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  1. Thank you Rich and Roy, and everyone for the beautiful photos! As one who lived thru 9-11 with smoke blowing over my house, papers landing in my yard, a husband working just a few blocks away from the site and a son on the front lines...it is truly something I will never forget. On another note, I have been wondering if anyone has heard from Scrapnana or Bill & Mary Ann? I don't know them personally, just loved following along on their blogs.
  2. Oh absolutely! Had planned to do a New England cruise this Fall and winter cruise as well 😪 Hoping It will be sooner rather than later....I'm not getting any younger!
  3. Prayers for an easy procedure and speedy recovery coming your way.
  4. Just saw an ad for this on Facebook....that's me! Probably everyone else here too!
  5. Another thank you to Rich and Roy! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I also did a family Med cruise last summer, celebrating a big birthday! So glad we did!
  6. Hey. I was going to bring brownies! Guess I'll bring berries instead!
  7. Nope, never heard of them either but they look scrumptious!
  8. They look delicious! I have never had a butter tart, in fact this is the first I am hearing of them and DH's father was from Canada! Is it a particular region "thing"?
  9. Thanks Rich for the daily and thank you everyone for the beautiful photos!!
  10. Speaking of dentures....saw this and thought you would enjoy: Bro. James, a retired pastor, had been called at the last minute to fill in that Sunday morning for a preacher friend who’d been rushed to the hospital with kidney stones. Knowing there was a long drive ahead of him, he threw himself together and rushed out the door, barely having time to grab his Bible. The organist was already playing when he walked into the church and that’s when he realized he’d forgotten his dentures. “No worries,” said the deacon seated on the front row beside him. Opening a briefcase, he extracted a set a teeth and said, “Here, try these on.” Bro. James bent low, trying not to attract any attention as he slipped the set into his mouth. “Nope, they’re too tight,” he said, “but thank you for trying.” “Hang on,” said the deacon, “try this other pair.” Bro. James swapped out the sets and whispered, “I believe I can use these.” His sermon went off without a hitch and no one but Bro. James himself and the deacon realized he was preaching with borrowed dentures. After the service, Bro. James wrapped the dentures in several tissues and returned them to the deacon. “I can’t thank you enough for your help. I’ve been meaning to get a new set anyway. Give me one of your cards and I’ll make an appointment.” “Oh, I’m not a dentist,” the deacon told him. “I run the funeral home.”
  11. Thank you! I have mostly been lurking and "liking" others posts! Will try to join in more...it is a fun thread!
  12. Thanks Rich for The Daily! Without a trip on the horizon to research and plan for, this is a wonderful place to visit each day!
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