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  1. Does the Premier Beverage package include bottled water on Princess (I can’t remember if it’s just Celebrity that does)?
  2. Coming soon... The Best Value package We're delighted to share with you that from 20 December, our BEST. SALE. EVER. begins, featuring 1,500 cruises and for the first time, you'll be able to pick from two pricing options. Choose our Best Fare option, or take advantage of our Best Value package and pay just £35pp per day, instead of £70pp per day, and enjoy premium drinks including beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, tea and coffee; fast, reliable and unlimited Wi-Fi with MedallionNet; and gratuities.^ ^Princess Best Value package includes Premium Beverage Package, WiFi & Gratuities. Princess Best Value package is an additional £35 per person, per day, for all passengers. The total equivalent value for pre-paying for the elements included in the Princess Best Value Package is $95.28 per person, per day.
  3. From experience, she was lucky as this is strictly not allowed in some educational settings now and can/does result in disciplinary action; 15 years ago would have been a different story. Sorry, I just wanted to make the point that as many schools are now academies, things have indeed changed from previous local authority policies. However, I do agree about taking the extra time it at all possible for the cruise.
  4. Not any more, especially when the kids get fined for doing it.
  5. I just wonder how long they are going to honour them for this time? They used to years ago but then suddenly stopped, without warning (annoying when it had previously been happening). I may contact my U.K. TA and enquire what the policy is now, according to the current X T&Cs.
  6. Just keep X informed if you are delayed etc. We’ve sailed out of HK on Millie, leaving the following day, but did stay a couple of days prior. Next year, we’re doing the same on a Princess cruise (X moved Connie to Tampa for more exciting itineraries instead 🙄).
  7. That’s the reason you got it: you were put through to the US, otherwise it would have been a no.
  8. You were very lucky as this is not standard practice over here, usually you have to accept the allocation wherever they put you.
  9. I wouldn’t book a GTY over here anyway as you are unable to change the allocation to a cabin in the same category like you can when booking in the US.
  10. It depends on the way way you look at things. I wouldn’t say paying over $1000pp more for a cabin when prices are released is very good value e.g. Equinox Christmas sailing in a balcony started at $2000pp for 7 nights, it’s now down to $899pp.
  11. Agree, our kids have been on all of our cruises: we travel as a family.
  12. Such sad news to hear; she was a great contributor to the X board. Sending my condolences and prayers to her family and friends.
  13. But I think that’s the whole point of the thread: is it worth such huge price differences for the product they are currently offering, when you can sail on luxury lines for less? Yes, there are deals out there for those that sail last minute or in off-peak times, but if you’re still working and have to cruise in the peak, holiday months, the difference may not be worth it (as others have highlighted in examples above). Being Elite, you can move your booking once without paying the £75 transfer charge, and as many times as you wish for an onboard booking without losing your deposit. That said, the US reservations still have far more flexibility than those bookings over here. You will notice, though, that they are promoting non-refundable deposits far more in the US than they ever have previously.
  14. Yes, it’s given many of us the push to look elsewhere.
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