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  1. Uh oh, maybe I was still drunk when I posted this! Sorry about the spelling :)
  2. We also enjoyed a late night drunk snack at the Noddle bar!
  3. Perhaps NCL is more concerned about those passengers who won't head the warnings and will try to get as close as possible to see the lava, perhaps NCL is trying to protect themselves from irresponsible passengers!
  4. Our UBP on The Epic was also good on GSC I had thought we needed a cabana as one of our friends really needs a lot of shade but the cost made up ours minds to not book it. We had plenty of shade options on the island from all of the palm trees, matter of fact too much shade for me! But it all worked out just fine
  5. I second that! We spent so much time looking for wildlife and looking at the beautiful scenery
  6. Amazing cruise! Yes it is port extensive but well worth it We had all day excursion for Naples, Rome and Pisa but did France on our own so we could relax and go at our own pace As purepixie67 said take an over night flight Friday this will give you some time in Barcelona on Saturday which was our favorite stop!
  7. slot pull tournaments O'Sheehan's bar to play pool ($2.00 a game) plus great late night snacking Noodle bar for more great late night snacking H2O adult only area that is no extra charge! Bed by the balcony rooms!
  8. There are a few decks, the upper ones like 15 and 16 have great views but these are where the pool and slides are, also H2O adult area on 15 has good views. I think it is deck 7 where you can walk outside but not all the way around the ship. We sailed the Epic for the Med and just recently for the Caribbean, while the Med is so port extensive we didn't have much time to explore the ship but for the Caribbean we did. She has her flaws but we had a great time for both cruises
  9. We had a ship sponsored excursion, Dunn's River Falls and Jamaican Bob Sled which took all day but when we returned to Falmouth the area was empty as everyone was on board already but looked very clean, neat and new. Looked like it could have been fun! On our excursion we had no worries or concerns, everything was safe and comfortable. Vender's can be aggressive, wanting you to look at their booth but otherwise a good time was had by all in our group
  10. We were recently there, took a ship sponsored excursion which was not crowded. I was expecting a big bus but this was a much smaller one, maybe 16 people. There entire experience was great, we went to Dunn's Rivers Falls and Jamaican Bob Sled. Both fun and beautiful. Our guide and bus driver were entertaining and friendly. I never felt unsafe, just uncomfortable leaving the Fall's as all of the vender's were set up right there as soon as you exit the falls before going back to the bus and they were very aggressive and persistent about wanting us to look at their stuff. But 20 years ago we experienced the same type of behavior from the shop keepers so we knew to just avoid eye contact and push our way thru
  11. There is a nice game room that had lots of games already and cards, we brought our own small travel games. A very nice library A cigar room for those who need to smoke cigars We played pool, $2.00 a game There is bowling but not sure how much as we didn't try it If the weather is good the H2O adult only pool area is relaxing, swimming pool and two hot tubs, a bar and a snack food area and a huge screen tv that they sometimes play movies on The Atrium in the main lobby also has a huge screen tv and they are always doing something in there like dancing, Bingo, game shows and of course booking your next cruise!
  12. Hi Kayla There should be no extra costs unless you decided to do something that costs money, for example doing an additional specialty dinner or a drink that cost more than $15. But do be aware of a tax that is added to your free drink package if you are having a drink while the ship is in port, like the day you board. It isn't much. We had the same deal and struggled to spend our $100 on board credit, I bought some things in the gift shop, we had some taxes from drinks while in port and I ended up buying the bottled water package so I wouldn't leave any credit behind! Have fun, loved Barcelona!
  13. Because we had booked the stingray excursion we did not need to book a tender reservation, we just showed up and they let us go! When we tendered in Europe on The Epic they used the life boats, but for Grand Cayman and GSC they used local boats which held a lot more people so tenders to and from were no problems for us and very little wait time
  14. I am a big sunbather and typically we are at All Inclusive resorts on the beach, so a few years back when sailing The Epic I had read we needed to buy the Posh pass so we checked it out as soon as we got on board and it didn't impress me (other's do rave about it) it is kid free and quiet but up on a much higher deck and no water to dip toes into or cool off in. So we went to H2O which is adults only, has a bar, a pool and two hot tubs. Tables and chairs and loungers are available. Bathrooms close by and snack foods. So this is were we hung out! And it was free!
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