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  1. In that case you will have plenty of time...Piazza San Marco is about a 1/2 hr walk from Piazzalle Roma or about an hour ride on the Vaporetto...if the ship offers a shuttle that's even better!
  2. Yes....I wasn't sure if I had it right or not...Thanks for clarifying!
  3. If the ship is departing on the 2nd day of the cruise then why not just board the ship after your flight instead of staying in the hotel. You will save a lot of time and can go out into Venice both days very easily and see a lot more....also have dinner where you planned. The restaurant is close to the port via the people mover. Otherwise you would have to board rather early the 2nd day to allow enough time to go back out and be back by 1:30
  4. The Downy Wrinkle Release spray (they even have it in travel size!) works pretty well
  5. Well, the weather prediction was off today and it turned out to be a nice day.....hope you got to do all that you wanted! Looks like a few early am showers tomorrow and then cloudy! Enjoy!
  6. It should be fine. You can also take it to the port (The Alilaguna ).
  7. No...the price is for the first 4 persons....anything over that is an additional 10 euro per person. If there are 2 of you it would be 130 unless you get another couple or two to share the ride. Check out the website: https://www.motoscafivenezia.it/it/ I just tried a "dummy" booking for May 1 for 2 people and the price came up as 92 euro.. to the port. From Marco Polo Airport to Carnival Palace it shows 115 euro.
  8. Yes, the prices are correct on the taxi. I originally planned to take the water bus to Piazzale Roma and then a land taxi or the people mover to the port but since there were so many of us it made sense to just take the water taxi...it was 130 euro but holds 10 people with luggage. The decor is a bit of both. They have a very nice outside garden as well. We were very happy there and would stay again.
  9. We (14 of us) recently stayed at the Carnival Palace Hotel and were very happy with it. We took a water taxi to it and the stop was right at their door. it is in a quieter location but very easy to get around and just 10 minute walk to Piazzale Roma. They seem to be a larger hotel so might not be sold out. Have a great trip!
  10. I could be mistaken as it was just starting to pour and we were rushing but on our way to the terminal after dropping off our bags I could swear I saw a couple of booths selling souveniers, etc. No actual stores though.
  11. Same here! Used them on a couple of previous trips and booked our July transfers and shore excursions for Pompeii and Amalfi Coast as well as a tour of Rome.. ....we were not disappointed....they are the best!
  12. Love the beach


    I am one who has always gotten mine ahead of time from my bank. It's just my own comfort level. I am usually booked on tours and find it hard to find an ATM without holding everyone else up and I'm also afraid of a machine "eating my card. With so much fraud these days I would be reluctant to use a machine unless it was in a bank.....again, that's just me. Have a great trip!
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