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  1. I always would say there's something sinister about left handers, but that was only because of two painful years of Latin aeons ago. Few people today get the reference. 😀 I think my Latin teacher was a contemporary of Cicero. My apologies for going off the rails. To get back on topic, I'm trying to convince my wife to try an MSC cruise as she was unable to sail on my April Seaside cruise. I would like to try the Seaside again before I try the Meraviglia. Jim
  2. When I upgraded my drink package in early December, my TA told me I had to call MSC directly. She already had had to deal with a long wait time for a relatively minor issue on my booking. LOL As I recall it was a relatively short wait time, but I did have to call back a second time because the first agent couldn't process the change. The second agent was awesome. Understood my issue and took care of it immediately. Jim
  3. Finally had to call MSC Customer Service. It turns out the info I entered to join Voyager and what my TA entered to book didn't match. Darn middle name was the culprit. The CS agent had it cleared up toot sweet. Debde, I hope you got yours straightened out. Jim
  4. I sailed aboard the Seaside April 27. I just checked my account and I don't see that cruise credited yet. Is this too soon? Obviously, I can contact MSC, but if this is just a time issue I won't bother. Thanks, Jim
  5. I was in a large party on the Seaside recently. Yes, we had water every evening. It was tap water the first day, but some of my companions requested bottle water and our waiters brought bottle water for them and for every one each evening after that. Our head waiter actually apologized for the tap water. It wasn't an issue for me as I've never had a problem with ship water. We also had wine every evening as well. I didn't request it, but received it along with everyone else. They only looked at my card once. As I mentioned in another post. The dining service was excellent.
  6. Now that's funny. For once it had a good connotation. Jim
  7. I was on the April 27 Seaside cruise. While I had a couple of issues, they were nothing compared to OP's and I will probably sail MSC again. My main gripe was the quality of the food in the dining room (Ipenama) and the lack of variety in the buffet, but I knew that going in. I, too, ran into slow service, but in only one bar (Sports Bar). I also witnessed folks waiting a long time to get a drink and some walking out. Of course it can happen when it's crowded, but both times it was during a slow period. On the other hand, I had fantastic service in all the other venues I visited, especially the Champagne Bar and the creperie (deck 7?) I was amazed when workers remembered my name and I had only been at that location once before. Guest Services gets a down check. I had 15 Euros leftover from a European cruise which I wanted to convert to dollars. GS wanted to charge me five dollars for the transfer. I went to the casino and got more dollars back in the exchange. LOL Fortunately, I upgraded my drink package to the old Deluxe package (536) at the beginning of December and I had no issues with drinks, Venchi, crepes, etc. (thank you Bea and Sidari) So for me, the pluses outweighed the negatives. I status matched to Gold. I didn't get a robe, and I didn't get a gift, but that didn't bother me. These were minor nits which didn't factor into my overall satisfaction. I don't see what the issue is regarding Europeans vs North Americans. Everyone I met was there to have a good time. I enjoyed the interaction with the folks I met. I was on this cruise just to check out the cruise line and the ship. I'm not going to let issues I had on this cruise be a determining factor. I expect I will get the dining package if I sail the Seaside again. My wife was not able to go on this cruise, but she would have loved this ship. I will, however, have to let my regular cruise group know what to expect if we decide to sail MSC as a group. Jim
  8. I went to the 945 show. I agree the song mix was odd. As for the dancing, you may be right. I only expected Michael Jackson-ish, so I wasn't disappointed. 😅 I was more impressed that the production dancers were on point and had the moves and timing to match the main dancer. Of course I may have been caught up in the crowd enthusiasm as the audience was definitely "into" the show. Jim
  9. Just got off the 4/27/19 Seaside cruise. As stated, the Michael Jackson show was still on and it truly was the highlight of the featured shows. I have no way of knowing how long it will run, but if it's on, do go see it. Jim
  10. Thank you very much, Bea. The photo is from a session we took while aboard the Holland America Westerdam back in 2014. I'm just glad my concern about the drink pkgs has been answered. Fingers crossed... Jim
  11. Oh, okay. I thought perhaps it was some Irish pronunciation that I just wasn't getting. Now I get it. As for the upgrade, it was a treat for my wife. She enjoys fancy coffees and especially the mini-bar. We love to just sit on our balcony and watch the world go by (sunbeams slanting from afar, or cloud patterns at sundown). We'll go pool side when we want to people watch. On this cruise, the ship is the destination. I get to report back to my usual travel group. It's tough being a guinea pig. Jim
  12. You made me look up au fait. Seriously, thanks for all your info. I've come to rely on your posts and a few others here on the MSC board. Just printed my edocs for my April 27 Seaside cruise. Upgraded from DOU to All-Inclusive Deluxe (536UPDOU) back in early December thanks to info found here on this site. Final question, how do you pronounce Beamafar? Jim
  13. Perhaps that explains why my April Seaside roll call is comatose. On my recent NCL Getaway cruise (Dec 2) we had more than 200 confirmed for the M&G. Heck, even the captain showed up for that one. I'm hoping things pick up for my April 27 Seaside cruise. Only a handful of cruisers have shown up for the roll call. Perhaps things will pick up as we get away from the holidays and can take that roll call off life support. Jim
  14. Maybe I'm missing something. I don't see this as racist at all. There ARE cultural differences and we need to be aware that not everything is as seen through the eyes of some of my North American compatriots. Yes, I'm used to the wait staff being welcoming and friendly, but I don't expect someone swabbing the deck to be my best friend. Actually, I'd settle for competence, I have friends. As someone else said, I appreciate these pearls of wisdom and an insight into cultures not my own.
  15. Well that's my fault. I should have asked about the Premium Plus pkg. It won't hurt me to pay for a drink or two. Like the Great Auk and the Dodo some things go away never to return. Jim
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