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  1. Chase is very efficient. My son works for them and recently I got an offer for one of the cards that offer travel rewards. He told me to pick on that gives cash back. The ones that offer travel are a third party and not worth dealing with. I canceled my Princess Visa with Barclays years ago because they were a disaster too. I just redeemed my points for Amazon cards and closed the account. No more travel cards for me except for my JetBlue which has hasn't had any issues yet. I still don't understand why a company linked with Chase doesn't use email.
  2. This must be a time Travel Agency because what business doesn't use email in the 21st Century? That would have been my first clue not to use them. I don't know how you can change the agent when you have to get in touch with the one you booked with to release your booking to the new agent.
  3. I agree. I don't access CC from my phone anymore since the last CC update and it was removed from Tapatalk.
  4. Just another rude awakening of what can happen when cruising during this unpredictable time.
  5. Princess and Celebrity tend to attract an older passenger demographic who are afraid of other social media sites. My Royal Royal Caribbean Roll Call was dead back in 2019 so I joined the big social media site for my Royal Caribbean sailing. There were younger groups of people traveling as families on that site and it was very active. I was able to answer a lot of questions for new cruisers.
  6. Yes I did read that but if all of your appoints were on the same day it didn't help canceling them after plan A worked. I wonder if others do the same.
  7. Some being the keyword. If you are sailing during a school holiday you will probably find it more difficult to get tested. I would cut my losses and only book the kids an appointment and take the home test for myself and my wife.
  8. I don't normally book shore excursions through the cruise line but they did offer 10% off pre cruise for some excursions. I don't think you will find any deals on excursions once on board especially during the pandemic where some ports require cruise line sponsored excursions just to leave the ship.
  9. The deluxe drink package was the same price on board the first day as the prepaid price on Black Friday. The only difference was I was able to add surf and stream for an extra $10 a day as opposed to $14.99 (which was a sale price) a day. Since I was going to buy surf and stream for one device anyway it didn't matter if I was saving $5 out of my left pocket or my right pocket. I also prepaid $18 dollars for the refreshment package which was $26 on board. We were able to get a 30% discount for Jamie's when we were approached by a server booking reservations. We were offered 50% off in the restaurant if we wanted to return on the last night of sailing. I would pre book if you can live with the price. Chances are that many will purchase pre cruise and they won't be cutting any deals once on board. There was no discount for Chops or Wonderland on board as they were filled up. This was on Anthem 2019.
  10. With the lack of protocols and the low vaccine rate in some areas of Florida, Floridians are at risk everyday vaccinated or not. I think all Floridians should be tested at the pier. It would certainly cut down on all of the mock covid appointments made at the chain drug stores and will open appointments for those who actually think they have covid
  11. The problem is that this actually makes sense which isn't par for the course in terms of cruising protocols. So while I agree with you I doubt your thought even crossed the minds of the CDC or cruise lines.
  12. This is how corporate America works. I remember when everyone was complaining about Jan and she scored a promotion as well. While I like the idea of Medallion a failed startup doesn't deserve a promotion in my book.
  13. This is the reason I book direct. To add I have read too many posts where the TA failed to forward an email to the passenger that was sent by the cruise line updating changes to protocols.
  14. Honestly the port should set up testing for all lines just like the airports do. Royal can't even manage their own FCCs that they have been dealing with for years, I wouldn't expect them to venture into something they have no knowledge about running.
  15. It's a good deal if you were willing to pay for WiFi and it cost more than the key. Anything else including room service is just extra.
  16. My son was in Mexico in August. The airport were charging $25. Their 5PM flight was pushed to 11:00pm. They arrived at the airport at 7:00 to find that covid testing closed at 6:00. They had to take an Uber to the hospital where they paid $100 each. Imagine if the test you paid $100plus for comes up positive.
  17. You would probably be better off in a rural area. Less people testing in an low populated area. Long Island is a nightmare. Every chain drugstore I pass has a line of cars at the drive up. People are testing for travel and those who didn't get vaccinated are testing for work. These labs must be making money hand over fist and the insurance companies must be going broke.
  18. No all vaccine and covid tests are by appointment. They are so inundated with covid vaccines. covid tests and now flu shots.
  19. Because all you cruisers are booking 4 appointments at a time.
  20. I have read several threads on this topic and don't know why people are wasting time with big chain Pharmacies. Now is no time to be penny wise and pound foolish. Just suck it up and order the at home test before they are sold out too. Chalk it up to another new cruise expense. Why anyone would want to stress over this 2 days before vacation is beyond me. Now you also have to factor in the air travel if these airlines all start to cancel flights. Has anyone submitted a claim to their insurance company for the purchase of the at home covid test?
  21. That and the fact that they are probably holding the gty rooms until Royal UP is assigned.
  22. Even before covid going back 30 years, sometimes you didn't know what your gty room was until you showed up to port and checked in.
  23. Are they even sitting strangers together in traditional dining now? Perhaps that's the reason why late seating is waitlisted. You can't fit as many in the dining room if they are just seating people traveling together at the same table.
  24. Covid has given them the perfect opportunity to transition into this.
  25. People who live in an apartment building and college students away at school use community laundry facilities all of the time and I have never heard of any outbreaks of any kind. I'm sure they don't have 2yrs of clothes piling up waiting for covid to be over. Over the years we were forced to use a laundromat when our washer died. I don't see it being an issue not being sanitized between usages.
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