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  1. @PelicanLvr You're much more likely to get your preferred time if you request a shared table. Asking for a table for 2 on a sea day reduces your chances greatly. @MEFIowa Higher level cabins get the same number of reservations as lower level. No more, no less. Their only advantage is that they can book them sooner. Also, not all higher level cabins will even request additional reservations. We always book PH and have never requested more specialty dining reservations. As @ORV pointed out, it's all about shared tables or not. +1
  2. No password needed. Log in with your Oceania Club member number which is found on your stateroom card and then enter your birthdate. I've completed the survey with my iPhone in less than 15 minutes. It was easy. I agree that it should be made available after disembarkation but I think too many people give up on it without trying. JMO
  3. That makes me wonder if they are no longer offering OBC for those who complete the survey. On my last couple of cruises, there were several announcements made by the CD that you will be entered into the drawing for a chance to win $100 OBC if you complete the survey. It was also announced in Currents. With the cost-cutting that O seems to be doing it wouldn't surprise me if that was eliminated. Regarding your O club member number, it should be on your stateroom card. Easier than looking for it on your invoice.
  4. I fly to Florida so here is my take on it - Port Everglades is much easier to get to and navigate around in than Port Canaveral. PE is a short ride from the airport while PC is not. The traffic flow at PC is terrible and if you’re on a shuttle bus it will take a very long time to get to the ship. Given the choice, I would fly to FLL and take a cruise out of Port Everglades.
  5. I get your frustration and disappointment with Oceania but the cold truth is that Celebrity is owned by RCL and they have a profit. Oceania on the other hand is owned by NCLH and they are losing money. NCLH just last week slashed their full-year outlook. IMO it's less about customer service and more about cash on hand to offer refunds.
  6. I have been on a Panama Canal cruise and didn't get any vaccinations for it but it really does depend on where you will be. I'd check with a medical clinic with knowledge about international travel. I've lived in West Africa where malaria is very prevalent. If malaria is prevalent in the countries you will be in (and it may not be), my best advice is to use strong insect repellent such as Deet and wear long sleeves and pants, especially if you are out at night. That's probably a better precaution than an anti-malaria pill. Speaking from experience.....
  7. I have never seen them reduce the price on the cruises that I've been on.
  8. Vista will be sailing in the Caribbean winter 2025. There are numerous Miami-Miami cruises available.
  9. The realtime difference between Celebrity and Oceania is profit. Celebrity, which is owned by RCI is profitable. Oceania, which is owned by NCLH is losing money. Looks like Celebrity has the cash to refund customers for changed itineraries and Oceania does not. I'm not making excuses for anyone but I don't think this has to do with understanding the lifetime value of customers. Maybe this is a lesson for us to check the financial statements of the cruise lines before we book.
  10. For us, it's itinerary first and ship second. Next up for where we want to cruise is Canada/New England. Vista just sailed there but we couldn't go this year so we're going next fall instead. Only Nautica and Insignia will be sailing there in 2024 and that's fine. We've been on Nautica, Sirena and Regatta and loved them all. The only thing I would suggest is to book a PH on an R ship if you can because of the bathroom size.
  11. Huh? A glance at the financials of NCLH will show you that is not true. They're not in excellent financial shape. The numbers show a negative EPS and negative net profit margin. I suspect some of the decisions they are making are because of the poor financial shape they are in. I agree that promising FCC one day and then taking it away the next is poor customer relations but I understand why they can't offer it. You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip.
  12. I was on Nautica at the end of August, The CD was Leslie Jon. He is fantastic. He's a natural at the job. Just the right amount of talking. I've been on 7 Oceania cruises, all with different CDs. Leslie Jon was the best. I don't know if he is still on Nautica. Enjoy the cruise.
  13. The OP also mentioned Royal. They offer complimentary WiFi for suite guests. No restrictions on number of devices.
  14. @DrKoob Thanks for your review. I haven't been on Vista but I hope to someday. Just to clarify a couple of things. You mentioned Viking doesn't do an upsell in the spa. Oceania doesn't either. They don't try to sell me anything after the service. No ship photographers on Oceania either.
  15. Your 2017 cruise isn’t recent but I am curious about what you said about entertainment being non-existent. There is a show in the lounge every night, among other venues as well. Regarding elevator music being played everywhere….I wouldn’t classify Eagles and Led Zepplin as “elevator music”.
  16. I'll chime in. I understand the disappointment and frustration of the OP however as many have already pointed out, the cruise line can legally change the itinerary. What is happening in that region is a tragic situation and major changes must be made to the itineraries involved, through no fault of Oceania and other cruise lines. As cruisers, we are aware that ports and itineraries can change with little notice. I accept that. If there are certain places that a person has their heart set on visiting, consider booking a land tour. Regarding Oceania issuing FCCs, I understand why they are reluctant to do so. If there are too many passengers on that cruise who don't like the new itinerary for whatever reason, where does that leave Oceania? What was once a possibly fully booked cruise may then be half booked 3 weeks before the cruise is set to embark. I do not think an FCC is justified.
  17. I agree with you about the eggs benedict. I've tried it a few times in Terrace Cafe and wasn't impressed so now I just get a croissant and fruit. The croissants are very good. They don't do scrambled eggs well either. The berries can be hit or miss. Seems to depend on how close to the end of the cruise you are. I'll drink one cup of coffee a day so on my next cruise I will make it a point to go to Baristas rather than getting the mediocre coffee in Terrace. I didn't go there at all on my last cruise. Thanks.
  18. We have found the Oceania brand to be a good fit. We like the semi-inclusive format. I know there are some amenities that I'm not going to get my money's worth on and that's okay. We don't drink the sodas in the refrigerator. The only thing in the cabin that we'll drink is the Vero water and the bottle of wine that's included with Oceania Club. I've been on 7 Oceania cruises and I could count on one hand the number of times I've been to afternoon tea. I'll go to Baristas once in awhile, certainly not every day. We go to many of the nightly shows but not all. All of the above are included in the fare but I know I'm not taking advantage of it all. It's okay. I understand that some people don't like Simply More pricing including beer and wine with meals and a credit for excursions. It appears to be becoming more common and it could be harder and harder to find a smaller, upscale cruise line that doesn't include these things now. I think Oceania's pricing is fair and the product is good. YMMV
  19. @roberts2005 Sorry you had to go through all that. It sounds like more of an issue with the connectivity on the ship rather than the device you were using. I've done the survey on my iPhone on Nautica (last month) and on Sirena (2022) without a problem. For the concierge or whoever told you that you can't log in using Apple products is just wrong.
  20. It is unfortunate that you were given wrong information. I completed the survey on my iPhone and didn’t have any trouble with it.
  21. I can also say that I've never been on a ship excursion with 40 people on the bus. Most of them have been in the 25-30 range. It depends on the location too. On a South Pacific cruise you won't be in a large bus because they don't have them. You'll be in a van, pick-up truck or boat. Europe and other locations are different but still....it's not going to be 40 people. Not in my experience anyway.
  22. @techteach Sorry to hear this. Regarding Waves Grill, there is much more on the menu than hot dogs and hamburgers. There is surf (lobster) and turf (steak), panini sandwiches, salads, ice cream, shakes, among other selections. When you are eating at Waves Grill, order your drinks from the server and then you won't have to stand in a line. Room service is available 24 hours. I agree service in the GDR is unpredictable. Sometimes good, sometimes not. Talk to the GM onboard if things don't improve.
  23. On the R class ships, the Captain's Party is in the lounge. It's only on the larger ships where it's in Horizons. It wouldn't be feasible to have your group in the lounge because the bar won't be open. It will close after the Captain's party and won't reopen until the 9:30 show.
  24. The Captain's Party on Sirena will be in the lounge on Deck 5. Horizons is a good place to meet. People would just have to move up a few decks if they want to attend both.
  25. On a 7-day cruise you will not get a mid-cruise comment card. Look for instructions in Currents on how to access the online end-of-cruise survey.
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