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  1. You can't double reserve for one using a reservation for another.
  2. There is a non-refundable administrative fee that is included in your deposit On our recent booking, it is $150 pp. Then 30 days prior to final payment there is a cancellation fee, which on our recent booking is $500 pp. If you're asking about flight deviation fees, I haven't used O-air, so I don't know the amount.
  3. That's interesting. Perhaps a change. I was told the Big O martini was not available on 2 for 1.
  4. @Zoey123. If as @ORV says, if you are looking at a R ship ( e.g. Sirena), things like the Artist's Loft and the culinary classes are not available.
  5. @Cruisedreamer1 In terms of Happy Hour, specialty drinks are not included in the 2 for 1 discount.
  6. I don't know what applies to TA commissions, but on the passenger level we had to cancel in the 100% penalty level because of a medical emergency, and there was no compensation for port fees and taxes because we didn't pay for them separately.
  7. The fees and port taxes are bundled in the total fare, so they are not separated out at any level of cancellation.
  8. How do you know this? Please provide a source.
  9. But don't firemen always wear blazers? It would seem fitting, even if a bit 🔥.
  10. Perhaps the situation has changed, but in the past Oceania has not itself provided shuttles at ports, but rather, if they are available, the local ports that would be the entity that provides them.
  11. Personally, I wouldn't depend of WiFi priority alone. I've been in situations where, because of a change in the relative signal strengths, my phone switched from WiFi calling to standard cellular text and data. It's much safer to make sure you are in airplane mode if you don't want an accidental switch.
  12. If the ingredients on the standard bar menu, all drinks are 2 4 1. If you have the lunch dinner package, you pay the bar menu price for everything other than beer, wine, and champagne, regardless of the venue. The happy hour prices apply to the bars and lounges listed in currents.
  13. No that is not normal for a cruise specialist.
  14. Yep. Many, many threads about whether one can wear sandals in the MDR and specialties...some posts even have pictures attached. Lots of arguments and lots of chuckles.
  15. As @ORVindicated, for all drinks (wine, beer champagne, spirits) outside of dining venues at dining times you pay by the drink at the bar menu prices (plus 20% gratuity). The drinks included in the basic SM fare are only beer, wine, and champagne and only in dining venues during dining hours. The upgraded package at $30 pd pp includes the same wine, beer, and champagne plus spirits and cocktails on the standard bar menu in all venues (dining and bar) anytime they are open.
  16. There are lots of threads on this topic. You might want to do a search, but, generally, dress sandals are acceptable, and beach sandals are not.
  17. But for how long? 1 hr, 2 hrs, 5 hrs? What if the tides require the ship to depart? I don't think it's as simple as they will wait regardless. The devil is in the details.
  18. Yes, but some supplemental Medicare policies covers 80% of the cost of foreign medical expenses, with a lifetime cap...I think $50,000. Still I wouldn't travel without an commercial medical policy.
  19. One-year out Final payment due date is not new and has long been a topic of discussion/complaint on Cruise Critic, especially in cruise line comparisons.. However, if you already have a cruise on the books, you can ask for 6-months on a new booking.
  20. That's my understanding. The price includes the gratuities and the cost is folded into the base fare.
  21. No. They are added to you shipboard account once onboard.
  22. I would think that closing the curtains would be a matter of safety, not one of simply being considerate.
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