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  1. I would stay in Jersey City or Hoboken. Your ride up will be tiring. I’ve done it several times. The last thing you’re going to feel like doing is going to a mall. At least if you’re not up to coming over to Manhattan you’ll still have the view to enjoy. It will make the ride worthwhile.
  2. You can visit the 9/11 Memorial without the museum; go to the top of the Freedom Tower; visit the Oculus. All are next to each other. The ferry to JC right there. O
  3. I remember all your fabulous photos from your last cruise. Can’t wait to see what this cruise brings!
  4. Do you have any restaurant recommendations for Lisbon? Leaving next week!
  5. Have you seen one mention since the initial event? I know I learned about it on CC. Was it on the mainstream news? I don’t know. But I was referring to the investigation. Obviously the details of the event weren’t properly communicated because your friends tonight you might be in danger but it was 7 Korean tourists who perished. If all the facts were reported there would be no cause for alarm.
  6. Since you have such a short time you should stick to things close to your hotel. I would either do the Empire State Bldg, or Top of the Rock which is in Rockefeller Center and you get a view of the Empire State Bldg. My personal preference since you are short on time would be Rockefeller Center because the area surrounding is nicer plus you can also visit St Patrick’s Cathedral. After dark I would walk to Times Square to see all the lights. There’s really nothing like it in the world. Plus it’s free. lol. Your sailaway from Manhattan is wonderful. You’ll get a good view of Statue of Liberty.
  7. I would hope that even you are the biggest cheerleader of Viking products you still would want to learn the reason for this crash that killed innocent people, plus other crashes, plus the Viking Ocean fiasco that put many pax lives in danger. These are all factual events. Because they happened in Europe and no American lives were lost there was no reporting in American media. If it wasn’t for our European friends searching for articles concerning the events and in sometimes translating them, we would know even less. The facts in the latest article posted stated that the Captain passed the breathalyzer. It also stated as of now the Viking Captain is considered THE ONLY ONE AT FAULT. This has nothing to do with 1% ers. This is about finding out the facts.
  8. Re cell phone. Can your cellphone work on WiFi only? I’m sure both EWR and the hotel provide free WiFi. You still need to stay in contact with your driver whether it is a Car Service or Uber.
  9. Your hubby would rather drive into Manhattan than take a train? Does he have much experience driving down to NY from CT? The train is a breeze.
  10. We do that to bring different wine and spirits back home with us. And never had a problem.
  11. You’re allowed to give names and addresses especially. Just no travel agency names.
  12. Wow what’s your problem? Are you a Viking investor or something? Show me one post on this thread where a poster wrote Viking allowed drunkards to pilot their ships?
  13. Agreed. Embassy Suites walking distance to Bryant Park and several nice places to eat.
  14. I believe Princess leaves from Brooklyn.
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