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  1. franski

    Egypt 2020

    Apparently there has been some lifting of restrictions of the Hot Air Balloon rides... We may get to do that yet!! Fran
  2. Thank you... for both the information, and the link. Fran
  3. Question re: meal times... What time(s) are the early and late seatings for dinner? (We are doing RT coastal Norway). Thanks. Fran
  4. We had a completely opposite experience during our 1st cruise on the Rhine... Granted, we were there for a Christmas market cruise - but the day we cruised through the (supposedly) scenic part of the Rhine, it started to snow. Within 15 minutes, the snow was so thick you couldn't see beyond the sides of the boat. 😕 The cruise director gave up on trying to explain what we were seeing as you couldn't see anything!!! We re-did the Rhine about 3 years ago. We cruised in September, and the weather was wonderful. We sat in the area in front of the lounge... just perfect!! Fran
  5. franski

    Egypt 2020

    Looks beautiful... Where in Jordan were these pictures taken? Fran
  6. We leave in a little less than 3 weeks for Bergen - doing a round trip cruise up the Norwegian coast line with Hurtigruten. Then, in January, we leave for Egypt --> Cairo plus 7 night cruise on the Nile before spending time in Israel and ending up in Jordan. A long trip, but figure we want to see as much as we can while we are there. We also have booked another Eastern European cruise --> Bucharest to Budapest (with Avalon this time...) in October 2020. We have 2 nights in Transylvania before we get on the boat in Fetesti - and are planning on going to Poland (Krakow) for a few days after the cruise is done. Currently having some loose discussions about what to do in 2021.... Fran
  7. A general recommendation (not related to the market or paprika) is to bring some tissue paper and/or bubble wrap along. Doesn't weigh much - or take up much room - but it is handy to have if you buy some trinkets that are breakable. And, Zip-lock bags are always useful. Enjoy!! Fran
  8. Count down is on!! We leave for Bergen in less than 3 weeks!! Starting to look seriously at clothes... How warm is the interior of the ship? (We are sailing on the Kong Harald...) I tend to like my environment on the cooler side, so don't want to get there to discover that I have packed too many warm clothes. I have a coat that I think will be ok for the dry days (not expecting really cold weather the beginning of October) but need to find something that is water-resistant. And thinking about taking my rain jacket although it isn't for winter weather - and just layering underneath. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Fran
  9. You *might* start seeing something in late October, but often not until early in the New Year (ie: Feb/March etc) if memory serves. Fran
  10. Something else to be aware of is that the shop may ask if you want to have the transaction in local currency, or your "home" currency. ALWAYS take it in local currency. If you say you want it in your home currency, it will be charged at a rate that the store has set up with their bank, and it is almost always higher than the exchange your bank with charge you. Fran
  11. Great news!! You will enjoy your trip with Uniworld… they have an amazing attention to detail, and the Ams-Basel route is a great one to start with. Are you extending either pre- or post cruise? Lots to see in Amsterdam... not quite as much in Basel. Fran
  12. We always travel lowest category (aka Aquarium Class)… We have stayed in 102 (only one available when we booked) - and did not notice any noise from the laundry room. We found that very few people used the laundry, as it is not common on river boats, and most people pack in a way that they don't need laundry along the way. Repeat passengers on Uniworld get one free bag of laundry (at least, they used to...) - so why do your own if it can be done for you for free??? There are pros & cons to all cabins. Yes, you are closer to the crew quarters if you go further back, but you don't have all passengers on that level walking by your cabin door. If you are closer to the stairs, you have less walking to do when you go back to your cabin (and you can get in & out quickly if you need to make a quick return to pick up something you have forgotten...) So, I agree with gnome12 in that there isn't a marked difference in the cabins based on location. Fran
  13. I would support doing a pre-cruise extension on your own. We did a post-cruise visit after a Scenic cruise (opted to stay in Nuremberg instead of continuing on to Prague.) We stayed in the Hotel Agneshof… quite central, easy to walk into the central part of the city. https://www.sorat-hotels.com/en/hotel/agneshof-nuernberg.html We booked a tour through Tours by Locals. Our guide had a car, so he took us out to the Documentation Centre, as well as seeing other sites. We had been there (Nuremberg) before, so had seen the castle - but a 2nd trip there provided more and different information. We did the tour of the Nazi Art Bunker. You have to do this with a guide - and, when we went, the tour was in German, but we had headsets with English to allow us to follow along. Don't forget to buy Lebkuchen... the ElisenKuchen (have probably murdered the spelling... sorry) is AMAZING!! Once you have Lebkuchen from Nuremberg, nothing else compares. We found some great restaurants there as well. Enjoy!! Fran
  14. This is one of my pet peeves with flying these days... May even be the source of greatest irritation when I travel. I get not wanting to check a bag if you don't have to... especially if you are only going away for a few days. But, when I work very hard to ensure my luggage (checked and carry on) meets the posted guidelines, I get very annoyed when others are rude and dismissive of the guidelines... The sense of entitlement of some people is truly astounding!! And lately, I see more men with multiple over-sized bags. G.M.T. - I wish Helga was in some of the airports where I fly into/out of. I could use someone with some muscle who would enforce the rules!! Fran
  15. A question re: amenities in the bathrooms... Am assuming that the bathrooms are fairly utilitarian. Will I need to bring a hair dryer? What about shampoo/conditioner/body wash? Also - what plug configuration is used in Norway - and on the boats? Fran
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