation in Hawaii, which is why I didn't mention those cruises...but you may be right that some do.
  9. Taxis will be available outside the terminal building . Fares are metered so will vary by exact route driven and by the amount of time you're stuck in traffic. Basic fare plus various surcharges plus a 20% tip will probably be about $65.
  10. There are only going to be a few cruises each year in late September or early October at the conclusion of the Alaska cruise season. This year I see cruises on the Celebrity Edge embarking on September 20, Royal Princess on September 21, Celebrity Solstice on September 22, Disney Wonder on September 23, Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas on October 4 and Norwegian Sun on October 8. Next year I only see three...Celebrity Edge 9/19, Celebrity Solstice 9/21 and Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas 10/4. The above were taken from cruisetimetables.com, which is a reasonably accurate source, but not official.
  11. Those types of cruises embark in Vancouver because embarkation from the US wouldn't be legal under the Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA ).
  12. I can't say whether Oceania has the highest mark up on excursions, and probably you don't have actual facts to substantiate "what you were told". Told by whom? I can say that all cruise lines substantially mark up excursion prices...shore excursions are a major cruise line profit center. It's not just Oceania that has exclusivity clauses in its contracts with shore excursion operators, and it's not just in Alaska where this happens. It's a common practice throughout the cruise industry worldwide.
  13. The OP is not from the USA, and cancellation rules in the UK are different from ours, so the deposit may not be refundable.
  14. When the St Regis hotel was built they were required to maintain and permit public access to the beach so it should be open.
  15. There will be taxi drivers available . They should look for a "Blue Flag" taxi driver...they're certified as tour guides.
  16. It's up to the police who are directing traffic that day. If the port is very busy, say a couple of large ships disembarking, they sometimes will not allow pick ups at the cruise terminal and require you to cross 12th Ave. You should be able to get a porter to take your luggage across the street...with a generous tip of course.
  17. No hotels offer shuttle service to the cruise terminal. You can actually walk to the cruise terminal from the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. There are a Comfort Inn and a Holiday Inn Express on West 48th St. just a stone's throw from the cruise terminal, and if you want a fancier hotel Ink 48 is in the same area. Otherwise a taxi or Uber will be inexpensive as it will be a short trip. Price estimates are not possible without knowing exactly where you're staying.
  18. Assuming you'll be driving in the day before your departure check trinityreservations.com. They normally have several hotels available with packages that include a room, parking and shuttle service to and from the port. Nothing is free. If parking is included it's been baked into the price you're paying for the package, as will the transfers between the hotel and the port.
  19. NCL includes 150 minutes of wi-fi per cabin on a 7 day cruise. Of course the value of that wi-fi is built into the base fare, and if you want more or unlimited wi-fi you will have to pay extra. Anyone who thinks any business provides any amenity for "free" does have the foggiest idea of what they're talking about. The cost of any "free" amenity is built into the price of the products or services you buy from the business. The coffee shop on the corner with "free wi-fi' has built the cost of that wi-fi into the price of the cup of coffee you buy.
  20. Your only reasonable options from transportation between LGA and Cape Liberty are rideshare (Uber or Lyft) or a car service. Public transit between the two is impractical, requiring 5 or 5 different transportation mechanisms combining bus, multiple trains, and a taxi or uber ride at the end. It seems fairly obvious from reading the pp2f website that they only provide local shuttle service to and from their parking facilities in the immediate vicinity of each of the three airports, not service between airports.
  21. Assuming that you're flying into EWR there are a large variety of hotels near the airport. To narrow your search you might want look at a cluster of five hotels including an Embassy Suites, a Courtyard by Marriott and a Residence Inn located on International Boulevard in Elizabeth. The hotels are adjacent to The Mills at Jersey Gardens outlet mall and a couple of chain casual dining restaurants. They will all have complimentary shuttle service from the airport. The next day you can take Uber or a car service such as Carmel Limo from the hotel to the cruise terminal.
  22. Trinityreservations.com has park and cruise packages with transportation to/from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal at some hotels near EWR.
  23. Yes, it's the "pirate ship" located at the Dockyard.
  24. It hardly matters whether you choose LGA or JFK. Pick the one that has the flight schedule that best meets your needs.
  25. Capital One is just the name of a bank. Their credit cards are either Visa or Mastercard branded so they're no different than any other Visa or Mastercard issued by any other US-based bank and are accepted anywhere in the world where Visa or Mastercard are accepted. I suspect the OP wants to use a Capital One card because many if not all of their cards don't charge a foreign transaction fee.
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