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  1. Yes! I buy it but only when it’s half price. Lol. Also my .02 — I wouldn’t go into those pizza places advertising 99cents slices. Lol Also chains around Times Square you can do better.
  2. I want to recommend the shows now playing at New World Stages which technically considered off Broadway. Jersey Boys, Rock of Ages, and The Play That Goes Wrong. There is not a bad seat in the house; the seats themselves are wide; and there are ample brand new bathrooms. You can most most likely get tickets at the TKTS booth for these shows. Just saw Rock of Ages which I thought was a lot of fun and had never seen on Broadway.
  3. Traffic near the pier won’t be bad compared to near Rockefeller Center area. If you plan on arriving in am you should be fine.
  4. And I personally could not recommend any property that would not store you luggage. I don’t understand the word “bargain”. Because plenty of times you can get a decent hotel at a bargain price if you are not traveling peak season.
  5. The most convenient and closest airport to Cape Liberty is Newark Airport. If you take a cheaper airline from JFK or LaGuardia, the transfer costs would probably eat up all that was saved on airfare as there are tolls and extra fees involved. Use a matrix such as Kayak to find the least expensive fare. Use the live version of google maps. That is accurate. But everything is fluid depending on the day of the week and time of day you travel. And yes, there could be construction or an accident that particular day.
  6. Yes as stated above, Airbnb is illegal. There are certain buildings that are hotel/apartments for short term rentals. These are not rented through Airbnb.
  7. 99% and if they don’t it’s not some place you want to stay. Do you have any places in mind?
  8. Hotels in NYC have Bellman service. They will take the bags and store them in a storage room. When you officially check in the reception will call a bellman and he will deliver your bags to your room. It is customary to give the bellman a tip.
  9. Why are you reluctant to precook a return car? You call in the am to confirm and give a time you will be off. It’s very easy and no lining up and waiting. The driver then informs you where to meet him.
  10. Where was the property located? Why were they happy? Because it was much cheaper?
  11. On more than one occasion, posters have mentioned renting an AirBnB in NYC. Besides it being illegal, we warn against it because we don’t want anyone to be be a victim because since it’s illegal, only unscrupulous renters would offer an apt. Recently a tourist paid for a rental in a public housing project. AKA Known as “The Projects”.
  12. There’s a sticky on top of page. Weekend closures of PATH.
  13. Get travel size packets of Tide and Frebreze spray fabric refresher (I bought at Walmart). We hand wash our under garments. The Frebreze works well to freshen up clothes that are not soiled. There are shirts in travel catalogs that handwash and dry beautifully. Those are worth the investment.
  14. Hi you mentioned DoubleTree or Marriott. Both very easy walking as long as you’re in relatively good health. The streets in Financial District not a grid. Many are the same as when the Dutch traded with the Native Americans. Narrow and curved. Little Italy is now only a couple of blocks long now, it’s mostly Chinatown. The walk is doable but probably easier to hop on subway a couple of stops. Going to Broadway there are all the major lines from financial district. My secret weapon is Google navigation app. Put in your start and end points. Click train or walk and voila you have your routes. Download and set up the Uber app so you have it ready if you need it.
  15. Did someone say this ship would have gambling for the Asian market on another thread?
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