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  1. Depending on the ship, we usually are with a small group at either the Schooner Bar or Boleros. We check in with our muster station captain, and then go inside and sit down. Staff go thru the procedures inside.
  2. The deck plans on RCI's website may not be the latest. Does the freedom have a Suite Lounge, and if so, where is it? Thanks.
  3. We were on the Adventure this past winter for 9 weeks. The diamond lounge was a zoo. And yes, according to the concierges, suites were allowed in there. The suite lounge on the other hand was busy, but nowhere near the crowd in the diamond lounge. We wondered why suite people would opt for the crowded lunge ver the relatively quiet suite lounge.
  4. CK has great menus. I think you should be able to pull them up on the app. We are there everyday.
  5. They may check 2 bottles and give them to you at the start of the second cruise. Or, they may let you take all 4 at the beginning of the first cruise. But you can definitely take 2 per cruise.
  6. Then I would say there’s an error somewhere. If they “gave” you over 400 points, your sea pass cards would have said diamond plus. We once were given gold cards, and thouroughly enjoyed the extras, on that cruise. The bubble burst when we checked our online accounts and didn’t have enough points to join the 700 club!
  7. Just check your account on the website. Your past cruises and points are shown there.
  8. I select the flights I’m interested in, and the price(s) from the Internet. I search on A2S, find my flights and double check prices, and then call to make booking. I make them email me a confirmation immediately to ensure they book what I want. On occasion, they have put in the wrong date if I am arriving early or staying longer. I’ve never been able to book airfare for a B2B online with them. Sort of frustrating.
  9. Very nice lady, I believe from Honduras. She left for vacation in late May, so should be back late July?
  10. Try to get a cabin that is mid ship. The ones towards the bow and stern can be noises due to the anchor, etc.
  11. You are supposed to be recognized on the cruise you hit 700 points on. When you first board, contact the loyalty ambassador as it is their responsibility to recognize you. They usually do it at the top tier party. Depending on the LA, you make get your wifi codes and gold cards the day after the top tier event, or you may have to wait until your next cruise, this seems to vary. You may also get invited to the pinnacle Lunch, which is very nice. And congratulations!
  12. You will be able to buy airport transfers on board your cruise. On our sailing, they had buses going to all three airports. Newark was the least expensive.
  13. Staff may eat at specialty dining rooms and they pay a discounted price. We have dined as guests with both officers and regular staff. Very nice to be treated by them.
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