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  1. Good afternoon all and thanks again for the daily! A travel friend (met on a HAL cruise of course) sent me this awesome site....not cruising but it does help with the travel withdrawal: Give it a minute to load.... (select the double-time speed… and street noise ON,.. it’s more entertaining)
  2. I'd better know that one...it's the screensaver on my phone!
  3. Absolutely LOVE Montenegro! Can't wait to go back!
  4. Thank you Rich, Roy and everyone for the gorgeous pictures! Have a great weekend!
  5. Good morning all! Love the Bathsheba pictures.....have one of myself and DH in front of that rock on my nightstand. A lil chilly here too but furnace not yet ready to be turned on. It was a perfect day for apple picking yesterday so apple pie baking will warm up the house! Have a great day everyone!
  6. Had hoped to go back in Jan or Feb but waiting to see how things go. Can’t wait to cruise again! You be safe as well!
  7. Have always been fascinated by that pool! Had heard they had day passes and had planned to get one on my cruise last Feb but they weren't doing it that day 😥
  8. Thank you Rich and Roy, and everyone for the beautiful photos! As one who lived thru 9-11 with smoke blowing over my house, papers landing in my yard, a husband working just a few blocks away from the site and a son on the front lines...it is truly something I will never forget. On another note, I have been wondering if anyone has heard from Scrapnana or Bill & Mary Ann? I don't know them personally, just loved following along on their blogs.
  9. Oh absolutely! Had planned to do a New England cruise this Fall and winter cruise as well 😪 Hoping It will be sooner rather than later....I'm not getting any younger!
  10. Prayers for an easy procedure and speedy recovery coming your way.
  11. Just saw an ad for this on Facebook....that's me! Probably everyone else here too!
  12. Another thank you to Rich and Roy! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I also did a family Med cruise last summer, celebrating a big birthday! So glad we did!
  13. Hey. I was going to bring brownies! Guess I'll bring berries instead!
  14. Nope, never heard of them either but they look scrumptious!
  15. They look delicious! I have never had a butter tart, in fact this is the first I am hearing of them and DH's father was from Canada! Is it a particular region "thing"?
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