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  1. Where do you reside and what’s your age. Makes a big difference. Just follow the numbers. When it was 40% positive rate I was petrified my Mom was going to get it. Now that it hovers around 1% in NY I feel more relaxed that with the proper precautions.
  2. Number one concern is what are the protocols if I become infected on the ship? Also what are the protocols if another pax or a crew member becomes infected?
  3. I’ve read about “false negatives” with the instant tests. Haven’t read much about false positives.
  4. This can be considered an experiment. Obviously a more restrictive set of protocols have to be put in place next attempt.
  5. Re: crew infections. Are these crew members quarantined for 14 days before allowed on the ship? Are they kept in pods? Were they allowed off the ship? So many questions need to be answered before one can come to any conclusion.
  6. Possible Covid does not equate to Positive Covid. Possible means they need to do the testing to determine if he has COVID.
  7. We do the same. And so do our friends and relatives. It’s possible to have backyard gatherings maintaining distancing. It’s possible to do outdoor dining. We do outdoor activities. We can visit my elderly Mom. We love the beach but don’t go if the groups can’t maintain the recommended distance. Fortunately for us the beaches are capped at 50% admittance. During a heatwave this means you have to arrive by 9:00 am or be closed out. We just stay home. We have a lovely back yard fortunately. Curbside pick up is the best best thing to come out of this Covid disaster and I hope it continues indefinitely.
  8. One possible solution to the insurance issue is that the cruiselines follow same sort of protocol as Aruba. Everyone must have a negative Covid test within 72 hours of arrival.( Some may have the test at the airport but I don’t see this feasible for cruises ) Everyone is required to purchase supplemental Covid insurance from Aruban govt which will pay for your stay in quarantine. Of course Cruise Lines would have to tweak to fit their unique details, but it would allow cruising without vaccines.
  9. NZ is not testing either. There are no cases. Are you implying Italy Germany France are lying?
  10. I’ll be curious to know who will purchase these HAL ships. I mean who needs them now? I also agree it will be awhile before cruising begins. First flying has to open up.
  11. Have you checked the world wide unemployment rate lately?
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