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  1. Well, every time I read the title I keep seeing Kill Bill 🙈 - I’ve never even seen the film 😜.
  2. Have you ever taken kids on an X cruise? And for your information, not all kids want to go ice skating, skydiving or rock climbing - surprisingly, just like not all adults like belly flopping, drinking alcohol all day until they can’t stand up straight or sitting in soupy jacuzzis. I agree that they don’t care about the points though, just the same as some adult pax don’t cruise just for the points! Some families travel all over the world experiencing new cultures together as a family and don’t care for returning to the same beaches in the Caribbean year after year 😉.
  3. Yes, we paid full price - $99 for 13 nights - still much cheaper.
  4. Now that would be good 👍. Or perhaps they’ll offer it and then redeploy the ship to the Caribbean before it sails 🙄. Thanks for posting, VT 👍.
  5. Yes, pricing mainly at the moment 😏 🤣.
  6. Very nice. Thanks for the updates on the entertainment.
  7. You obviously missed the 🤣 in my post. But not that great 😜. Chemmo, How long have we been banging on about the costs over here and, btw, how is that new car 😹?
  8. Thinking that someone forgot to take the scaffolding down 🤣?
  9. Yes, but it never used to be - they honoured price drops and then it suddenly stopped (admittedly, a good few years back now).
  10. They can definitely take more than that. As you take mainly TAs, then your experience may differ but during peaks seasons, there are more pax and more children (I know as I travel with mine - teens now). If you’ve ever sailed on Reflection in the Med in the summer, you’d be very, very lucky to find a free sun lounger or inch of space on the lawn between all the bodies.
  11. Bogofman, I can only state on previous queries for price drops that I’ve been unable (in recent years) to obtain the drop by just being Elite (obviously when booking on this side of the pond), but have been able to move the booking F.O.C. and rebook at the lower cost, thus maintaining my deposit. I’ve also obtained the price drop when I was transferred to the US in error. What do the cancellation charges state in section 1.11 (as per quoted below from your post)? Does this mention about losing deposits? ‘ in any cancellation charges as detailed in section 1.11 above’? and also from your quote: ‘Whilst we will endeavour to assist you, we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet any such request.’ Many times, it’s the luck of the draw as to whom you speak with.
  12. I wonder if they will will do that to the FVs on M class ships when they ‘Revolutionise’ the other two ships?
  13. They do offer this periodically - mainly as most of the price drops happen for next year after that date 😉.
  14. It’s not a price drop on the same cruise, it’s when you move the booking to another cruise - not then having to pay the £75 admin charge if Elite or above. However, you can move the booking with the large price drop and then rebook the initial cruise at the cheaper rate, resulting in obtaining the price drop (you’d then have 2 bookings).
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