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  1. Google Maps is your friend. The Statue of Liberty is across the harbor close to New Jersey. The ship will not pass it, but you might get a view. The ship will pass under the Verrazzano Bridge shortly after sailing.
  2. Don't let the word medallion scare you. It's works like a cruise card with more functions as others have explained. When you arrive at the pier you will go through security, and then the line splits into two. The green lane is for those that already have their medallion, the blue lane is for those that have to pick up their medallion. It's a short detour, maybe 5 minutes. There is no charge for picking up at the pier. No real benefit to have it sent to your home except the few minute detour. You can dine wherever you wish. The medallion has no bearing on where you dine. It is best to complete all the check in information pre-cruise on the app or on the web version. It makes the medallion pick up very smooth and quick. The medallion is provided in a plastic holder with a lanyard. Other holders are available on board for a fee. You can also remove it from the lanyard and carry it in your pocket or some other way. It has been mentioned that the medallion fits into the air tag nicely.
  3. The connecting door is near the cabin entrance across from the closet area. Not big groups, maybe families. You can hear talking through the connecting door area at times.
  4. Yes, all Caribe deck balcony cabins all have 9ft x 9ft balconies that are half covered. I usually book the category BD aft cabins. I find that they are quiet and that there isn't much motion. Watch for interior connecting cabins. There are a few mid ship. You can locate them by viewing the deck plans on the Princess.com web site and then checking the connecting cabin box. The Terrace Pool aft is a quiet pool location with nice views. There are limited lounges and basically no shade. Outriggers bar is right there. Calypso Reef Pool mid ship has movies and other videos playing all day and evening. There are newer movies in the evening. Neptune's Reef Pool also mid ship has the most activities, which may include poolside games, live music and such. If Lotus Spa Pool is open it is also a very quiet location to lounge. The Emerald has a 360 degree promenade. Nice to walk, sit, view, whatever you like. Check out all the food venues. DRs - open for breakfast and dinner each day and lunch on sea days. International Cafe in the Piazza. Open 24/7. No charge for food items. Coffee/Espresso drinks have a charge.* World Fresh Marketplace, buffet, open from 6am until around 10pm every day. Never closes during that time. They may have some special theme events such as chocolate dessert day. By the lido deck pools there are also The Salty Dog Grill, Slices Pizza & Coffee and Cones. All no charge for food items. Coffee & Cones has specialty coffee/espresso drinks for a charge.* There is no charge for coffee, tea, and some other beverages in the buffet, DRs, room service. * If you have the plus or premier fares unlimited non alcoholic beverages are included. The package also includes 15 alcoholic beverages/day plus some other benefits. The main other benefits are the daily gratuities and unlimited internet.
  5. No charge for coffee in the DRs, buffet, room service. Brewed coffee at the International Cafe is around $2, espresso drinks are between $4 and $6.
  6. Yes, the casino takes cash at bot the slots and tables. The casino will also charge play to your onboard account if that is what you wish. At the slots you just scan your medallion and select the amount to be charged. At table games you provide your medallion to the dealer and request an amount to be charged to your on board account. Once approved after a few minutes the dealer will provide you with the chips.
  7. I have seen bowls of nachos in the buffet at around 3pm.
  8. When it is on the menu you can order a second tail for a fee. The first serving is no charge
  9. Not really. I always wait until I'm home and away from the cruise high and away from some, not all, higher pressure on board sales people before I decide to book. Normally there are no special lower fares or better benefits when you book on board. I receive better benefits through my T.A.
  10. Before arrival in the US you will receive detailed instructions in your cabin. Read them and follow the instructions exactly. You will not have to pack up your belongings. Your cabin will be serviced like any other day. There will be two options. Leave the ship to tour around, or remain on board. If you leave the ship you can depart anytime after disembarkation has begun. You will require your passport, medallion and intransit card. You can re-board anytime after general boarding has begun, usually around 11am up until final boarding for sail away. On leaving the ship you will go through immigration. On re-boarding you will have to go through security. Then you proceed to the gate and board. No real waiting. If you decide to stay on board you and all other intransit passengers will be instructed to meet in a lounge or some other location at a specific time, probably around 9/9:30am. Do not ignore this instruction. If even one person is a no show every one waits until that person can be located. You will have to have your passport and medallion with you. Once every passenger that is disembarking has done so, as a group the intransits, you, will be led off the ship, through the terminal and immigration and then back onto the ship. In Ft. Lauderdale the immigration was very quick using facial recognition. Not sure how it's handled in Port Canaveral, but thinking the same way. From experience I don't believe the intransit group will be too large.
  11. Gratuities are charged daily to your onboard accounts at $16/pp.
  12. One check in and you are done. What port are you boarding at and where is the turn around port? If at a US port there are some immigration requirements.
  13. What you are receiving is satellite internet service. Wifi is not really the proper term. Text is a cell service. If you use that you will be charged excessive dollars. On board you turn you phone or smart device to air plane mode. This shuts off the cell service. Then you turn on wifi to connect to the internet. If you want to send pictures email them.
  14. Agree, 100%. Don't believe there are any casual dining venues open for lunch. If any it would be Vines.
  15. Normally Brooklyn. Check the official port schedule at the below site. Select the terminal "Brooklyn" Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Brooklyn Terminal again Scroll down and select schedule. You can find your ship by date and name. If it is not there try the same with Manhattan. Princess does have a few sailings from Manhattan, but not many. https://www.panynj.gov/port/en/our-port/cruise-terminals.html
  16. I would like to add. St. Thomas, St. Maarten & Antigua are popular ports as they can be reached on week long cruises from Florida. You are likely to encounter multiple ships in port. The other itinerary has some less busy ports.
  17. I was on the Ruby a few months ago. I The ship has a full 360 degree promenade with chairs and small tables. The promenade get lots of use from those walking and those sitting and enjoying. On the Hawaii itinerary The 1st two to three days after leaving S.F. can be cool with choppy seas. After that it gets tropical. Besides all the standard activities there will be an Hawaiian program. This includes ukulele & hula instruction each sea day and a show on the last day of the cruise. There are also Hawaiian craft sessions. These have a small fee for supplies mainly. The Hawaiian ambassadors that run the program also provide some entertainment sets. The ukulele lessons are for beginners. The ship has maybe 60 ukuleles which are quickly taken. Show up early for the first session. Better, bring your own. Royal Class ships tend to have most of their evening music sets in the Piazza. The Ruby has the Wheelhouse Bar, Crooner's, Explorer's Lounge, Club Fusion as well as the Piazza. You will find evening live music, game shows, dance sessions, party band music in all these venues. On deck 16 aft you will find the Adagio Lounge, a quiet location for a drink, reading, whatever. On Deck 18 aft is Skywalker's. A lounge with great views and a late night nightclub.
  18. Any activity by the spa, on board shops, art auction are sales pitches to get you to spend your funds. I avoid them.
  19. You have to have at least 100 shares of Carnival Corporation stock in any account in your name. Princess does not have stock.
  20. You should get a passport. It is the best way to go. You can travel with a driver's license and an original birth certificate, the one with the embossed seal, under the WHTI requirements. See site below. Note that the DL has to meet certain requirements. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens/western-hemisphere-travel-initiative
  21. Have been to all those ports. They are all nice. Choose the one that fits your schedule the best. You will have a good time regardless of which one you choose. Remember to allow sufficient time to reach San Juan. I searched and did not see any direct flights from Indianapolis. Looks like all the flights have connections and take 6+ hours. It is recommended to fly in at least one day early.
  22. It depends. The mid ship ones are covered by the decks above. The few forward facing ones I believe have some partial cover.
  23. It's not painful at all. Turn around ports are normally treated just like any other port day. Get off, walk around, take your excursion or whatever and re-board. If you book as three different booking numbers the three will be combined as a single cruise in the app/web site and once on board. One on board account for the entire 21 days.
  24. Above posts reference self laundry. If you are thinking about laundry service the charge is by the piece, T shirts one price, underwear another price, dress shirts, shorts and such all have their own costs. From experience a bag of normal mixed laundry will be somewhere in the $45 to $55 range. Princess does not have bag pricing.
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