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  1. LGA will take an hour during rush hour believe me. Going from East side to West side is hellish. lol. Yes the cab might be a little less but the price of the air tix needs to be figured in also.
  2. @acwmom I can’t imagine with four dining venues it will remain “come anytime”. It would be total chaos. The idea of the suites is to attract pax from the luxury ocean cruise lines. They have certain expectations based on their past experiences.
  3. It’s very easy to get from EWR to Times Square. It’s right through the Lincoln Tunnel and you’re in Times Square give a block or two. Chose the flights with the best price and schedule for you
  4. From my understanding (not that great lol), there will be many more suites $$$ and less average cabins. My main concern is that the Suite Pax are not given special privileges as on ocean cruises such as first for dinner and excursion reservations. That would be a deal breaker for me. With 2 suites currently, if those pax discretely received special privileges out of 70 cabins it’s not a biggie.
  5. A couple of things. You talk about the hull and also swapping ships. If you choose the AmaMagna there won’t be any comparable ship to swap, plus I doubt it has the hollow hull as the smaller ships. Also, the Danube is very port intensive. I would look closely at the day to day excursions and make my decision from that. For example, a recent cruiser was disappointed that Melk Abbey wasn’t part of her particular ship’s itinerary. There’s no reason to be disappointed. Choose the itinerary that suits you. Fortunately you have three good options available.
  6. Yes you can see out of them! (Unless you are under five feet tall) You will be pleasantly surprised.
  7. If your appreciate a luxurious experience, you’ll fall in love with Regent. I think the size of the cabins and the quality of the dining along with no crowds are the major differences between Regent and the mass lines.
  8. The odds are good if you’re going to Bermuda on the Celebrity Summit you’ll go close to SOL. This practice was started by Capt Leo years ago and since it was so well received by pax they try to oblige. We met up with the NCL ship leaving a little earlier from Manhattan and followed them all the way to Bermuda. The FDNY also puts on a nice display if they are not needed elsewhere. That said you can’t count on it from Bayonne, and nothing compares to the sailaway from Manhattan past the skyline.
  9. No they do not break it down. But the staff seems very content and happy. Always willing to serve with a smile. Not doing something because they’re going to get an extra tip. From my experience that equates high morale. I should add that I’ve used other brands without all inclusive. That’s the gratuity part. The interesting part is that all staff except the Cruise Manager is included in the group tip. The Cruise Manager is considered separately. I believe the staff gets to keep the tips but I also believe their salary is low and the tips boost their salary.
  10. Hmm interesting. That’s why I enjoy Uniworld. All tips included even to the guides and bus drivers. Everyone seems happy. It might seem more expensive when looking at the price but is it really when you add in gratuity?
  11. This is the first I’m hearing about auto gratuity on River Cruises. Which line? That said we always pay the suggested gratuity.
  12. They are NOT a waste of time. Ellis Island is especially interesting if you have relatives who entered through there. Even if you didn’t have relatives it’s an important place in American History. Basically anything that interests YOU is not a waste of time. Don’t pay attention to those who think their opinion is fact.
  13. I heard amazing things about the Agarve, enjoy
  14. I hope you’re doing the pre cruise in Lisbon too! Uniworld has a great program.
  15. She’s talking about 2020. Have faith. Lol
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