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  1. Another vote for Catherine Palace, plus the Hermitage (including the Gold Room) and Church of the Spilled Blood. Peterhof is good too especially the Gardens but if I were doing one of that and Catherine Palace, internally I prefer Catherine Palace - plus the history is very interesting and the restoration amazing.
  2. Perhaps so they can identify your deck enabling them to organise cases by deck in the luggage pick up area. They used to issue coloured tags with your disembarkation info but by retaining your embarkation tags it would avoid using new tags for disembarkation. (We came across this system with another cruise line - anyone who needed replacements having removed them on arrival just went to Reception for replacements.)
  3. Thanks for that feedback so,ton saint. I guess the ever bigger ships expected is going to cause some changes to their organisation - and perhaps not for the better. The increase in passenger numbers is bound to increase congestion. 😯
  4. Yes - and all the extra traffic too! It just gets worse hereabout - the number of times we have alerts about the M27. We don't have far to go to get into Southampton but i never underestimate the potential problems. As you say its only going to get worse. As a matter of interest how do you rate the terminals so,ton saint? I don't like the City Terminal having had our worse experiences there (with different cruise lines) but from your perspective which do you think is more user friendly for passengers?
  5. ☹ Oh dear! Sounds as though your experience mirrored ours jenny wren. Doesn't look as though lessons have been learned.
  6. Showing up on here Scot born - if it's not the right date just try the correct one. Looks like they're planned to be there. I've found in the past Marella sometimes don't show up on some of these sites - perhaps it's just a What's in Port omission. https://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruisesonmarelladream-25dec2019.html
  7. We haven't received an email either. I guess there is some pattern to its roll-out but so far our CP is accessible for our cruise later this month (had panic and booked an excursion I'd been undecided about in case it's not working any time soon!) also those booked next year. But thanks for the heads up. Let's hope it's seamless.
  8. Agree about the cinema being too small on Arcadia but then it doesn't seem to be an issue for you. It depends a bit on length of cruise, itinerary and number of sea days (and whether its likely to be warm enough to be on deck) whether the option of a film is of interest to us. We've done a couple of longer cruises on Arcadia e.g. NY/Canada when the weather and TA makes the indoor space more important. To that effect, Aurora is rather better imo - and as mentioned before, Anderson's and other lounge spaces are excellent on Aurora. But having said that we were perfectly happy on Arcadia and found areas we liked developing a very comfortable pattern of what to do and places to settle down. It has a nice Crow's Nest. The coffee bar, Caffe Vivo is a bit claustrophobic being tucked in an internal area by the cinema but there are other lounges like the Piano Bar for coffee - iirc they also serve hot drinks in the Crow's Nest too. Our friends who love Aurora, Britannia (and Oriana), like Oceana but not Ventura recently went on Arcadia for the first time - didn't like it on first impressions but loved it by the time they got off!!!!! We like Arcadia and have more trips booked on her (as have our friends!) and are very much looking forward to it. I'm sure you'll find it has a similar vibe to Aurora and will enjoy discovering Arcadia.
  9. Not exactly sure, okavango as I haven't got the documentation any longer but have a feeling it was 12 - 3. We arrived a little before 12.30 and after queueing (not too long) to collect our luggage labels, then queuing to go through security and registration, I think it was about 2.30 before we were on board. There were loads behind us. We were late departing due to not all passengers being on board and muster was later than first intended. I think we'd lost our slot too so had to wait for another ship to go before us.
  10. Agree - our experience of fly/cruises has been very good. Arrivals are staggered due to different flight arrivals. Like gillhalfpint, we too had a quick check-in last year at Southampton but arrived perhaps half an hour earlier than this year. Made a difference! So pleased to hear things were so much better on 27th - the provision of seating and imposing some means of allowing passengers to embark in order is just what was needed. I'd have been ok having to wait 2 hours had we been able to sit and if folk were being taken in turn. I have no problem whatsoever with those who are premium passengers or those with medical needs being given priority. All it needed was some system in place. Good news to hear that apparently that is now happening.
  11. There doesn't necessarily need to be 500 beds available in a given town - we were taken on a 120 mile round trip to be accommodated when the ship was late arriving back for us to embark.
  12. And to add to Eglesbrech's advice - and thinking back to your security concerns: Norway is almost cash-less - if you have a Halifax Clarity Credit Card then you need only a little cash - just in case. Even the toilets by the Tourist Information in Bergen needed a CC to get in! The exchange rate is better than the High Street and no charges for transactions including cash withdrawals. Pay up as soon as you get home and avoid any interest charges. Money from an ATM will accrue interest from the day of withdrawal but will be minimal if you clear it as soon as you're home. But as mentioned, everything is very expensive in Norway. I should endorse what others have said about feeling very safe in Norway. I just have a Kipling style bag (with zips) which I wear across my body and have never had concerns. A CC if stolen can be quickly cancelled - make sure you have a note of card details and emergency cancellation numbers in your safe in the cabin. Research your ports of call, including getting advice on here if needed and try to get an idea of what you want to do in each place. As a newbie, the idea of DiY may feel daunting, but it very easy to explore independently in the main and as these ports will be new to you, there may well be plenty to do without paying a lot for excursions - unless there's something you think is 'must do'. Excursions too are pricey in Norway. But it's a fabulous - absolutely spectacular scenery. I hope you'll enjoy Norway as much as we do and also your first experience of cruising. We started with a week in Norway and it's become quite an expensive hobby!!!😀
  13. I wouldn't risk dismissing anything when it comes to people's safety - nor would any responsible Company. Clearly risk assessments will be different for every port to take into account local and individual circumstances. That's the nature of a risk assessment. The Captain was referring to Monaco and in that respect he felt it inappropriate to use that port during that weekend. That should have been incorporated into the risk assessment for that port.
  14. Credit to the Captain for saying he'd advised against using this port during the boat show. Whilst we may continue to split hairs I think that speaks volumes - plus his assertion that contingency planning is a priority. Risk assessment is all about weighing up the likelihood of something going wrong then how you propose to deal with it. If dealing with it becomes impractical or unlikely to be achieved, then it's not a risk that should be countenanced. Of course some ports will be more challenging than others in that respect but then you ask the question 'how problematic is tendering likely to be at this port?', 'how often do conditions change suddenly making conditions dangerous?' 'how often has tendering not been attempted at this port?' 'have we got the necessary contingency plans in place?' I'm sure there is plenty of historical information available to answer those questions. If the answer to all of these indicate it's unlikely to be a problem then the risk is low and a decision to tender is reasonable.
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