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  1. Do you really think it's that easy? They tons of orders, and where will they put Wonder in the meantime, because obviously they need that space for the next one.
  2. Spectrum is going to Australia, and will offer complimentary cruises out of Sydney in support of Australia's First Responder Community, who worked tirelessly over many weeks of the bush fire Crisis, and Millennium is repositioning to the west coast earlier and will offer a series of cruising for heroes in support of the California firefighters, and other veterans throughout March and April. My bet is on Spectrum.
  3. Most probably it will be an empty TA. Because usually you have a couple of days for Travel Agents, and you have to baptize the ship before her maiden voyage.
  4. This is my prediction also. Spectrum will end up in either Europe or West Coast.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if Spectrum ends up in Europe or West Coast.
  6. No, she is docked in Busan, South Korea with all crew onboard.
  7. Platinum on Carnival, and yes they have the worst food(together with MSC) of all the cruise lines. However the good thing is that their specialty restaurants are very reasonable priced and excellent!
  8. I don't do MDR, but their buffet is excellent. I have been on 3 of their newer ships lately.
  9. I would suggest Princess or NCL. But the newer ships!
  10. Wasn't the granddad a police officer? aren't police officers trained to be extra vigilant? From day 1I said there was something fishy in this case.
  11. I'm Diamond Plus and I cruise on all other Cruise Lines! Especially NCL, Princess and HAL.
  12. What's the reason Celebrity send her all the way to Spain, and back to the Caribbean in January, since she was delivered in May 2011, so could have gone another year.
  13. Carnival has a brand new ship in LA year round now, so maybe they are willing to try again.
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