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  1. That's true even at launch.
  2. Since you want to engage in pedantics, my original comment was 'We see cabins offered at incredible prices compared with the past' - not about fire sales. And to return to the main thrust of my point is that in comparison current prices are a lot cheaper and that continuing to build more and ever bigger ships may not be sustainable.
  3. For example, I saw a Cunard 14 day Iceland cruise recently starting at less than £1200 in September - not typical Cunard price I think. There's also a Med Oct cruise on Cunard at around £1250 for 14 nights. Princess 14 nt starting price £1115 in August. As is often posted on here cruise prices now are often no more than prices paid some considerable time ago. A check of the equivalent value of £1250 today compared with 2004 is £804. I doubt Cunard were selling 14 night cruise at that price in 2004. Certainly 15 years ago we were paying as much, often more than we do now - and in the context of inflation I think this represents a significant price drop.
  4. ^ I think there is a serious growing issue of filling all the ever larger cruise ships. At some point, surely supply is likely to outstrip demand. We see cabins offered at incredible prices compared with the past - you could argue that huge ships provide an economy of scale and therefore more competitive pricing but even so, late deals indicate unsold cabins and over capacity across the cruise industry. Clearly companies are doing a hard sell on the concept of cruising to virgin cruisers - they have to increase their customer base but there has to be a point at which thus will tail off. Once saturation point is reached, building more and more ships is surely questionable especially in the context of the other issues raised on this thread.
  5. True but don't forget the dividends. Say, around £150 p.a. in round figures plus one 14 night cruise @ £150 obc is a 6% return on a £5,000 investment. Two cruises yields £450 on a £5,000 investment which is 9%. If you were to buy now at £3,500 dividends plus one cruise would generate about 8.8%. As already said, if you cruise with Carnival on a fairly regular basis it's not a bad return. For those who bought at rates well under £3,000, it's been better still. Of course as with any shares, it is a risk but if you are prepared to hang on to your investment - and carry on cruising 😁 then you are getting decent returns. It's certainly a better deal now than when the shares were around £5,000 for the necessary 100 shares. We bought ours with the share dealing arm if our high street bank. I think there was a set up fee and of course charge for subsequent share dealing but no other charges as far ad I'm aware.
  6. In April this year on Oriana, £40 for the coach transfer, £45 for the train according to the pre-cruise brochure - with the appropriate loyalty discount if booked beforehand.
  7. I find this site very good too except when I looked yesterday to try to direct the OP to it, i found the times for Arcadia in 2019 were included but when i scrolled down for 2020 it was only the early/late description. Good to see it's included on cruisecalender site though - that's a new development as the specifics never used to be included
  8. I found this on the FAQs about Explorer. Hope that helps. Do I need a plug adapter in my cabin? Yes – if you need to use the plug sockets in your room, you’ll need to bring a European or US 2-pin adaptor. These are also available to purchase onboard the ship, just in case you do forget any! Our top tip - You may like to bring an extension lead if you have a couple gadgets you would like to have plugged in at one time. Cabins onboard Marella Explorer are fitted with 2 power sockets.
  9. We did the 'Rome on Your Own' coach transfer in April and the drop off was near the Forum. It used to be near the Vatican. P&O were also offering a train transfer which terminated at St Pietro. Prices were something like £40 for the coach and £45 for the train. There wasn't much in it as we debated which to take. I think it depends what you want to do - if it includes a visit to St Peter's then the train would be a good option or if you want to concentrate on the Form/Colosseum area the coach might be better.
  10. It's quite reassuring to find a plausible explanation. I'd never bothered to research it before but as it was raised here as an issue with fellow cruisers, I was quite relieved when I found that info. I'll give Eglesbrech's tip a try next cruise and try to drink more water too.
  11. I have the same problem. I've always put it down to more salt in food than my usual diet which would cause fluid retention. So..... I've just Googled it and found the following: The common denominator was that chefs on board the cruise ships were using large amounts of salt in their cooking, together with the fact that travellers tend to eat more on a cruise. ... Too much salt in one's diet causes fluid retention, and this could be why your feet and ankles return to normal when you return home.
  12. The above is very damning. There appears to be no will to clean up their act. We all contribe to the abuse of our planet and despite our individual efforts, however great or small, I'm afraid the future is grim. However, attempts to control, minimise or slow down the process has to be welcomed and where there is specific legislation which is being ignored by large companies, I can't see how that can be defended. Sadly in the context of the legal breaches, the publicity release to promote their 'green' credentials is inconsistent to stay the least!
  13. Apart from the examples mentioned above, I would like to think that overt breaches of H&S such as parking buggies or any other items in corridors should be addressed immediately. There are clear dangers attached to not keeping escape routes clear. I would find it an abdication of legal responsibilities if this were not to be tackled immediately it becomes obvious by any member of staff or passenger reporting the issue. I found that situation very disturbing - as well as some of the other incidents highlighted.
  14. We went on the 'Rome on Your Own' ship's excursion so were picked up dockside. The previous time we were there iirc we took the port shuttle out to this car park/ bus station area. I feel sure it was provided by the port authority as you weren't allowed to walk - or so we were told. Since it's now much extended its not a walk I'd fancy although going back quite a lot of years ago, we always walked out of the port to the fort at the entrance then headed right to the train station. Once at the drop off point, it was easy to wander into town or the seafront. When we stayed in Civitavecchia we had a stroll along the waterfront, stopp3d for a drink and just had a leisurely day.
  15. Thanks for the up-date...........awaiting further reports! Enjoy Santander - glad the weather is good for you - still gloomy/threatening to rain again on the S Coast. Where has our summer gone? Still we are not in the terrible situation of those poor folk in Lincolnshire - so will rest content!
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