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  1. My Mum at 75 wanted to go on a cruise. She couldn’t go on her own, so I said I would go with her, then my daughter decided to come too. At end of 7 day South Pacific Cruise Mum said it was OK but wouldn’t bother again. Daughter and I were rapt. Have cruised at least 3 times a year since then, solo round the world cruise and many other solo cruises. Other cruises with daughter and occasionally with son. Have now sailed with 8 cruise lines. Thanks Mum would never have considered cruising if she didn’t want to go.
  2. If you haven’t paid for your transfers check out the price of a taxi. For two of us it was cheaper than ship transfer. Ours was a Carnival transfer. Google taxi fare finder.
  3. Love the “you’re so brave comment”, not. Completed two half world cruises, plus many other shorter cruises of 11 to 15 days on my own. I simply say now cruise alone or stay at home, smile and move on. Love cruising with my family, but they can’t always go when I want to, they have jobs to go to, I am retired, so it’s me on my own. Always enjoy it.
  4. Please remember a little girl died. Her family will never be the same. Leave all assumptions alone and let the courts sort it out. I hope none of the family or friends ever see this thread.
  5. Years ago in the port at Nagasaki I pressed the buttons in the toilet, instructions all in Japanese of course. I had warm air, shooting jets of water, music, everything you can imagine. I laughed so hard I had to spend longer in there, lol
  6. Worst is on long haul flights. Toilets are not pretty places after a 14 hour flight. Cannot believe how people get them in such a mess.
  7. Years ago a lady on a world cruise won a raffle at the art auction, two prints. She was so excited until they told her how much it would cost to have them delivered to her home. She donated them back.
  8. Things happen, look the other way if it offends you. Please don’t go to Asia or Africa if you are so easily upset. Third world countries, people do what they have to do to get by. i have been on one really awful excursion to see Northern Lights in Norway organised by Cunard. It involved lots of people sitting in a bus pulled to the side of the road.. nothing like description in brochure. Spoke to manager of shore excursions, gave them detailed list of problems, next day had a 50% credit on our account. There was a problem, dealt with, moved on. Like Elsa let it go.
  9. Service So slow last year it was easier to go to Horizons or have afternoon tea in your cabin. Waited 15 mins for coffee on one occasion.
  10. There are many reputable agents out there. However there are a lot who lack knowledge, and customer communication skills. A couple of years ago we had a package deal to south Africa with a stopover in Dubai. Paperwork back and I checked airfares. I could get same flights on internet for $600 less for each person. Rang TA, oh no I get special deals. He checked website for airline changed our flights. $600 extra spending money for me. Same on trip to China, different agent. Inefficient or lazy, not sure but double check all the way.
  11. This is dangerous as the legs stick out and are a tripping hazard. As a solo cruiser I leave something on table if I am going back to buffet, book, small bag, can’t leave glasses or I would be a hazard without them. Lol
  12. Post talks about Dubai, jump to Bahrain? Strange.
  13. Wow that’s expensive, last year on CMV there was a free shuttle but it was a bit slow coming and lots of people queuing so we caught a taxi to Dubai Mall. Less than $20 for three of us.
  14. Most cruises, particularly longer ones will have a time and place in Princess Patter for singles and solo cruisers to meet, many people arrange to share shore excursions with others or just get to know other people on their own.
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