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  1. Or on February 29th and only comes round every 4 years! 😲
  2. Talks a lot of sense imo. And without wishing to get political, we could hope that the planning and logistics would be better handled by the military than we have seen thus far. Re your question, i know not everyone agrees with vaccination but provided we were fairly confident that they were, above all, safe then I'd be quite happy to comply. It would be worth it to me to be able to enjoy travelling again. It would also be reassuring knowing other passengers were also vaccinated. I wonder if that requirement for a certificate (hopefully internationally accepted) would extend to the crew on cruise ships. Also, i know nothing about the medical issues, but might some people not be suitable for vaccination on medical grounds even if they would like to be vaccinated? That would be tough on them.
  3. It isn't a freebie as there is a monthly fee - though very competitive I think. There are of course age premiums and delared conditions which generate extra charges, but I agree it will be carefully costed by the provider to make the sums balance.
  4. I think your assessment is correct, given the FOC advice at the time of booking. We too have Flexplus and as we booked our 2021 cruises last year and also moved a 2020 P&O cruise into 2021 when we could see the writing on the wall at the time when full payment was due - but that was before the critical date in March after which all new bookings did not include Covid cover. By continuing with the policy and renewing in early summer we were assured the Covid cover is maintained for these pre-Covid booked cruises. Had we let the insurance lapse though, taking it out again say, next year, we would not be covered for these cruises on resumption of insurance. Let's hope our cruises will go ahead next year and effective vaccines are available! 🤞
  5. I agree, no point in paying for something you aren't going to use however, we did renew our annual insurance recently to retain the cover for Covid still valid for bookings made before March (was it the19th?) 2020. As we have a number of cruises booked, it will cover the deposits which significantly exceed the premium. We had a very civilized discussion with them at the time of renewal and they said we could cancel and take it out again later but we decided to stick. Perhaps just worth weighing that up if you have a rolling annual policy and are in a similar situation to us. Our friends recently renewed theirs with the same company and there was no increase in premium, so that was good. That promoted some debate as we discussed it - have holiday insurers done well or badly in this crisis? Are holiday companies picking up the deposit refunds and holiday costs because they cancelled trips (sorry, I know this is a sore point for many as they aren't coughing up in many cases, at least not yet) so that insurers don't have to pay up for some who weren't able to take their holiday, or became ill during the holiday. The latter can carry heavy costs, hospitalization or even repatriation which won't have been happening for some considerable time. If a significant number like us are carrying on paying for insurance from which we aren't going to make a claim, then the insurers are doing quite well out of it! 🤔
  6. Sounds really good and I'm sure you will enjoy the experience. Our P&O Baltic cruise this year had an overnight in Oslo which was the main reason for booking. We've only spent one day in Oslo and loved it, so were looking forward to spending more time there. (Have you been before? If not I'd highly recommend the Frogner Park where the sculptor Vigeland created the most amazing exhibition. How anyone could represent such a range of emotions from slabs of granite is amazing.) The rest of the itinerary was unusual too - we've done the Baltic several times so it was appealing to have less common destinations included. We've swapped that cruise for another Baltic one next year - no Oslo ☹ but three ports which are new to us, so hopefully it will offer something of interest. At the moment, any itinerary is appealing! Fingers crossed we can go!
  7. Spent a weekend there .... a looooong time ago. Did you ever get involved with the Battle of the Roses?
  8. Yes still subscribe and like you, we highlight our viewing for the week. All recorded so we can watch when convenient. We have had a Netflix subscription though (a welcome Christmas gift) and wouldn't have imagined how much we value it or how many really good series we've enjoyed. Of course because of the restrictions this year, we've watched far more than usual.
  9. And not only that, but you pick up the nuances too. Surprising what little subtle hints, actions or words which are relevant can pass me by. I often read episode recaps too (the Guardian and Den of Geek are good) after each episode so see if I've missed anything important. Bit sad, I know, but they are well written and an enjoyable read in their own right. I think I'd have struggled a bit at times with Ozark without the episode recapsv- and I needed the subtitles too but it was worth the effort!
  10. I know the feeling well! And sometimes it's just some minor fact or action which rings a bell. I work on the theory if I'm enjoying , it can stand a second read. Since the repeat of Series 1 of Line of Duty, we're watching all the series again. I can't believe how much I'd forgotten - at least watching them end to end avoids the 'Who's that again, how does he/she fit in?' questions which we invariably have after a lengthy period between each series being shown originally. 😁
  11. I enjoy all the US authors you mention but some of the home grown ones are unfamiliar to me so thanks for the suggestions, I'll follow those up. 👍 One I read recently wasn't a crime novel but I see you include Jodi Picoult in your list so you might like a book I read recently, A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. Something rather diffeent which i very much enjoyed especially with the historical context. One of my all time favourites is the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett. Hefty tomes (best tackled on your Kindle, especially for holiday packing!) but a great resumé of 20th Century history weaving the story from the perspectives of families from different countries, backgrounds and allegiances. You've perhaps already read them, but if not I could recommend. (His Middle Ages trilogy is also good with a prequel just being released but the C20th series is my favourite.)
  12. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23505-carnival-to-further-accelerate-ship-exits-18-vessels-to-leave.html Just seen this timed 1 hour ago so looks like additional reductions. Specifically mentioning the less efficient ships............. oh dear, hope that's not Aurora and Arcadia. 😯
  13. View of Old Harry Rocks from Studland with Allure and Anthem of the Seas with IoW in the background. Aurora's gone to Weymouth Bay after being almost a fixture for months. Beach and car park much busier than I expected and the N.T. one way system pretty pathetic - poor signage and therefore little adherence to distancing on very narrow paths. Made a nice change though and to see the ships from a different angle.
  14. Too true ..... and coming back to my earlier post, I feel sure if the cruise experience resembles something we might consider 'normal' next year, there will be takers even at inflated prices. Within reason, I can see us accepting prices we would previously have rejected simply to be able to resume cruising which we have missed so much this year. That would probably mean fewer trips in the year but I think a lot of people are pretty desperate to get back to 'normal' if that is at all possible. 🤞
  15. True - and I share your sentiments. But if you have employees relying on the work you provide......... It's a real moral dilemma. I accept that big companies are perhaps not so worried about their workers on an individual level as compared with the bottom line but smaller companies may have a close relationship with their workforce and may be persuaded to bite the bullet and hike up prices just to survive for themselves and for those who depend on them. Just glad I don't have to make those kinds of decisions. Having said that I would fully support any company which is seen to be doing the 'right thing' over those who are cynically cashing in - it's just weighing up what may be reasonable for any given firm in the circumstances.
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